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There's a pretty good chance that you're going to disagree with something that another user has written in the guide. That's ok. The challenge is to make or suggest change without creating enemies.

Here are a few basic rules of etiquette:

  • As is the case throughout Travellerspoint, abusive, harassing, threatening or any other type of seriously uncool language is not tolerated anywhere within the guide.
  • Most of the time, it's fine to edit another person's work without previously discussing it on the discussion board. When it's a sensitive or controversial topic, however, it's a wise idea to post on the discussion page first and invite other users' feedback.
  • If another uses has followed the step above and made a change to your work, don't just go ahead and change it back. If you feel like the discussion did not really resolve the issue, go back and make another post raising your concern.


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