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I'm wishing to go to Iceland for 1 week at the end of April before heading to the USA, however it appears it's not a great season for booking hostels/hotels and general attractions are difficult to get to either due to the climate or services not operating at this time of the year.

My questions are,

1) I plan to land in Reykjavik, what is the city like to spend a few days in, is there a lot to see? Hallgrímskirkja is on my list but wondering if I do have to stay in the city and not venture out, is it worth the stop (I'm heading to USA after and could just fly direct from the UK but I realllly want to stop through Iceland to check it out!)

2) Can you see Landmannalaugar without hiking/camping for days to get there? Does anyone know of any bus/tour services that operate in April? The nearest hostel I found was 20km away!

2) Same as above for Þórsmörk National Park, there are nearby hostels but they don't open until May

3) And again wishing to see Skaftafell National Park (Black Waterfall), does anyone have any more info on accessibility?

I'm struggling to get the info I need online, every website sends me to another and it just seems like dead ends everywhere I look!

Thanks in advance,

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This link has some information on parks if you follow the links:

There are also some links at the bottom of the page.

The Accommodation link at the top of this page has some places open in April. You may find that you have to travel a distance if a local hostel/hotel is not open till May.

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Hopefully you are in luck & there is still snow on the ground & you can go out on a dog sled - on snow,

I will be there in late May but still hope to do the dog sled, snow or no slow.

I have lived in Canada sine 1984 and never been on a dog sled. Never even seen one. So I am gonna have to take this opportunity

Google - dog sledding in Iceland.


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Yes Reykjavik is worth the stop even if you're a bit limited on excursions because you're pre-season for Iceland proper.

At that time of year I'd plan on being able to do the city sights plus the Golden Circle, that is kept open for hire cars or tour buses and makes a great one day trip.

The city you can do in a day, or there are lots of museums from the settlement of Iceland to a recently opened Penis Museum! By the airport is the Blue Lagoon spa which is a good half day activity or can be done en route to the airport.

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Looking for the iceland in April and i want to know the some special or famous places where we can visit ........
See Raykjauik
Blue Lagoon
Drive the Golden Circle tour.
Northern lights
Whole watching tour