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When it comes to writing about businesses, we have some strict guidelines for what kind of information should be included and how it should be presented. Listings that don't fit the guidelines will be removed until they do. Sorry, but we have to be strict about this one!

Two points to make at the start: do not post negative reviews of businesses. If you don't like the restaurant, bar, hotel, tour company, etc., just don't list it!

On the other hand, do not be overly enthusiastic. Sentences like The food here was awesome! and This hotel rocks, it's so cool! should not be included in your review of the business. Maintain a measure of neutrality.


Restaurants and bars

For restaurants and bars, include the following things:

  • Name of restaurant/bar, street address (not postal), phone number, website (if they have one). All this should be followed by a 1-3 line blurb about the quality, service, atmosphere, view, specialities, music, price (list a range) and special nights.



Include the following things:

  • Name of property, street address (with directions if necessary), contact (phone, email, fax) and website. Days and times open. Include a 1 - 3 line blurb about the service, atmosphere, view, rooms, price (list a range), etc.


Tour companies

Do not list personal tour guides! Only list tour companies that have websites. Recommendations that don't include a website link will be removed.

  • Name of tour company, contact details (phone, email, fax) and website. Include a 1 - 3 line blurb about the tours they offer, the quality of service and their price (list a range).


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