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Ísafjörður is the biggest town of the Westfjords of Iceland.



Sights and Activities

Vigur Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Ísafjörður. The travel company West Tours offers trips to the island.
West Tours, Aðalstræti 7 (The same house as the Information Centre), ☏ +354 456-5111. Day tours and longer tours. Bird watching, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, biking and more.
Vestfjords martime museum, Neðstikaupstaður. 13-17 daily from 1 June - 15 Sept. Small museum dedicated to the fisheries of the past. Nice restaurant, Tjoruhusid, is located next door and serves local fish.
Swimming pool, Austurvegur 9. Indoor pool with 3 lanes and a small hot pot. 450 kr for adults.



Getting There

By Plane

There are two daily flights from Reykjavik with Air Iceland. The fare is relatively cheap if you just want to go from A to B, and you are treated to a grand view of the fjords on the descent into the Ísafjörður airport. The airport is about 5 km from the town, on the other side of the fjord. It's possible to walk from the airport to the town if you don't mind walking on the gravelled shoulder of a lightly-trafficked road.

By Car

There are two ways to drive into Ísafjörður. The first is from the ringroad in Hrutafjörður, and goes up north on the eastern part of the peninsula through road number 61. That way gives you the opportunity to stop in Holmavik among other places on the way.

The second way to get to Ísafjörður by car is by road 60 from the ringroad, 608 over the moor of Thorskafjardarheidi and then 61 through the many fjords on the way. In the summer, that is the shortest way from Reykjavik, but it is not accessible during wintertime.

By Bus

There are regular buses that go from 1 June to 31 August from Akureyri and Reykjavik.

By Boat

You can take the ferry Baldur from Stykkisholmur via the small towns on the western part of the peninsula. That way gives you a chance to see for example the great waterfall Dynjandi.



Getting Around

The town is very small and eminently walkable. The distances from the town to adjacent towns is generally further than walking distance. Thus, you would want to study the bus system that can take you all over, bring a bike or have a car. There is a bike rental in town for the active ones that don't want to walk around.

The lone exception is Hnifsdalur, a tiny village of 250 people which is situated near hiking trails. Hnifsdalur is approximately 5 km north from Ísafjörður, and is an easy walk on a paved walking trail running adjacent to Road 61.




Samkaup, Hafnarstræti 9. Grocery store in the center of Ísafjörður.
Gamla bakaríið, Aðalstræti 24. Bakery in the city center.
Við pollinn, Silfurtorg 2. Restaurant at Hotel Ísafjörður. 1300 - 4000 for an main course.
Tjöruhúsið, Neðstakaupstað, ☏ +354 4564419. Fish resturant in the oldest building in Ísafjörður.
Thai Koon, Hafnarstræti 9-13. A small cafeteria-type joint in the Neisti shopping center. 1490 kr for your choice of two dishes and white rice.
Husið, Hafnarstræti, ☏ +354 456 5555. Café/bar/restaurant.
Hamraborg, Austurvegur. Fast food.
Edinborg, Aðalstræti 7, ☏ +354 456 4400. Restaurant.
Bakarinn, Hafnarstræti 14, ☏ +354 456 4771. Café.




Vínbúð, Aðalstræti 20. State controlled wine/liquor store.




Hotel Ísafjörður, Silfurtorg 2. Silfurtorgi 2. Very comfortable and accommodating.
Hotel Edda, Ísafjörður, Torfnes. A part of a large chain of budget summer hotels in Iceland.
Gamla Guesthouse, Mánagata 5, ☏ +354 4564146. A nice little guesthouse. Large rooms and a nice breakfast spread in the morning.



Keep Connected


Most of Iceland is well connected. Most homes have ADSL connections which work well most of the time. There is however a firewall which can cause connections problems especially at busy times. Most hotels, guesthouses, hostels, cafés etc. have a working Wi-Fi network. Generally it's free of charge, but sometimes there might be a small fee or limited amount of time. There are a couple of public computers at the University of Iceland and the National Library that you can use for free and without the need to log in.


See also International Telephone Calls

The international telephone code is 354. National numbers in Iceland are seven digits long and generally written in the form xxx xxxx or xxx-xxxx.
There are no area codes in this closed numbering plan and the international call prefix is 00. Numbers of mobile phones tend to begin with either 6xx xxxx, 7xx xxxx or 8xx xxxx, while land line numbers start with 5xx xxxx (in Reykjavík) or 4xx xxxx (the country side). The Icelandic emergency number is 112 for all services.

Internally, phone calls in Iceland are very reasonable priced and most providers offer friends and family discounts or free calls/messaging to same network phones. International calling cards are available in most convenience stores which can significantly reduce the cost of international calls.

There are three main companies who supply personal internet connections: siminn Vodafone and Talk. It is very important to get full details of the charges and excess charges as it is very easy to run up a huge bill without being aware of it, especially on a mobile connection. You can buy a local SIM card, if you have an unlocked mobile phone. The major internet companies can supply 3G mobile internet on a monthly basis. If you are travelling be sure to check the coverage because the mobile connection is not as wide as the mobile phone connection.


Iceland's Postal Service (tel. 580-1200) is reliable and efficient. General post office hours in Reykjavík are 9:00am to 6:00pm weekdays, but post offices close earlier elsewhere. Mailboxes are bright red and marked Pósturinn. Stamps are sold at many locations, including Nóatún supermarkets; N1, Olís, and Shell gas stations; and some bookstores. Mail typically takes 3 to 5 business days to reach Europe or the United States. If you are importing goods through the post, it takes a while to sort out the customs and tax based on the value of the item, so be sure to have receipts readily available. For sending packages you can also use international courier companies like TNT, UPS, FedEx or DHL, since they are fast, reliable and generally competitively priced as well.


Ísafjördur Travel Helpers

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