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  • hasbeen 3y

    Something that confuses me is the referral path /forum.cfm .. it suggest someone went from a forum entry direct to a page, in many of instances to the same page = 2013 - TRAINS AROUND SWITZERLAND - INTERLAKEN & JUNGFRAU - MOSTLY CRUISING .. does that mean there is a forum entry with a link to that page? In so many instances, the page of entry is that one, so I suspect it is a bot or spam of some kind

    There is also the referral path /search.cfm & this makes sense to me


    I had a look for you but couldn't find any such link .. pretty bizarre for a bot to be generating referrals like that though.


    Thanks for looking

    It does seem strange .. I have a filter that includes only traffic from my host & that seems to keep a lot of junk out so maybe it is legit.

    I think I will try to make a report that includes only traffic from my own IP & go to my blog from different pages on TP & see what the referral path is.


    Ok, I had a deeper look in our own Analytics for this. It gives more detail and this is the thread in question :)


    That explains it .. thanks


  • hasbeen 3y

    This is a little odd .. my unfiltered view shows a page title of Election.Interferencer.Ru ,, Hahahaaha


    This is probably the Vitaly guy who keeps spamming people's analytics. Search for Vitaly analytics and you'll see the kinds of things he's been up to ;)



  • hasbeen 3y

    I find the Google Analytics a bit addictive but very frustrating. I have LOTS of filters to get rid of the junk but still get hits I do not believe are real.

    Anyone have any thoughts, ideas, comments or suggestions about Analytics?


    They seem to have really struggled to keep out the junk in the last year especially. Frustrating for me when I think we've got a traffic bump just to find out they are all fake :(

    Here's a super long guide on how to deal with the whole situation.


    The guide is very interesting. I followed the advice to copy the master & make an unfiltered view .. deleted all 23 filters & ...Oops I now have NO filters in Master or Unfiltered views.
    Never mind, I can start from scratch & do it properly.
    I also made a test view.
    First step .. I found my IP and added a filter to Master & that works well .. I can see I am on my blog in Test & Unfiltered but not on the master.
    Now to read through some more of the guide


    A couple of days ago I I found the Google setting that excludes known bots & clicked it on. Also set up my second filter to include only traffic from my own network host.
    Today I see more traffic on my unfiltered view than on the master view & the difference is coming from a host called 3-letter-domains. A Google search finds that is a source of 'ghost spam'. Ghosts are a type of spam that does not even touch my blog page . . somehow, it bi-passes the blog & only affects the Analytics report.
    I see that my Master views's filters are working because I can see the differences between the reports but, if I change the filter on the unfiltered view, that report does not change. Now I need to work out how to test using the filter.
    Back to the guide for more study.

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