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I have a very bad Friday morning! Don't ask me why! Grr!!! (Peter, please get that red-face chatroom smiley here)

Ok, enough is enough for my work. (those who know me well in the chatroom will know why) I think I'll just go ahead and accept the countless invitation from samsara2, Raven, and Pardus to go to Ireland. ;)

But before that, I need to be convinced more on what I can do there apart from meeting you guys. What's there to see? Any cool places? When's the best time to go? Is it a good time to go this month? How's the weather there now? Sigh... countless questions, sorry about that. Anything else that I need to know? You see, I know nuts about Ireland except that they are a house to at least three big-time looneys.

Any websites on the Ireland tourism agency? I need to check for the visa requirements. If visa is not required for Malaysians, hopefully I can make it there soon enough to meet you guys up on April 9th. If I can get all these info sorted out really fast, there's a very high chance that I will be there for a drink with you guys. (tway, if you're reading this, I'm not there to pick up Irish girls. )

And since I'm at it, how easy is it to go to UK? Where do you guys think I should go, or should I even go at all? I'm on a low budget trip.


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Yeah Happy April Fools Hien

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Thanks, Eve.