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Hi there :) I am a 24 year old Australian girl who is looking to move to the UK after graduating from my veterinary studies at the end of this year. I have a British passport through descent and my degree should be registrable in the UK so this isn't an issue. May struggle finding a job as a new grad with little UK experience but the timing just feels right!

Just putting feelers out for what kind of city in the UK would be a suitable place for me to work (of course if work is limited I would move pretty much anywhere). This has been my limited experience with UK cities (please don't take offence, was only in most of these places for a week max so mainly just first impressions)

-Glasgow: I did placement at an animal hospital in Glasgow for 3 weeks in December (I know what you're thinking... I'm crazy to leave the aussie summer to go to Scottish winter!). Weegies were hilarious, loved the west end's bars (not a big club person however), overall liked the vibe of the place (a little bit grungy but in a cool way). Could see myself in Glasgow but there seems to be very few vet jobs advertised there.
-London: think it is a awesome place to go for the weekend, but it is a bit too big for me, not to mention expensive.
- Edinburgh: beautiful but didn't feel it had a very youthful vibe there. A bit too touristy as well.
-Manchester: only was here for about a day but found Manchesterians very friendly and liked the overall feel of the city.

So I guess from this the most important factors are the friendliness of the locals (not to say people in London for example aren't friendly, maybe just more reserved), cost of living, and to an extent nightlife (moreso restaurants, bars). Honestly, weather isn't that important to me because as an Aussie I bet it will feel bloody cold no matter where I am!

Liverpool and Leeds have been suggested to me. Any other suggestions based on my experiences above?

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I think that openness in the people is a cultural difference between north and south in the UK, so stick north if you like that friendly vibe.

Everywhere has its highs and lows but I think Liverpool suffers with a lot of poverty. Leeds is vibrant in the same way as Manchester. York is smaller but has lots going on, but you may find it touristy like Edinburgh.

Glasgow is hard to top for sheer character!

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Maybe Cardiff (warm people) or Bristol (culture...City of Music). If you wanna stick with your kind of job...it won't be easy. Much easier if you go for differents kind of jobs. Life is cheaper than many areas around UK

Hope that helps in way...best of luck

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What they said above. Or Brighton :)