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I have made a very tentative outline of places and how many days a friend and I would like to stay in each place while in Europe. We are two females planning on backpacking but not until January of 2015 - we know this is a time for colder weather but it is a cheaper time to fly and we are looking to make this a cheaper trip. I would like any input on if this schedule is plausible or if I should reduce the number of places we are planning on going to or add other places/switch sites around. I understand that it is a personal preference and that I have plenty of time to figure out what exactly where we should go, however any input would be helpful because I am getting overwhelmed by all that Europe has to offer - we will be first time Europe travelers, two females, 23 years of age if this makes any difference in where we may find interesting. Enjoy art, site seeing, great food, walking around, etc. (which is pretty much all of Europe, making where we decide to go even harder!)

We are planning on going for about 6 weeks. We have a friend in Norway who we want to stay with so I am trying to fit Oslo into the schedule at some point. It's too early to begin looking at flights and their prices, but does anyone know the average prices of flights from the U.S. to Europe in January/February and what airports would be cheapest to fly into and out of (this will definitely affect where we start and where we end our travels).

Here's the "itinerary":

5 Nights OSLO – stay with a friend
$65 flight to Dublin
4 nights - Dublin
Flight to London (couple of hours) - $78
5 nights - London
2.5 hour train ride to Paris
3 nights - Paris
Train to Brugge, Belgium → 3 hours, $36
1 Night Brugge
Train to Amsterdam → $60
3 nights - Amsterdam
Train (night?) or fly ($160) to Munich
6 nights - Munich
Fly or train to Venice - one hour flight, $94 or $53 train for 7 hours
3 nights – Venice
Train $35
4 nights - Florence
Train ~ $30
5 nights - Rome
$62 flight to Barcelona
5 nights - Barcelona

Mind you, these train prices and flight prices are estimates from researching the pricing of trains right now, they may be different in a year and I know it also depends on if we have train passes or if we purchase the tickets ahead of time (which would leave little flexibility if we wanted to stay somewhere longer or shorter than expected). Is it worth it to buy a Eurail pass for this type of schedule? Are there any other places you would add? I would love to fit Greece in here but I don't know if it's doable financially or time wise. Lastly, are we rushing through too many places in Europe?

Thanks and really any advice on traveling, where we should go, this itinerary, etc. would be much appreciated!

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The only places in Europe I'd go in January is southern Europe. It has been unusually mild so far this year but it can be seriously cold, with parts of Germany having temperatures of -25.C and Oslo even colder, and all with deep snow which can cut off areas, ground flights, etc.

That is why it is cheaper. No one wants to fly then.

I would say wait till at least the beginning of May.

If you really want to go away in January, go Asia. The flights are expensive but from then on, everything else is cheap. You can be sunning yourselves on the beaches when the people back home and in Europe are freezing.

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If you're not sun seeking that schedule looks fine to me. Personally I'd trim the odd night off Amsterdam, Venice and Rome but it depends on your to-do list. On your route there are no obvious omissions. :-)