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Hi All,

First of all wish you all a happy 2014.

I’m planning to drive from Dubai to Angola in 2014 and I would like to have some comments from those who did a similar trip from Middle East to South of Africa.

My plan:

Purchase the car in Dubai and equip it with all necessary off-road gear.
Drive from Dubai to Qatar, Bahrain and then to Riyadh in KSA
From Riyadh I’m not too sure how to proceed as I’m still investigating the route hence the reason I need some advice from someone who already drove from KSA to North of Africa (Egypt, Sudan)
In Saudi Arabia: Where to cross the red sea? Is Jeddah a good area to take a ferry boat into Port Sudan? (I have heard that may be a challenge to get the cars on the ferry or a vessel? – does anyone have any experience?)
Is the Gulf of Aqaba a safe place to go to Egypt?
In Egypt, my dream is of course see the pyramids and camping along the Nile etc
From Egypt to Sudan: can someone share some experiences I.e. visa requirement, where to cross the border, safety?
In Sudan, I don’t know much about Sudan so any comment will be very much appreciated
My plan is to drive from Sudan to Ethiopia. Can someone advise which border to cross?

From Ethiopia down to Angola i know the region as i have been travelling around.

 Ethiopia
 Kenya
 Tanzania
 Malawi
 Zambia
 Angola – end of my trip

The above is just a sketch of what I intend to do in 2014.
We are also looking for adventurous people to join us on the ride down to Africa from Dubai please let me know :)



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That sounds like one hell of a trip!

The only part I can possibly help with is the Egypt/Sudan border. It can be a difficult crossing overland. One option is to go via boat from Aswan to Wadi Halfa. Your car will follow the boat on a barge and then you just need to pay the port tax to get it back (probably easier said than done!)

As for the visa, Sudan can be a nightmare. Apply well in advance for this in your own country if possible, if not, then in Cairo.

Always check with your own government's website (and the country you are visiting) for entry requirements and security issues.


p.s A useful app I use for visa info is: