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  • SirGaw 3w

    Hi all - a newbie here. I was with Virtual Tourist until they were killed off. Just back from a trip to Vietnam - amazing country. I'm a retired taxi driver here in Melb and my wife throws me out of the house twice a week, so I'm a volunteer and get to annoy others. Wife VERY happy about that.


    Welcome the site SirGaw.. rather a small group here for now, but it'd be great to grow that :)


    I saw in your profile that you volunteer at a miniature railway. Is that the one in Eltham by any chance? I live in Hurstbridge, so not far at all!


    Thanks Peter - yes Diamond Valley Railway (DVR) I'll put up something about DVR some time in the future.

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  • Peter 1y

    Welcome to the Travellers from Melbourne group.

    Hopefully we can use this as a fun way of meeting other travellers locally!

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