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An isin tag ({{isin|xxx}}) needs to be included in pretty much every article, because it creates structure and makes it easier for everyone to navigate their way through the guide. It will add a hierarchical "trail" of articles that precede yours in the hierarchy. For an example, take a look at the top of the page: you'll see this article has been categorised under the About:Index page.


Place-specific articles

Most articles are place-specific. They are about countries, cities, continents, provinces, neighbourhoods, specific attractions, etc. Any place-specific article should be categorised according to where it is. For example, the article about Toronto is classified within Ontario, using the tag {{isin|Ontario}}. When you look at the top of the Toronto page, you'll see what this looks like:


Determining hierarchy

If you're not quite sure how your article should be categorised, it's good to keep in mind the following hierarchy of places:

1. World regions - Americas
2. Smaller world regions (when necessary) - North America
3. Countries - United States
4. National regions - Southern states
5. Smaller national regions (when necessary) - Texas
6. Cities or towns - Dallas
7. Neighbourhoods within cities - Uptown (when necessary)
8. Specific attractions - The Galleria

This means that if you're writing about a city, you should make the {{isin}} tag point to the region it's in. If you're writing about a country, the {{isin}} tag should point to the world region the country is in.

A quick note on deciding the {{isin}} tags for specific attractions: some attractions do not categorise neatly within neighbourhoods, towns or cities. In that case, use the nearest hierarchical point that makes most sense - this can even be the country or the world region. The article about the Pyrenees, for example, should have an {{isIn|Western Europe}} tag, because the Pyrenees are located in Spain, France and Andorra.


Articles that aren't about places

There are some articles that are not about a specific place. The articles about diseases like Typhoid Fever, Malaria and Rabies are not place-specific, so they need to be categorised differently. In this case, they are categorised under the Travel Health article, which acts as a "parent" page that links to all the other health-specific pages.

There are other general articles about travel-related topics, like the one about money matters. These have been filed under general guides. If you're writing something miscellaneous that isn't about a specific place but about travel in general, you should probably place it under general guides.


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