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The Theme: Water

the Neckar River

the Neckar River

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In April, Thailand will be celebrating Songkran, or Thai New Year. In places like Chiang Mai, Songkran involves a week-long, all-out water fight. Sounds like fun!

To celebrate Songkran, we have made the theme of our photo competition this month water. If you have any travel pics with a water theme, you can enter for a chance to win. The winner will receive a copy of Lonely Planet's One People: Many Journeys, a 288-page pictorial with beautiful images from across the globe. They'll also win a $50 Amazon voucher from Travellerspoint and have their monthly photo upload limit increased to 200MB. The runner-up will receive the mini version of One People: Many Journeys and an upgraded monthly photo upload limit of 200MB.

Nominations are open until April 13, when members will start voting for the winner.




Anyone can enter. Travellerspoint staff are not allowed to win.

For every photo you enter, you must:

  • have a high resolution version (4megapixels or higher)
  • own the copyright

By entering your photo, you're also giving Travellerspoint a non-transferable, non-revocable right to use it to promote Travellerspoint. You will still own the copyright, and full credit will be given to you for the photo.




You can nominate up to three photos. Only those featured by our photo moderators will be selected.

If you're nominating a new photo:

  • Go to your photo upload page and upload your photos as per usual.
  • Under Tags, add watercompetition.
  • If you have tagged your photo correctly, it will appear on this page.

If you want to nominate a photo that you have already uploaded to Travellerspoint:

  • Go to your private photo gallery.
  • Tick the "select" box under the photos you want to nominate. Once you've selected all the photos you'd like to nominate, click "Edit Selected" at the bottom of the page.
  • Add watercompetition to the tags.
  • If you have tagged your photo correctly, it will appear on this page.

Featured nominated photos will appear on this page.




The winner will be decided by a popular vote. Vote for your favourite 5 photos!

Voting opens on April 13 and closes on April 28. The winner will be announced in the April newsletter, as well as on the Travellerspoint blog.


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