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  • Beach VB 2w

    Welcome travel buddies for Dec.

    I plan to visit Skopje Macedonia to Sofia ~12-16th Dec.
    Then Jordan-Petra & scuba diving over Christmas 16-26th Dec. :)

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  • bojasem 5w

    In my opinion this site not easy to write blog like Travbuddy .Also,I miss contact with people


    Kathmandu1 turn to tbrefugee


    Pls explore more and suggest us how it will work easy. Tks


    On the other hand, it has far more layout options than TB and the result is much better looking. Give it a try. Feel free to ask on the forum if you have questions how to do this or that layout trick.


    Agree with Jessie and Bojasem.
    Really miss travbuddy for the user interface. It was so easy to look up people traveling to any destination around the world across any dates and connect with them instantly through private messaging and posts on the wall. That feature in my opinion was what made Travbuddy one of the best platforms to meet travellers and differentiated it from all other non userfriendly platforms out there (have personally met so many travelers around the world using Travbuddy-struggled a lot using this platform :( )
    It would be great for all ex travbuddy members if the creators of this site are able to replicate the UI of travbuddy in the closest way possible (even if they take a minimum life membership fee like Travbuddy used to take-would be happy to pay if the platform is that good). Been on so many trips recently and missed meeting travelers!


    This site isn't TravBuddy, and it was not created to substitute TravBuddy. It is a site of its own with its own style and features. We old VTers could just as well come up with similar wishes, but it would not be fair either. We, the newbies, have to adjust to what this site is, instead of showering it with complaints why it isn't a clone of other sites.





  • Jessiemeow 6w

    I miss TB layout...easier for us to chat on a subject


    How can I make it easier do you think? What were the preferred ways to discuss topics on Travbuddy?


    Yes Jessie, i missed my old days in Travbuddy. I was Kathmandu1 there and now here in TP I am tbrefugee. Anyway I wish TP will improve better chat site to connwct friends and communicate. Have a good day Jessie!! Cheers!!


    Hello Peter. For example here in this chat group. We can see new members joining in, which is great, but at the same time our msgs kept pushing down. Its not easy to read and chat if the msgs are 2, 8, 10 pages down.


    Hello TBrefugee, your name sounds quite sad. I felt sad too.


    Hmm yes, that could be improved. Maybe I'll split out the list of members joining into the right column so it doesn't get in the way of topics posted.


    Hey Peter
    One of the best features of travbuddy was to find travelers that have planned to go to specific destinations on specific dates. It would also be easy to match with them as soon aa you put in your upcoming travel plans. It was then very easy to send them a private inbox message (some people preffered communicating through this channel when exchanging personal details) or post on their wall.
    Can this be done on travellerspoint?


    Private messages exist on Travellerspoint. We don't have a way of posting to someone's wall though. The ability to match travel plans for finding companions would be interesting but is not currently possible on Travellerspoint.


    Yeah Jessie, I still feel like a refugee here. Very less people to communicate with, no friends, no direction to go anywhere. Really like stuck in refugee camp. Whatever i will find my way , meet new people, explore more. All we need to be more active as we used to be. Thanks



  • Katie Texas 7w

    Hi there. I used to be Katie From Texas on TravBuddy. Since that name is too long for Travellerspoint I am now Katie Texas.


    Hello exTB!

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  • alyssa_ob 8w

    I also don't have any blogs showing. I don't know if they are hidden or just never transferred.


    Did you follow the instructions peter send after the transfer? It did take me a while to transfer them all and then you still have to publish them to make them shown to the public


    Hi Alyssa, sorry just noticed this post. Have you completed the import on this page:


  • boxinbcn 8w

    Hi Everybody! I hope that I can find some of my Travbuddy friends here. I am so sad to see that all of my blogs, reviews, photos... Everything is gone.... I hope there may be some way to recover some of those memories. I have been traveling, just wanted to upload my photos and find that all is gone! Anyway, greetings to you all and all the best. Stephen


    I can't find mine either ... but I thought I was just not computer savvy .... did anyone ask the man who runs this site if they are hidden somewhere?

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  • travelmandan 9w

    Dear community and,

    I am devastated to see that ALL my content from a world trip has disappeared from I shared deep thoughts, emotions and photos over a 9-month World trip that I desperately want to share with my children someday.

    Could someone help me? PLEASE let me know how to help make this happen. Thanks so much,


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  • renee195 10w

    I need a travel partner to the Caribbean area for 2019. We can meet there. I am Black American and very energetic. I am 70 years young.

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