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Objective vs. Subjective

You have a bias. There's no way of helping that. But you can present information in a non-biased way.

Let's say, for example, that you just got back from a trip to Peru and you thought it sucked. You hated the food, you couldn't speak a word of Spanish, the weather was bad, etc. When it comes to writing about Peru in the guide, be careful about how you present what you know. Remember to keep things impersonal. Don't get carried away on a rant about how much you hated Peru, because some travellers love Peru (and quite rightly so). Keep it nice: contribute to the weather section with a note about how the weather in winter is quite poor for people who're looking for sunshine; write a bit about language and comment on the fact that knowledge of English is not all that common, so a bit of Spanish goes a long way; and mention that the food situation might not be South America's most popular.

The principle here is to stay objective, as best as you can. Don't let your bias govern what you write, even if your bias is based on first-hand experience. When it comes to travel, we all have different likes and dislikes.

If you feel that someone else isn't being objective, go over to the article about keeping it friendly and review the procedure for dealing with disagreements.


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