Avg Max-0.5 °C1.3 °C7 °C15.9 °C22 °C24.9 °C26.2 °C26 °C21.8 °C15.2 °C7.6 °C2.1 °C
Avg Min-7.5 °C-5.4 °C-1.6 °C4.5 °C9.9 °C13.1 °C14.5 °C13.5 °C9.5 °C4.3 °C0.3 °C-4 °C
Rainfall31 mm28 mm28 mm44 mm55 mm86 mm79 mm49 mm43 mm22 mm34 mm30 mm
Rain Days1111911121311886911




Keep Connected


Moldova has one of the best wired Internet connections in the world as well as one of the cheapest in terms of price per Mbit. The overall infrastructure is well developed which allows many users to experience good quality services throughout the country. However, despite high speed availability and cheap prices, the penetration level is quite low when compared with many EU or CIS countries. Still, in the main cities and tourist places, you will be able to find an internet café or (free) wifi without too much problems.


See also: International Telephone Calls

Moldova's international telephone code is 373.

Local payphones are cheap and plentiful. They work by phonecards available at kiosks. Roaming agreements exist with most international mobile phone operators. Coverage is generally good all over the country. The mobile telephone market of Moldova is divided between two GSM carriers - Orange Moldova and Moldcell, and two CDMA carriers - Unité and Interdnestrcom. They both offer prepaid packages as well. Be sure to use wifi only to avoid high roaming charges when going on the internet.


The Moldovan Postal Service is generally quite efficient, reliable and cheap. Post offices are open from 9:00 am to 8:00pm, although shorter hours are kept in small towns and rural areas. For sending a package it might be better to use an international courier company like TNT, DHL, UPS or FedEx, as they offer fast services against not too high prices as well.


Accommodation in Balti

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