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Adopt creativity

Your articles should inspire people to want to travel. Yes, they should be impersonal; and yes, they should be neutral; but people who read your articles should come out with a sense of excitement about this amazing world we live in!

To give your readers this sense of excitement, use expressive language that gives the readers more than just facts. Where there are pictures available for your topic, use those. You can also enhance your articles by including bits of trivia about the topics, as I have done in an article I wrote about the Three Sisters in Australia, by adding a section about the Aboriginal legend surrounding the Three Sisters.


Moving beyond templates

We've created a set of templates to give you an idea of what kind of information is vital for specific types of articles. There's just some things that travellers need to know and that this guide should offer if it's going to meet the traveller's needs.

There are plenty of topics that could be written about that don't fit into any of the general template headings. If you know a lot about something which doesn't fit into the basic template, feel free to write a new article about your topic and create a blurb about it in the main article. The blurb should be short, but you can let your hair out a bit more when it comes to writing an article dedicated to your topic.

Read about some other suggested topics you could write about.


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