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  • milan rai 3w

    Hello everyone would like talk here about your next trip to Sikkim and Darjeeling northeast india


  • Liveitup 4w

    Hi everyone, I live near Elora Ontario, about an hour west of Toronto (on a good traffic day!). Beautiful area, glad to give tips if anyone is heading this way.

    I'm about to head to Beijing, then Mongolia for 10 days of riding and then the Naadam Festival, ending in Seoul. Getting excited!

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  • Travel Bug Sue 5w


    I will be travelling into Canada and Alaska in late July.
    I live in Sydney Australia.
    It's not my first time to Canada but the first trip to Alaska and the Yukon
    I would love any local info!





  • staceystacey72 12w

    Hi everyone. I live in Ottawa, Ontario now, but I'm originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    Looking forward to chatting and getting to know you. :)

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  • aoshust68 30w

    What with work and life interfering, it's been a long time since I started this group that I've been in to post anything. Great to get the input from u2traveller and has been. Planning for the cross-country trip with my motorcycle has now gone from 15,000 kms to 21,000...... Found out I have some long-lost family around Marmora, ON and another acquaintance pointed me to the Ride the Highlands website which is an AMAZING site for riders who are looking to explore that area of Ontario. Great info even if travelling by car - though that can't be as much fun. :) A recent work trip to the Yukon for 2 weeks allowed me to do a bit of reconnaissance in the areas surrounding Whitehorse as well and I see a route change in the works for the Yukon as well. The Yukon is a really stunning place to visit in Canada.



  • germanr510 45w

    In August 2014, my wife and I the pleasure to visit Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and Niagara Falls. We beautiful country with very friendly people. Highly recommend this trip


    Happy to hear you had a great experience! :) As a long time resident of central and western Canada, I'm looking forward to exploring the eastern regions of it on my coast to coast motorbike trip next year.

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  • u2traveller 1y

    Live in Nova Scotia! Love to travel to Europe.


    I would love to hear of your favourite places to visit in Nova Scotia. Especially those that are "off-the-beaten path". Never having been east of Toronto, I hope to spend at least a week in each of the Maritime provinces when I do my coast-to-coast motorcycle trip.


    Well, Cape Breton and the Cabot trail are a must see - not really 'off the beaten path'.

    All of these suggestions are really a day (I won't mention Halifax, because you'll probably end up there)

    I usually recommend Annapolis Valley and Wolfville (tho I haven't been there for a few years). The Lookoff has some amazing views over the Valley. We like Oaklawn Farm Zoo. Annapolis Royal and Grand Pre. This is all in the 'Valley'. Not sure if it's still open, but we enjoyed the few times we ate at Farmer's Family Diner which is near the Zoo, but off the beaten path if you aren't going to the Zoo. Don't think it is open every day.

    On the South Shore - well, Peggy's Cove is a must. Take ten minutes to visit the Swiss Air memorial in memory of the plane crash that happened some years back. I hear Chester is nice (never been!). We always spend time in Mahone Bay and Lunenburg a few times a year. Again - a well planned day can take all these sights in. We enjoy eating at a few places - Salt Shaker Deli and The Grand Banker in Lunenburg (make sure to swing by the Lunenburg Academy for a quick look-see).

    Sadly, we haven't really gone to the Eastern part of NS - so can't really recommend anything there. I hear Kejimkujik National park is lovely - would depend on time of year.

    I haven't been Parrsboro way in forever, but some fossil cliffs there, and some good hikes along the way. If it was a Saturday, Tatamagouche has an interesting Farmer's Market at Creamery Square, and not sure if it still runs, but have a 'community train' that circles around the village... Pictou can be nice for a few hours just to wander. New Glasgow...meh. Well, we only ever went there for the

    (I am trying to do this in sections/areas).

    OK, Truro - my town, has a lovely park with lots of hiking trails - most pretty easy...and two waterfalls - usually a trickle in the summer, but nice in the autumn after some rains, or winter and spring with the ice melt. Not to far from Truro is Masstown - you MUST go off the highway and go to Masstown Market - great place to stop for food - they have a fish market, lots of home baked goods and also do soups/sandwiches and that kind of thing. It is usually super busy. Also in our area - Shubenacadie Wildlife Park. If you like getting wet, you can look into Tidal Bore rafting (again - only certain times of the year). People enjoy Burntcoat Head park - check tide times - if low tide you can walk out across the floor of the Bay...alas, when we went, it was high tide...

    Places we like to eat towards/in Halifax - Curly's Portables in Elmsdale. Truckside Food truck Food Court - Cheese Curds poutinerie (the BEST poutine/burgers - triple bacon poutine...drool), Italian, Asian, Fish and Chips and Habaneros. Oh - just checking their page - looks like Italian has been replaced with East Coast BBQ. Anyways, it's an interesting concept!


    Oh - the park in Truro is called Victoria Park...


    Thanks so much for your time in contributing some great information. I better get serious about my planning! :)

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