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The Theme: Communities

Miles of Smiles

Miles of Smiles

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After a couple of years of no photo competitions, it's time to revive this tradition with a fresh challenge.

The theme for this competition will be communities. Submit your best travel photo that you feel really captured the community spirit of a place you visited. Open to your interpretation.

Submit up to 3 photos on the theme. Please limit yourself to 3. It's helpful anyway to self-moderate slightly as there can only be one winner after all!

Nominate photos before March 1st. Read below for details on how to nominate a photo for this competition.




Anyone can enter.

For every photo you enter, you must:

  • own the copyright
  • set the location for the photo
  • the photo can not have won or been runner-up in a previous competition

By entering your photo, you're also giving Travellerspoint a non-transferable, non-revocable right to use it to promote Travellerspoint. You will still own the copyright, and full credit will be given to you for the photo. Please note, we are very reasonable when it comes to using people's photos, but we do need this clause to be able to promote future competitions, etc.




You can nominate up to three photos. Only those featured by our photo moderators will be selected. If you'd like to nominate a photo that you uploaded to Travellerspoint previously, but that wasn't featured, you can still nominate it. The moderators will take another look at any photo tagged for the competition. Remember the location must be set in order for your photos to be featured.

If you're nominating a new photo:

  • Go to your photo upload page and upload your photos as per usual.
  • Under Tags, add this tag: comp40 and this tag to create a nice gallery: community.
  • If you have tagged your photo correctly, it will appear on this page.

If you want to nominate a photo that you have already uploaded to Travellerspoint:

  • Go to your private photo gallery.
  • Tick the "select" box under the photos you want to nominate. Once you've selected all the photos you'd like to nominate, click "Edit Selected" at the bottom of the page.
  • Under Tags, add this tags: comp40 and this tag to create a nice gallery: community.
  • If you have tagged your photo correctly, it will appear on this page.

Featured nominated photos will appear on this page.




The winners will be decided by popular vote.

Voting will open on March the 5th and close on April the 5th.

The winner will be announced in our forums. This competition is mostly for fun. As a small prize, the winner will receive a free complimentary "supporting membership" for Travellerspoint. Read more about what a Travellerspoint Supporting Member is.

Happy snapping everyone! :)


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