Travellerspoint Forum Rules

Travel Forums

To help these forums be as useful and interesting to users of Travellerspoint, we have implemented some rules. These rules deal with several common problems that forums deal with; spam, duplicate posts and abusive language or discussions.

We want this forum to be a pleasant place for all our users, so here are the rules we ask you to abide by:

  • 1. NO swearing, derogatory or inflammatory remarks are allowed. Any such comments will simply be deleted by admin or moderators.
  • 2. NO postings for promotional purposes are permitted. If the postings are genuine responses to questions, we will permit them. Any website postings that look like they are only there to promote a website rather than help other members will be removed.
  • 3. NO posts selling goods or offering jobs are permitted. Our forums are not a market place. Please do not advertise campers for sale, etc or post job offers.
  • 4. NO survey links. If you want to ask a question, ask it in the thread. Don't direct people to a survey on another site.
  • 5. NO personal contact information is permitted. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, etc. We value your privacy even if you don't. If you want people to get in touch, ask them to send you a message through our messaging system.
  • 6. NO double posting. Post your question in the forum that suits best. Posts that ask the same question or start the same topic twice will be removed without notice.
  • 7. NO sleaziness. In particular, we do not allow sex tourism posts or requests for travel companions that would be more appropriate on a dating site.

If any of these rules are broken, the moderators will either edit your post or delete it entirely. They may or may not send you a message explaining the situation. Administrators may ban your account if you are spamming our forums.

These rules may be updated from time to time.

We hope you understand the need to implement these rules and feel that these forums are a better place because of it. If you have a problem with any of these rules, let us know what your concerns are in the System Forum so we can take them into consideration.

We welcome you to visit the Travel Forums!