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  • Peter 1w

    Hey everyone, final step of import is available now. Please read the instructions over here


    Thanks for posting the news, Peter, and for your efforts!





  • rkzain 3w

    Hi, want to plan for 4-5 weeks in scandinavian countries + estonia,lativia,lithunia,poland,austri,chek,hungry,austria....


    If you want to visit all the places in your 'Map' in 4-5 weeks this will be very hard work and in the Balkan countries transportation can be very slow.


    I Think thats way too much!

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  • spocklogic 4w

    Some more info for members regarding the transfer of TB content (blogs, reviews, photos). Peter has said that it will be another week or two until the next step of the import is completed. To use Peter's words, "the bit where you can actually see the content live here on Travellerspoint again."

    I hope everyone is exploring TP, getting to know their way around, experimenting with operations here, and connecting with friends. By the way, the list of TB members here on TP has been setup in a forum.

    ctrl-click or right-click to open link in a new tab or window:
    TravBuddy Members on Travellerspoint

    There are 165 total members now. Our group here is at 58 members, so more than 100 other members out there that have yet to join this Group. Spread the word and let others know this is available for them.

    \\// ~spocklogic


    Thanks, Sima, and corrected the link. Unfortunately, no option for editing posts in the groups, so I just created a new post and will delete the old one.


    Ah, thanks! I didn't hear in time (since I was... traveling) but that's pretty cool that some of the blogs were able to transfer? I remember in the early days spending so many hours crafting just the right content for a trip, painfully uploading pics one at a time since the "upload multiple photos" never worked with a Mac back then :)


    Welcome David! Yes, the TravBuddy java photo uploader on TB was always quirky as we know. It was changed to an HTML5 uploader a couple years ago, which was much better and everybody was happier with. Were you able to at least get your backup zip file that Eric provided on TB, or had backups yourself already? I will add you to the forum list mentioned above for TB members on TP.

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  • pasyandoraCMay 4w

    Though sad that TB site is gone forever, glad that we reunite here on TP! Loking forward to reading your blogs and seeing your photos for any upcoming trips of yours! And the journey for all of us goes on…


    😊 Hi!

  • Sweettangerine 4w

    Hey everyone, can I still import my old TB content, or is this too late now :(


    you will probably have to do it manually now - since the old data on tb can no longer be accessed.


    thanks for informing? I have saved the ZIP from the old TB so will have to do this when time allows then.


    Sorry to hear you were not able to get in a request to transfer your TB content to TP in time. You do have the TB backup zip file Eric provided, which is good. Unfortunately, Eric's backup is just a text of blog entries & reviews. There is no information of the date or placename in these files. Fortunately, I have a very large wget backup of some TravBuddy content and can assist members in reconstructing some info. Placenames should be easy to determine for the most part, but the dates will be hard to know unless members had another record of that. Anyway, I can help with the dates by looking in my wget backup if I have copies of entries in question that date info is needed on.

  • Sweettangerine 4w

    Hey everyone, hoping to make this site my new home!


    Hi Tania :)


    Hi, Tanya! Welcome to TP! Sweet that we have you here!


    Lovely to see you here Allie and May! Looking forward to make this our new hangout!


    Welcome Tania!

  • Paragpatel 4w

    Hey everyone,

    I’m Ankit from India, well I like to travel ... so I join this group to know different culture different interesting places around world ... and I’ m a beach lover ...... and if anyone wanna know anything about India .... let me inform I will guide each and everything what I know ...

    Well thanks for adding me in this group


    Welcome, Paragpatel!

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  • spocklogic 4w

    Some info for members regarding the transfer of TB content (blogs, reviews, photos). There is a general link (I believe) for all members to check the summary of their travel content that was transferred. See:

    ctrl-click or right-click to open link in a new tab or window:
    Import your content from TravBuddy

    It should show the stats on your import: number of blogs, reviews and photos, in addition to the text summary of the blogs, as well as some photo samples with captions. If yours is not available yet, be patient. Peter (the Admin on TP) was very busy getting as many members content as possible, especially down the stretch before TravBuddy closure. It may be some time before we all have access to our full body of material as peter needs to prepare that. Capturing it is one step, and releasing it for use on TP is another step, so again, remain patient. We have in Peter a very active and enthusiastic person who has been very welcoming and helpful to TravBuddy members migrating here. I think you will all find him very responsive and open to ideas & suggestions, as well as active in resolving issues. There are also the forums here to seek guidance.

    It is good to see the Group growing here, and 43 members already as I write this. Pass the word and let others know about the Group here on TP for former TB members, if you don't see them here already.

    \\// ~spocklogic


    Thank you for the info,Brian!
    I seems like have to be patient ;)
    I do appreciate to Peter as well! Great job :)


    I am so excited to find this exists! I was able to do the backup posted on the site, but when I click the link you posted spocklogic, I can't get any results for my handle... Does that mean my account didn't make it? :'-/


    Hi, Kay, and welcome to the Group. I didn't see a post by you in the Welcome to former TravBuddy members forum. I also didn't have you on the list I made in the TravBuddy forum thread of TB members who had an account on TP. Peter also used that list to proactively crawl pages as well. How did you let Peter know you wanted your page crawled, and if so, when did you make the request?


    As far as I can see, the main difference between the back-up of Travbuddy and the import of Peter is that the back-up doesn't include the captions of the photos. Otherwise with some effort you can recreate the blogs from the back-up.


    Brian, I unfortunately didn't know to tell Peter to grab my pages in time, I think. When I saw the site was closing down, I reinstated my account here, but totally missed the memo on this request. My TB profile is the same name and all I have are the backups when I followed the instructions. *Hangs head in shame*. I posted in the other thread to be added to the list, hopefully I can re-connect here and reconstruct the prior pages! I was one shy of 11H, so want to become more active in the community again.


    Thanks Brian =)


    Thank you so much for what you're doing guys! Do you happen to have instructions for a way for me to convert my saved zip file of photos and blog entries into something on this site?


    Too bad, I also missed completely the time frame to have my content transferred.
    Should there be an easy way to transfer TB's ZIP file here, I am all ears!


    It is unlikely to be possible to import Eric's TB zip file to something usable on TP unless there were a large demand for it, that is, many TB refugees who missed the opportunity to have their TB content transferred when the site was still up. You may want to post in one of the TravBuddy specific forums to see if there is a wider interest in this (how many others like you?). Best way might be to just start new blogs and use Eric's text files to rebuild your stuff. See also my reply to Tania (sweettangerine) about 3 posts above this one regarding dates/placenames in Eric's zip file.

  • Jeminigirl 4w

    Hi Everyone :)


    Welcome Allie!


    Hi Allie:)


    Hi Aliie! :)


    Hi, Allie!!

  • TBRefugee 4w

    Here I come in refugee camp, Anybody out there!!!?


    Welcome San!


    Hi San!


    Hi Brian and Tanya! Nice to see you people are active here.
    I will try to frequent much in this site as well.

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  • spocklogic 4w

    Video short from BBC (circa 2010). For Old Time sake in remembrance of TravBuddy (2005-2018).

    ctrl-click or right-click to open link in a new tab or window: (Meet travelers. Share advice.)


    Thank you for sharing it,Brian! It’s very nice and I didn’t know that!!
    Can I share it on my Facebook page? I want put it on my “TravBuddy meet-ups and memories” album!


    Yes, Yasuyo, please do share it as you wish, and there is a Youtube version also if you prefer it over the Vimeo version (Maybe the YouTube version is better for Facebook preview, not sure):

    ctrl-click or right-click to open link in a new tab or window: (Meet travelers. Share advice.) -- YouTube version

    Same video, just posted on different places (Vimeo & YouTube). I remember some years ago, I saw this short on the BBC tv show called "Click", a series about the world of technology. I tried to download the video from the BBC website, but could not get it. So, I did a video capture on my monitor and a separate sound capture to hijack the audio. Then I edited to combine and sync the two. It was a bit of effort, but the result came out good. I am glad that I preserved the video for posterity because I don't think it is available on the BBC website anymore.


    Thank you,Brian!
    Probably YouTube version will be better on Facebook:) The video is very simple and well explained in short time. I like that. And there was your efforts behind for public, that’s great! Thank you!


    Cool! Travellerspoint was featured on that show too quite some time back. I think it was more in our really early days though, sometime around 2003/2004. I wish I had a copy of it. We were quite a different site back then!

  • TheJohnsons 4w

    good to see the migration is going well,finding my way round TP quite well.


    Welcome Annette!

  • simsing 4w

    Hi TravBuddies,
    Hope you are well!
    I miss TB so much. Good to see you all here.


    Hi Sima,
    Same here,I already miss TB so much just after 9hours it was gone...
    but happy to see you all here :)


    Welcome Sima!

  • pasyandoraCMay 4w

    Hello, dear friends! How do I join this group?!


    I was going to reply you but I see that you already figured it out :D


    Hello May!
    Yes,you’re already in a group :):)


    Welcome May!


    Thank you, Brian! Peace? He he he!


    Thank you, Sima and Yasuyo!

    Stacey, apparently, I now a member of this group! Did you figure out yet?




    Peace \\//

  • DomR 4w

    I just checked. TB is really gone now


    If anybody wants to have a last peek:


    Welcome Dom!

  • monky 4w

    Hi everyone sad for the shutting down of TB a place that has changed the lives of many of us but also happy with the start in this new place to continue sharing our travel adventures.


    Hi Monica! :D


    Hi Monica! That’s true. Also I see shutting down made more strong our bond each of us with TB sprit! Stay in touch :)


    Sure Yasuyo we keep in touch have a great day! :D


    Welcome Monica!

  • staceystacey72 4w

    I just want to say hi to everyone. Hi! :D :D


    Hi, Stacey! :))


    Hi May! :)


    Hi Stacey! We are here contacting again :)


    Hi Yasuyo!! :)




    Hi Yanti! :)


    Welcome Stacey!


    Thanks Brian! :D

  • Adriaan- 4w

    Although I haven't been really active on TravBuddy for the last couple of years it's still a strange feeling. Had some great meet-ups through TB. Join Date: September 12, 2008, almost 10 years... Made some last prints of pages and my friends-list, so that's it.
    Big thanks to Spocklogic for gathering the list, will help to find friends again. And off-course thanks to Peter for the data-transfer :)


    Welcome Adriaan!

  • Aurora78 4w

    Goodbye to an awesome website and Hello to new beginnings. 😊 I am happy I am able to use the same ID as the one in TB.


    Hi Yanti!
    How is KL these days? (though it seems that you are in Hanoi now).
    You're the TB here I actually met! Will tell you when I'll go to KL and maybe we could have a (mini) meetup again :)


    Hi there! KL is as busy as ever! But it's home and I miss it so much! Yes, I am based in Hanoi for 2 years. After that who knows? 😉

    Visit me here then. 😄


    Welcome Yanti!


    Thanks Brian! 😊 Thanks for creating this group.

  • KarinaKalinka 4w

    Hi everyone, I have decided to sign up last minute, how do I request for my blogs to be transferred? Am a bit lost. My profile on TB is the same name, KarinaKalinka


    Ok I found the thread and posted there.




    Welcome Karina! I'll make a note to add you to the Master list of TB member on TP.

  • ToonSarah 4w

    Hi everyone. Just a reminder that Mike has posted in TB that the London Picnic in the Park is still going ahead on Saturday 16th June at 1pm. Meet us outside Regents Park Tube Station


    Thanks for sharing this Sarah :)


    No problem!


    Welcome Sarah! You have a lot of experience on TP already, so can be of some help to TB members getting started here, if you're willing to lend a hand in that.

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  • spocklogic 4w

    After 13 years in operation (since 2005) , TravBuddy (TB) shut down operations on April 23, 2018. Though TravBuddy is gone, the spirit of friendships made there lives on and Travellerspoint (TP) will allow us to continue those friendships and share our common passions for all things travel related. The purpose of this group is to provide a place of discussion for former TB members in a new home here at TP.


    Nicely put Brian 👏


    I shared one photo for now ... from inside the elevator during the November 2014 Kuala Lumpur meetup ... won't spam this group yet as I want to understand if there's an area in this group (like an album) where we can share photos. Too many random stuff and we will end up like FaceBook, difficult to search for topics or posts. Please let us know how you'd like to develop this group, Brian.


    It looks, Nolan, like posts in the the Former TravBuddy Members (FTM) Group are collected in sections according to the date, with photos appearing at the end of the comments for a given date. I think posting of photos here (in moderation) is fine given the structure. Maybe that's an idea though, to have albums for each date, rather than photos appearing as an inline stream. We can suggest an idea to Peter later, but lets see how it goes for now. As for developing the FTM Group, I have no general rules in mind and it's our group to have discussions, post helpful hints or info of interest to everyone here, and overall just enjoy each others company & conversation. As creator of the group I do have ability to moderate and delete inappropriate posts (such as spam or abusive comments), but don't think there will be much need for that here.

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