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Grinding at the side of the road - driving north in Ethiopia.

Grinding at the side of the road - driving north in Ethiopia.

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The Travellerspoint Foundation is our non-profit arm, through which we seek to help out with awesome projects around the world.

Our first initiative is the creation of a Travellerspoint team on Kiva, an organization that allows individuals and groups to make small loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Kiva is an amazing, empowering organization, so we're really excited to make loans to people for whom that little bit of start-up capital can make a huge difference.

For more about the Travellerspoint Foundation, check out the Foundation blog.



How to Contribute to our Kiva Team

You can contribute to the Travellerspoint team on Kiva without spending a cent! There are a few different ways you can help out.

All the money raised will be used to make loans to Kiva entrepreneurs. For information about the "Money Trail" and the "who, what, where, whys and hows", please follow the Yellow Brick Road because (almost) everyone wants to know what will happen with their contributions.

$1 For Your Review (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Until the end of November, Travellerspoint will add $1 into the Foundation's coffers for every review posted in our accommodation area!

To leave a review, head to the budget accommodation area of our site, seek out the properties you have stayed and at let the community know what you thought of it. At the end of the month we will tally up the number of reviews and donate that to the Foundation.

Contribute to the Travel Guide

In case you didn't know, you're able to earn money through our Google adshare program. Basically, if you're a full member and have contributed to the wiki travel guide, run a blog or have uploaded photos to Travellerspoint, you can earn money off the Google advertising displayed on pages with your content.

Now, you have the option of redirecting this money to support Kiva entrepreneurs through our team. To start redirecting your advertising earnings on Travellerspoint over to the Kiva team, you just need to do one thing:

  • Go to your profile page and scroll to the bottom, where you can enter your AdSense Publisher ID (note: this won't show up if you're not a full member). Enter this number: 1326685919872860. Click Update Profile. All done!

Write a Blog Entry for Travel Unravelled

Travel Unravelled features first-hand advice to help you travel smarter. It's a community driven blog where anyone can pitch in with a contribution.

For every new article contributed to Travel Unravelled, Travellerspoint donates $5 to the Travellerspoint Foundation, so if you feel you have some tips worth sharing, find out how to contribute.

Review a Book for The Book Club

The Book Club is our book reviewing blog. Read a book lately that you'd love to share with others? This is the place to do it. Books don't have to be travel-related. Every bit of income The Book Club generates — through ad clicks or through referred purchases from — will go straight to the Travellerspoint Foundation.

Find out how to contribute a book review.


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