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Note: This is a rough template. You don't have to follow it religiously, but it's useful as a guide and to give you an idea of what to write about.


Include a brief introduction here. Make it interesting and catchy!


Sights and Activities

Write about 5-8 of the major attractions.


Events and Festivals

What are the big festivals and events in the town? Any major sports events? Music festivals? Comedy festivals? Movie festivals? Public holidays?

Event #1



Getting there

How do you get there? Is the town accessible by car, train and bus? What are the best entry points (ie. airports, train stations, major highways, etc.)?


Getting around

What's the easiest way to get around the town? By bus, train, car or some other way? How expensive are the various options?



Write about things like the town's cuisine, the cost of restaurants and particular streets that have specialist cuisines.



Are there lots of bars/pubs around, or is drinking alcohol prohibited? How expensive are drinks like coffees, teas and beers? What are some of the best places to go for a drinks?



Write in general terms about what the accommodation situation is like in the town. What can one expect to pay?


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