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  • aussirose 1y

    Hey all,

    Just to let you know that I have made 2 small changes to the Tassie Itinerary.

    No. 1 is in Launceston. Hubby wants to go fishing. Not my cuppa tea ;)
    So we will move the Meet and Greet to Saturday 5th May. Boags Brewery at 2pm.

    Then on Sunday 6th, Howie wants to go to Mountain Stream Fishery - 30min out of town. Own transport is needed as Launceston does not have Uber.
    Hubby and I have extended our Camper hire to do this. Not being into fishing, I am going to try to get some action shots on my camera. Failing that, there is always Plan B..... picnic with cheese and wine :) So I will be preparing something to take along for this.

    Plan B is actually Plan A.... lol.

    Dinner on Sunday - Meet @ the Alchemy Bar and Restaurant in town @ 7/7.30pm.

    Monday 7th is still the same but we will need to pick up a National Parks Pass in town for $60 per car, otherwise it will cost you a lot more to pay on the way.

    No. 2 change is in Hobart.
    Price has gone up for the trip to Bruny Island. It is too expensive.
    So instead on Friday 18 May, we are going to catch an Uber to O’Sullivans Distillery Cambridge – 15mins.
    Then lunch at Barilla Bay Oyster Restaurant – 5 mins.
    Farewell dinner is open to whatever we decide.

    Hopefully by now you have your transport arranged and maybe checking out and booking your accommodation.
    The only other bookings you will need to take care of are the cruise in Launceston and Wineglass Bay Cruise if you plan to take it.

    Howard and I are looking forward to some relaxed and fun times with everyone. This holiday we plan to spend a lot more on food and drink because the accommodation has worked out so much cheaper.

    So...... Can't wait! :)

    See you all in May!!