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What isn't allowed

Using Travellerspoint for promotional purposes is against our terms and conditions. What this means is that if you promote your website, hotel, product or anything else in the Travellerspoint forums, blogs or anywhere else, you will have your forum/blog/other removed. Same goes for the wiki. If you post promotional content within the body of wiki travel guide article, it will be removed.

If you offend multiple times, you may be banned by Travellerspoint admin.

If you're a clear spammer, we'll just ban you without notice.


What is allowed

If you contribute unique, high-quality information to the wiki travel guide, we will honour your contribution and provide a link back to your website. Here's how:

  • In your profile, fill out your website url and title.
  • If you contribute at least 15% of any given article, you will be listed as one of the top contributors for that article, with a link back to your website.

This link will send traffic to your website, and can also help you position yourself as an expert on a topic. Readers researching a destination on Travellerspoint that you are a top contributor for, are far more likely to visit your related and on-topic site, than the site of a writer they can't relate to. Finally, the link might also improve your search engine rankings (incidentally, any links posted in the forums, blogs, or elsewhere on Travellerspoint, will not help).

We see this as a win-win situation. You gain visibility and a link to your site that drives qualified traffic. We get great new content. Readers get a better travel guide. Everyone's happy.


Linking Back

Once you have contributed some content, it's also a good idea to link back to the articles you contributed to from your own website. Not only is it useful content to link to from your site, but it will help build the page's trust and will further help boost the value of your link on that page.


What isn't allowed, part 2

Please remember that adding promotional content into the body of a wiki travel guide article is not allowed. If your content follows the same standard as the rest of the wiki, you'll be fine.

We also do not allow links to certain types of websites. Any links to sites with offensive or illegal content, including adult or gambling websites, will be removed. We will also remove links to sites that do not contain any unique content, for example MFA or scrapers (if you don't know what this means, you have nothing to worry about!). Decisions on these matters are at the discretion of Travellerspoint administrators.


About:Promoting Your Website on Travellerspoint Travel Helpers

  • Linux19

    I am a frequent traveler. Due to the nature of my work ( Manufacturer of RMG ) I often have to travel between Europe and Asia and I try to add stopovers in newer places every now and then. Based on my own experience, I believe I can help others with their planning and trips.

    I also Keep a journal of things I encounter when in a new place and recently I started a youtube channel to share them so people can know things before they travel and avoid common and in some cases costly mistakes.

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  • TheHawksOnTour

    As Motorhome travellers we have traveled to many countries in Europe a number of times covering many miles, staying at various camp sites and also wild camping. We have also enjoyed a number of extensive coast to coast road trips across the USA. Travelled extensively in NZ by road and also spent 3 months travelling by road in the East coast of Australia. We can also inform similar minded people of extremely cost effective ways of hiring Motorhome’s and I do mean Cheap, Very Cheap as explained in our blogs.

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