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    Hey guys. Just wrote a big message here and should have copied it before posting. Lost the lot grrr!

    Will have to re-post in my lunch hour at work :(

    Couple of last minute things to note -

    Meet up at Boags has been pushed back to 4pm as there are a few of you arriving early afternoon.
    There's no Uber in Launceston (Launy). It's coming in June....

    Parks Pass - No need to pre purchase. We are only going through 2 parks so can buy at entry - $24 per car.

    Rug up as it'll be coldish down the bottom end.

    Lastly.... for now - I'll be back later to post a few links of what we will see and do.

    PS - Don't forget to send a private message to me with your phone number if I don't already have it.

    Until later.....



    Ok, there's the promised links. Should keep you busy whilst you are waiting for your flight ;)
    The fishery in Launceston is closed ! Apparently they are doing renovations. So we'll have to find something else to do. Let's talk about it at the meet and greet.
    Also Steve has advised that there may not be plastic shopping bags at the supermarket so either be prepared to pay for some, or BYO.

    Sat 5 May –

    Sun 6 May – Fishing and picnic @ Mountain Stream Fishery.
    Dinner at the Alchemy Bar and Restaurant @ 7/7.30pm.

    Mon 7 May -

    Tues 8 May –

    Wed 9 May -

    Thur 10 May –

    Fri 11 May –
    Day Trip - picnic with wine and fresh shucked oysters.

    Sun 12 May -

    Sun 13 May –

    Mon 14 May –

    Mon/Tues 15 May –

    Wed 16 May -
    Hobart - 3 nights 16,17,18.


    Travel Slut

    Awesome! Whoo, Hoo! We depart TPA is just a few hours for our 26 hour journey to Tassie. Thanks so much for picking up Jennie.