Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela - general Q, budget?

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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of going on a pilgrimage. Kind of odd to write that. I would like to go from France (beginning route as yet undecided) to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I'm just looking into it right now, so I only read a little about it so far. It would take a couple of months, as far as I see. However I'm trying to determine the budget for such a trip. I've travelled around before, but never had a trip like this beforeā€¦.has anyone done this? Could anyone give me an idea of how much they spent on such a trip? I understand it would mostly go on food, accommodation and little details (laundry?), since the rest is done on foot. I can see some of the trails have gotten quite popular, so I'm not sure if the prices with these have also gone up and whether some routes are completely crowded with tourists with sun hats or if they are alright. Any tips or suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks a lot,


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I suggest there is quite a specialised knowledge required. A 'google' or use of whichever is your favoured search engine for 'santiago de compostela caminos' gives me scores of results. Discounting the websites who want to sell you their facilities there is many a site of well meant and experienced information like - http://www.caminosantiagocompostela.com/