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Mosque in Agadir

Mosque in Agadir

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Agadir is a city along the southwestern coastline of Morocco. It's the capital of the Agadir Province and the city has about 250,000 inhabitants. The larger metropolitan has about three times the number of people though. Agadir might be one of the least attractive cities in the country (the big earthquake in 1960 ruined the Kasbah for example), but it compensates it with the attractive waterside and beaches which are good for sunbathing and swimming.




  • Secteur Touristique
  • Founty
  • Iligh
  • Sonaba
  • Ihchach
  • Les Amicales
  • City Centre
  • Nouveau Talborjt
  • Cité Suisse
  • Lakhiyam
  • Dakhla
  • Extension Dakhla
  • Al Houda
  • Salam
  • Riad Assalam
  • Hay al Hassani
  • Anza
  • L'Erac (Bouargane).
  • Quartier Industriel Tasila
  • Tilila
  • Quartier Residentiel
  • Quartier Al mohammadi



Sights and Activities

Beach activities

The main draw of Agadir are its beaches and harbor, including some fancy hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. With a little patience you can find some of the feeling and vibe you find in other Moroccan cities though. And there are a few good museums as well. Some of the beaches are not within Agadir itself but up until 20 or 30 kilometres south or north. It is also possible to hire both horses and camels to ride along the sand of the main beach and full and half day excursions can be arranged through a couple of operators on the Essaouira Road.

The ruined Kasbah

What's left of the Kasbah is on top of a hill about 7 kilometres to the northwest of town. An inscription that reads 'Fear God and honour your king' remains above the ruined gateway. There are good views from up here across the town and the port.


  • Musee de Talborjt "La Casbah"
  • Musee Bert Flint
  • Le Musse des Arts Berberes
  • Musee Municipal de Agadir
  • Le Sicilien Coco Polizzi (Quartier)

Parks and Gardens

  • Valée des oiseaux (Birds park & valley)
  • Jardin Olhao
  • Jardin Ibn Zaidoun




Agadir has a pleasant climate yearround, with daytime temperatures averaging between 22 °C in January and 30 °C in August, though occasionally with winds blowing directly from the east (Sahara), temperatures can rise well above 40 °C! Nights average around 10 °C in winter (November - February) and 18 °C in summer (June - October). Precipitation is low with most rain falling from December to February. May to October is practically dry.



Getting There

By Plane

Agadir - Al Massira Airport offers a wide range of flights, mainly to Europe and other Moroccan cities. Also lowcost airlines have found there way here, and Ryanair has flights to and from Brussels, Liverpool, London, Marseille and Weeze (near Düsseldorf). Condor flies to/from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. Other destinations with a range of airlines include Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Nuremberg, Warsaw, Berlin, Leipzig, Luxembourg), [[Saint Petersburg, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and East Midlands.
Domestic destinations served by Royal Air Maroc are Casablanca, Rabat and both Dakhla and El Aaiun in the Western Sahara. It also flies to Paris. Casablanca is also served by Regional Airlines.

By Train

Agadir has no train connections.

By Car

You can easily reach Agadir along the coastal route that runs south from Casablanca and Essaouira all the way to the Western Sahara. There are also good connections by paved roads inland towards Taroudant and Marrakech.

By Bus

CTM runs buses to Casablanca (9 hours) and Rabat (10 hours). It also has buses to Marrakech and Essaouira (both 4 hours). SATAS has buses going south towards the Western Sahara.

By Boat

Although located along the coast, there are no scheduled passenger services by boat.



Getting Around

By Car

You can easily drive in the city of Agadir. You can get car rental from about €28 a day for the cheapest car with airconditioning.

By Public Transport

You can get the bus to different places in the city, buy the busmap and use on of the 2 bus companies available: RATAG or ZETRAP. Regarding taxis: use either petit Taxi or Grand Taxi for your transport.

By Foot

You can get a map of the city of Agadir and you can easily navigate in the city of Agadir by walking around. The city is getting bigger with all the devolepment happening, and getting to some neighborhoods requires taking a taxi sometimes

By Bike

You can get around with a bike, but not to all of the city as it's all built on a big hill that is sometimes hard to climb. There are a few places where you can rent bikes.





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Keep Connected


There are plenty of Cybercafes in cities and small towns and accessing the Internet won't be a problem. The price is around 4 to 10DH/ hour. If you have a laptop while traveling then you can buy a USB key for wireless connection from one of the 3 main telecommunication companies (Maroc Telecom, Meditel, and Inwi). Credits are available starting from 10DH/24 hours (starting from the time you use it, if you start at 2:00am then next day at 2:00am you will have to recharge it again). Wifi is getting more and more common in places like hotels, shopping malls and in restaurants and coffee places in larger cities. The wireless connection in some areas might be slow, that depends on the signal as not the whole of Morocco has 3G coverage.


See also: International Telephone Calls

Morocco's country code is +212, International Call Prefix is 00. The telephone numbering scheme is changed starting March 2009. All fixed telephone numbers have a 5 inserted after the 0, and all mobile telephone numbers have a 6 inserted after the 0. All numbers are now ten-digit long, counting the initial 0. Useful numbers are Police: 19; Fire Service: 15; Highway Emergency Service: 177; Information: 160.

Public telephones can be found in city centres, but private telephone offices (also known as teleboutiques or telekiosques) are also commonly used.
The GSM mobile telephone network in Morocco can be accessed via one of two major operators: Meditel or Maroc Telecom. Prepaid cards are available. It is very easy and cheap to buy a local GSM prepaid card in one of the numberous phone shops showing a Maroc Telecom sign.


Post Maroc is the national postal service of Morocco and has details on their website (French) regarding the sending of letters, postcards and parcels, both domestically and internationally. The postal service in Morocco is very efficient and the post offices are generally open Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 12 noon and 2:30pm to 6:30pm. On Saturdays it is open from 8:30am to 2:00pm. Some might keep longer hours though, especially in larger tourist cities and central areas. You can post your mail at one of the post offices or otherwise in the yellow post boxes you'll find throughout the country. For packages, you can also use international courier companies like TNT, DHL or UPS. They offer quick, reliable services and competitive rates.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 30.4144
  • Longitude: -9.5965

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