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    Those that are coming so far are -
    Ann, Jennifer & Charlie from Florida,
    Nancy & Jeff from California,
    Steve from Brisbane,
    Steve from Canberra,
    Sue & Andy from Melbourne,
    aussirose & Howard from Perth
    Hopefully Peter (TP owner) and partner from Melbourne,
    Betty from Pt Macquarie,
    Sarah from Belgium
    Tabitha from London.



    Sadly Nic and I can't quite make this fit this into our trip after all. It's a shame, as it sounds like a lovely route, and it would have been fun to meet up with a bunch of you. Hope you all have a great time.



    That's a shame Tabitha. You have a wonderful trip though :)


    Nice crowd! I'd be there with two kids as well by the way. We'd bring our own car I think and stay in accommodation along the way.

    Two Strides

    Hey Ann,
    I just booked the hotel Woohoooo we can make it for a few days.
    Flying in on the 5th and out on the 8th, sad we can not do the tag along it sounds great, but at least we can catch up.


    Ok guys... Looks like it's all coming together. The itinerary on my home page shows full details including where hubby and I are staying. Remember, it's up to you to book your own transport and accommodation and then just follow along with us :)

    If we can all book at the same accommodation along the way (majorly caravan parks) that would be good to keep us all together. If you do find something that you like that is different..... that's ok, but be sure to meet us at our accommodation by the set departure time, or we'll be waving tattarrr...... and you'll be playing catchup lol.

    In Launceston and Hobart, you may want to choose different accommodation that is more suitable to you. That's fine. However when you can spare a moment ..... I'd like to have all of your mobile phone numbers so that we can keep in touch in case there is a problem...... and if you have WhatsApp, so much the better :)
    My number is 0420 400 787, so send me a message and I'll respond.


    Hey Peter, Nice to have you and your family with us :) We'll make sure there are some fun things to do along the way to keep your little ones entertained ;) It'll be an adventure for all of us. Not sure who has been to Tassie .... if any of us?


    Sue!! So glad that you can come down to Launy! Is that what the locals call it?... haha. Lawny?.... lol.

    But sooo sad that you and Andy can't make it for the full trip! Awwwe..... maybe we can talk about a Melbourne TP meet for 2019.... including a nice tagalong along the Great Ocean Road...? Could be a plan.