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  • ethnoTOURS 3w

    We are a Travel agency in Morocco

    Name : ethnoTOURS Morocco
    owner : Abderrahmane oukassi
    Berber man from South East of Morocco in the desert

    We are team working together
    Abderrahmane & Alexandra from Germany

    We offer full package tours in Morocco for VIP individual clients as well as for groups of our partners
    On the individual trips we work with special drivers we know since long time and who are reliable and known for special offers for our clients such as barbecues at hidden places, grilling fish at the beach or invitations at home to their families for a cup of tea or at the nomads in the caves. These drivers are Berber and being parts of this culture they love to show the clients the traditional life of the Nomads. They are trained not to cheat our tourists for getting commissions where ever they can - this is very important for us!

    As well we can offer you for groups professional tour guides and very good vehicles with competent drivers. Our city guides are professional and licensed guides.

    Special trekking tours in the High Atlas and in the Southern regions with competent guides are also part of our portfolio

    If you are interested in detail you can send us in
    WhatsApp: +212671946549


    Spammers are not welcome here.

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  • Beach VB 11w

    Welcome travel buddies for Dec.

    I plan to visit Skopje Macedonia to Sofia ~12-16th Dec.
    Then Jordan-Petra & scuba diving over Christmas 16-26th Dec. :)


    hello travel buddies, anyone visiting Philippines?

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  • bojasem 14w

    In my opinion this site not easy to write blog like Travbuddy .Also,I miss contact with people


    Kathmandu1 turn to tbrefugee


    Pls explore more and suggest us how it will work easy. Tks


    On the other hand, it has far more layout options than TB and the result is much better looking. Give it a try. Feel free to ask on the forum if you have questions how to do this or that layout trick.


    Agree with Jessie and Bojasem.
    Really miss travbuddy for the user interface. It was so easy to look up people traveling to any destination around the world across any dates and connect with them instantly through private messaging and posts on the wall. That feature in my opinion was what made Travbuddy one of the best platforms to meet travellers and differentiated it from all other non userfriendly platforms out there (have personally met so many travelers around the world using Travbuddy-struggled a lot using this platform :( )
    It would be great for all ex travbuddy members if the creators of this site are able to replicate the UI of travbuddy in the closest way possible (even if they take a minimum life membership fee like Travbuddy used to take-would be happy to pay if the platform is that good). Been on so many trips recently and missed meeting travelers!


    This site isn't TravBuddy, and it was not created to substitute TravBuddy. It is a site of its own with its own style and features. We old VTers could just as well come up with similar wishes, but it would not be fair either. We, the newbies, have to adjust to what this site is, instead of showering it with complaints why it isn't a clone of other sites.


    These are just useful suggestions which can be taken more constructively to help make the platform more interactive given there is already an infrastructure in place with a lot of travelers and exTB users (more specifically in response to TBRefugee's call for suggestions) - they're not complaints.
    Feedback taken constructively to draw insights can help propel this wonderful platform even further and help fuel better interaction among travelers :)


    There are "refugees" from two other closed-down travel sites here as well, namely Virtualtourist and Travelpod. They also want things to be done "their" way. How is that supposed to work?


    Maybe create a list of suggestions (by having everyone submit 2-3 suggestions), run them by the creators to see what's technically doable/feasible and then run a vote to see which suggestions top the list 😁
    Btw I see you're based in Germany-any recommendations on which would be the best city to visit for nye? Planning a short trip to europe over nye but I'm still deciding on the destination 🤔


    Totally agree! Not a fan of this interface and miss the original site:/ Don't feel this is user friendly at all and I don't visit much now because of this. Sorry:/


    Hello fellow refugees, lets make things better!! :)