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I have never traveled before so I have no idea what I am doing but I plan to travel around SE Asia between February and April and then Fly over to South America.

I want to go to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Argentina, Peru, Brazil and maybe a few other south american countries.

Can anyone advise what is the cheapest air ticket to get and also what visas I might need (on the basis that I will not spend more than a month in any one country).

I have done some preliminary research on flights and found a one world explorer costs £3.5k with tax. I have also considered buying a circle pacific ticket from Quantas/BA (a ticket that allows up to 10 flights around but only within the pacific ocean) and booking a single flight from London to Bangkok.

Has anyone completed a similar journey before who good give me invaluable insight?

Thanks very much. :)


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No one can give you Visa advice when you don't say which Passport you hold, but it's a moot point anyway because an anonymous travel forum isn't the place to get that kind of help, simply Google the pertinent Embassies to get the most accurate, up-to-date advice for your specific situation. I assume you're British so most of those Visas will be very straightforward.

Consider Laos when you're in SE Asia and Colombia when you're in South America. When you're in Agentina don't mention the Falkland Islands, haha. Money exchange is also very simple in most of those countries except for Argentina, the blue market there is much, much better than the official government rip-off rate you'll get at Banks and ATMs.

Good luck with your research and have fun.


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Hi Terry

Thanks for your advice - I will take all that you have said on board.

I am a british passport holder and have read further into what VISAs I require. Do I order these just before I go, given that they only last between 30 days and 90 days? Will the visa begin to run from when you want it to or from the date you request?

Are there any particular flight/travel providers you would reccomend? I am currently looking at going with STA travel or One World. I would prefer the latter as it is more flexible but it is also more expensive.


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Hi guy,
I have visited Vietnam so some information about Vietnam visa below may be good for you.
Firstly, if you plan to enter Vietnam by airway, you are suggested to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival via a visa agent, Visa for Vietnam may be a good choice for you. Using their service is the cheapest and simplest way to get Vietnam visa.
Secondly, when applying for Vietnam visa via Visa for Vietnam, you need to pay visa approval fee and stamping fee. The detail fee can found at website of this visa agent.

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As far as as SE is concern you can get tourist visa easily for Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia. These are very good tourist destinations. You need to apply the visa for each of these separately either with online forms or via going to visa center or embassy of these states. Same is applicable for Argentina, Peru, Brazil. While as said you need to show a strong paper to all to get the visa.

Most importatnt thing while travelling is exchange of the money- i would recommed keep some money with you , yours currency don't fully get them exchangead at any point.

To apply visa search via google.;)

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