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  • aussirose 4w

    Hey all,

    Just to let you know that I have made 2 small changes to the Tassie Itinerary.

    No. 1 is in Launceston. Hubby wants to go fishing. Not my cuppa tea ;)
    So we will move the Meet and Greet to Saturday 5th May. Boags Brewery at 2pm.

    Then on Sunday 6th, Howie wants to go to Mountain Stream Fishery - 30min out of town. Own transport is needed as Launceston does not have Uber.
    Hubby and I have extended our Camper hire to do this. Not being into fishing, I am going to try to get some action shots on my camera. Failing that, there is always Plan B..... picnic with cheese and wine :) So I will be preparing something to take along for this.

    Plan B is actually Plan A.... lol.

    Dinner on Sunday - Meet @ the Alchemy Bar and Restaurant in town @ 7/7.30pm.

    Monday 7th is still the same but we will need to pick up a National Parks Pass in town for $60 per car, otherwise it will cost you a lot more to pay on the way.

    No. 2 change is in Hobart.
    Price has gone up for the trip to Bruny Island. It is too expensive.
    So instead on Friday 18 May, we are going to catch an Uber to O’Sullivans Distillery Cambridge – 15mins.
    Then lunch at Barilla Bay Oyster Restaurant – 5 mins.
    Farewell dinner is open to whatever we decide.

    Hopefully by now you have your transport arranged and maybe checking out and booking your accommodation.
    The only other bookings you will need to take care of are the cruise in Launceston and Wineglass Bay Cruise if you plan to take it.

    Howard and I are looking forward to some relaxed and fun times with everyone. This holiday we plan to spend a lot more on food and drink because the accommodation has worked out so much cheaper.

    So...... Can't wait! :)

    See you all in May!!



  • aussirose 8w

    I see below a few TP members that have joined this group but have not added a message.

    If you are planning to tagalong with us in Tasmania next year, it would be nice to see some comments or you can message me here if you like. If not, then I take it that you are perhaps joining this group as you want to see if there are any more Australian TP Meetups in the future that you may be interested in. That's ok.

    But until I hear something more definite, I'll take it that you are just passing by with a mild interest in maybe joining us for a meetup sometime in the future.

    Happy travels to you.
    Cheers Ann.



  • ihdew 11w

    I want to visit Australia...and Wanna establish a business relationship over there, is there anybody who can help me to do that....
    I need A Business Invitation/Invitation to do My Visa.


    Sorry, Dew. I cannot help you with that. I don't think TP would be helpful at all for you. You are probably better trying to network on a site like linkedin.



  • aussirose 16w

    Those that are coming so far are -
    Ann, Jennifer & Charlie from Florida,
    Nancy & Jeff from California,
    Steve from Brisbane,
    Steve from Canberra,
    Sue & Andy from Melbourne,
    aussirose & Howard from Perth
    Hopefully Peter (TP owner) and partner from Melbourne,
    Betty from Pt Macquarie,
    Sarah from Belgium
    Tabitha from London.



    Sadly Nic and I can't quite make this fit this into our trip after all. It's a shame, as it sounds like a lovely route, and it would have been fun to meet up with a bunch of you. Hope you all have a great time.



    That's a shame Tabitha. You have a wonderful trip though :)


    Nice crowd! I'd be there with two kids as well by the way. We'd bring our own car I think and stay in accommodation along the way.

    Two Strides

    Hey Ann,
    I just booked the hotel Woohoooo we can make it for a few days.
    Flying in on the 5th and out on the 8th, sad we can not do the tag along it sounds great, but at least we can catch up.


    Ok guys... Looks like it's all coming together. The itinerary on my home page shows full details including where hubby and I are staying. Remember, it's up to you to book your own transport and accommodation and then just follow along with us :)

    If we can all book at the same accommodation along the way (majorly caravan parks) that would be good to keep us all together. If you do find something that you like that is different..... that's ok, but be sure to meet us at our accommodation by the set departure time, or we'll be waving tattarrr...... and you'll be playing catchup lol.

    In Launceston and Hobart, you may want to choose different accommodation that is more suitable to you. That's fine. However when you can spare a moment ..... I'd like to have all of your mobile phone numbers so that we can keep in touch in case there is a problem...... and if you have WhatsApp, so much the better :)
    My number is 0420 400 787, so send me a message and I'll respond.


    Hey Peter, Nice to have you and your family with us :) We'll make sure there are some fun things to do along the way to keep your little ones entertained ;) It'll be an adventure for all of us. Not sure who has been to Tassie .... if any of us?


    Sue!! So glad that you can come down to Launy! Is that what the locals call it?... haha. Lawny?.... lol.

    But sooo sad that you and Andy can't make it for the full trip! Awwwe..... maybe we can talk about a Melbourne TP meet for 2019.... including a nice tagalong along the Great Ocean Road...? Could be a plan.

  • aussirose 16w

    Hey all. I have updated the Itinerary on my Profile page. Some of you are hiring a car for the journey so that has made me take Murdunna out of the list as there is no accommodation nearby. Instead, we'll drive from Coles Bay to Port Arthur instead. Hubby and I will stay in the caravan park there as we have a Toyota Hilux 2 berth campervan.

    Ps.... if you are hiring a campervan, best book early because Launceston doesn't have much of a choice.




  • aussirose 18w

    I have a detailed itinerary on my home page.


    You can hire a car but there are a couple of places you may need to book early as not much accommodation in these places - Weldborough and Murdunna.


    There are other people that are interested - Steve from Brisbane, Ann and Charlie from Florida, Nancy and Jeff from California and Sarah from Belgium. I have directed them here to sign up.


    Still more interested.... Betty from Pt Macquarie, Swee Long and Kak Wan from Penang and Valentina from Macedonia.


    Good News I bought the airline tickets! We are driving a car so have to book cabins and hotels next :) Look forward to seeing everyone and exploring Tassie


    Nancy.....yea!!! :) Cannot wait to see you and Jeff again. It will be a wonderful trip xx





  • aussirose 35w

    Tabitha, was reading your comments again on a thread I started in the travel forum. I see you are a friend of Adam. Cool :)


    Adam invited me to be a friend on TP, but I don't know him aside from here.

  • aussirose 35w

    Hey Steve. You found us :) Looking forward to next year.




  • aussirose 40w

    This is an Australia Meetup Group designed for TP meetings in Australia.

    This is the first posting for a meet up in Tasmania 5-18 May 2018 called "Tasting Tasmania".

    The trip is a tagalong campervan tour from Launceston to Hobart driving for no more than 2 1/2hrs each day. You hire your own transport and book your own accommodation.

    It is all about experiencing fine food, especially fresh seafood, local oysters,


    wineries, breweries, picnics and awesome scenery, with a bit of gem hunting and history thrown in.

    We will be stopping for 2 nights in 3 destinations so the trip is a nice and slow


    easy pace leisurely drive around the countryside and seaside of Tasmania.

    All interested, sign up here.

    The trip is posted on my page if you want to check it out.

    Should be a fun, friendly experience :)



    Well, this should be an easy one for me to get to. Definitely pencilling this in!


    Oh great Peter :) Will be great to meet you.

    Two Strides

    Hopefully we can come over to meet up for a bit


    Oh cool Sue! Love your nic mate :)

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