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  • walterman9999 11w

    I had posted many pics and blogs for TravBuddy. I got one blog here with 80 pics. I do not know how to joing pics to blog.


    On the edit page of the blog, click on the icon like a TV screen. That will take you to your photos. Put your cursor where you want the photo, and then click on the photo in the list that you want there.


    Or once you have found the photo, click on 'thumbnail', 'regular' or 'large', depending on what size you want. That way you can write your own caption rather than just using the photo title which sometimes isn't quite what you want to say in your blog. You can also align the photos centre or right by highlighting the code and choosing from the icons which are the same as in Word


    Thanks for your advice. I am very low tech and still have problems posting blogs and photos. My first blog got the 80 pics attached, in reverse order from what I wanted.


    As greatgrandmaR says above, the photo will appear where you place the cursor. You need to place each one at a time - it's not like TB where the photos were added automatically. It's fiddlier but much better imho, because you're in control of where they appear.

    Looking at your two blog entries, as yet they don't have any photos so I'm not sure what you mean about all 80 being there? As an example, in one blog you write:

    'Back inside the Depot was the nice engine # 311. They had a handy catwalk to view train # 13 eye to eye; and an excellent upstairs view of the trains below.

    [Place cursor here, go to photo gallery using the icon that looks like a photo, find the photo you want to illustrate this, i.e. one of the view, choose the size you want and click on it. You'll see some code appear here. You can leave that where it is, or centre it if you prefer. If you later decide you want the photo lower down, after the next paragraph, highlight the code and do cut and paste as you would with text. It's much easier to do than to describe!

    The nifty train # 1201 had portable stairs for an inside I took a peek. I shot train # 3737 and walked more. The wooden passenger car got my attention , but few shots. I walked more on the catwalk with a great view and was quickly burning mega-pixels. After an enjoyable time upstairs I went back down to ground level with more to see.'

  • noelontheroad 11w

    Hello! I went through the search button here looking for answers regarding action cameras and unfortunately, I can't see any thread about it. Does anyone of you here uses action cams for your photos? What are you using? Any tips? Thanks. :)


    Great photo hafid.

  • Stefmuts 11w

    I'm not sure it's allowed but since this is the photographers group I like to mention you can find my pics also on 500px ( those are mostly not travel related
    My travel pics together with blogs I've written for TB will be transfered (If they get it working) or else I have to repost them but both option may take some time before I have something to show on TP
    Feel free to comment on my pics both here and on 500px


    I'm not sure if it's allowed either! But I'm on 500px too and have followed you - you have some great shots there!


    You have some great shots as well!
    The comment is still here so I guess it's ok then ...

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  • kamalbahari 11w

    I want to introduce you a site for vloggers
    If you have a new video and want to get more view

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  • pasyandoraCMay 12w

    Hello! I’m a photography enthusiast and not a professional photographer. I’m hoping to learn from you all though! ~ May


    Welcome May - I know I'll enjoy seeing your photos here :)


    Thank you, Sarah! Im glad you are in this group!


    You won't find the group very active - I'm not sure any are at present. Any ideas to liven it up?!


    I'd be open to ideas. They have just proved a difficult area to get to work nicely.


    What happened to the plan for photo competitions Peter? I enjoyed the only one we had so far :)


    Yeah not much. I wonder if a few of the members would be interested in running them? I could probably open up the system I have to be managed by members if one or a few people were interested in keeping them going.


    I could be persuaded to do that, apart from the fact that it would probably preclude me from entering! Anyone else keen on photography would probably share that reservation, so that could be a problem with members running the comps?


    Yeah fair point that. Mostly it’s just picking a theme, setting some dates and spruiking it a little. Maybe the theme can be voted on as well in which case I don’t think being an organiser matters all that much.


    'spruiking ' ???


    Promoting .. just letting people know about it. The best competitions have been ones where we took the time to nudge people to enter by commenting on photos that would be good candidates etc.

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