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  • English - As this guide is currently only made for an English option, ensure the titles are in English. Where a local name is also commonly used in English, it would be advisable to create a redirect on that page to the English page. As an example, Napoli redirects to Naples.
  • Roman Alphabet - Avoid using characters that aren't from the Roman Alphabet.


Ambiguous Titles

Some titles might have two or more possible connotations. If this is the case, then you can ensure the title isn't ambiguous by adding the country name in brackets.


If the title is generally not confusing, but does have a possibility of confusion, then it may be better to use the ambiguous title for the article that would be the most logical one.


  • Melbourne : despite the fact that there is also a Melbourne in Florida, most people would understand Melbourne to refer to the city in Australia.
  • Georgia: Although Georgia is a state in the US, the country Georgia is a larger topic and therefore deserves to have the title reserved. The US State is titled Georgia (USA).

For all such ambiguous titles, it is recommended to also straight away create a Disambiguation Article. That article should list the possible meanings associated with a certain title. To create a disambiguation, place the word 'disambiguation' in brackets behind the ambiguous title.


More about Ambiguous Titles


Sub Articles

Articles describing a suburb, neighbourhood or district of a city should be named with the city name in it to avoid confusion.



Special Characters

You can use pretty much any character when naming a wiki article, however, for organisational reasons it is best to avoid the forward slash and the colon.

  • / - The forward slash is used in URLs to denote a sub article (ie. Melbourne/Inner City or Melbourne/Fitzroy) and should therefore be avoided in other situations.
  • : - The colon is used in some special articles (like the one you're reading now). Unless an article falls under a broad topic that warrants having multiple articles fall under it, try to avoid the colon.

For technical reasons we have disallowed the use of ampersands, question marks and hashes in titles.
Here's why:

  • ? - Used to denote URL variables
  • & - Used to separate URL variables
  • # - Used to denote an anchor link

If an article has an accented character in the title like La Sagrada Família, then it is a good idea to also create an article without an accent and redirect that to the correct article. Do this to ensure that people typing in the name directly (rather than following a link) will still be able to find the article. It also avoids people potentially writing the same article again.


Changing a Title

If, for whatever reason, an article title needs to be changed, then this will need to be done by a wiki moderator. Wiki moderators are those members who are either have moderator status on Travellerspoint or also those members who have reached Respect Member status.

If you do not have moderator privileges in the wiki, then the best thing to do is to start a discussion (use the Discuss tab at the top right of the article) explaining why it needs to be changed and what it should be changed to. It shouldn't take long for a moderator to notice and fix it up.


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