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  • aussirose 1y

    I have a detailed itinerary on my home page.


    You can hire a car but there are a couple of places you may need to book early as not much accommodation in these places - Weldborough and Murdunna.


    There are other people that are interested - Steve from Brisbane, Ann and Charlie from Florida, Nancy and Jeff from California and Sarah from Belgium. I have directed them here to sign up.


    Still more interested.... Betty from Pt Macquarie, Swee Long and Kak Wan from Penang and Valentina from Macedonia.


    Good News I bought the airline tickets! We are driving a car so have to book cabins and hotels next :) Look forward to seeing everyone and exploring Tassie


    Nancy.....yea!!! :) Cannot wait to see you and Jeff again. It will be a wonderful trip xx