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hey everyone,

i am planning a trip to indonesia at the beginning of 2015 and would love to hear from anyone who has done a similar thing.

i am thinking of beginning in Bali (as it is generally cheaper to fly to DPS) and backpacking through Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and sulawesi, however i am not ruling out any region.

has anyone spent a decent amount of time in indo with a tourist visa? how did you renew the visa? any advice?

can anyone mention any good language schools for foreigners/tourists as i am keen to polish my bahasa skills?

is it easy to find work in the tourist areas? i have noticed in my travels around SE Asia it is quiet common to work in bars in exchange for food and accommodation. is this common in any areas of Indonesia?

I'd love to hear your advice and experiences.



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I have twice flown into Medan and worked my way overland (and sea) through Sumatra and Java to Bali. I enjoyed the trips though such a long trip as you propose, I don't know if I would still like it.

I only speak a few words of the language but had no trouble there. Of course they do appreciate if you can speak the language.

A single entry visa is just for 60 days and cannot be extended.

With a multiple entry visa, it is good for a year, but only 60 days at a time so you would still have to leave and come back.

Some further information:


Indonesia is muslim so officially they do not drink alcohol. There are bars in tourist areas and hotels but I would think they have all the labour they need? Maybe try restaurants instead?

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I'm indonesian people. try to email me. thanks

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Nice plan!
That was a good explanation about our country's visa, so you should plan to leave out, maybe to another neighboring countries like Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand, then return to Indonesia.
You can obtain VoA in almost all of our international airports, so you don't need to return to same city again.

About Indonesia language's course, there are formal and informal ones, depending on what you need. Try buying a phrase book so you can try pronouncing simple Indonesian also to understand what the people will say to you at first time you land.
Our language is not that difficult, grammatically speaking, you just need to memorize words and a lot of people don't speak so formal at daily conversation.
If you arrive in Jakarta or Denpasar (Bali island), you will find a lot of us speaking English quite well for you to understand each other. ;)
Should you plan to learn a local language, that's different from Indonesia national language, therefore you need to stay a while and find local people to have a good interaction with.

To work part-time, as you're holding a tourist visa, it is legally forbid.
We don't have bars spreading all through this archipelago, but in Bali you may see a lot of them.
also in Jakarta, in some malls/areas, where the locals work and some foreigners are seen but I'm quite sure they're holding a valid working visa. You can double check once you get here. :)

That's my opinion for now.
I hope you will enjoy our wonderful Indonesia

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