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Boa Vista is a desert-like island that belongs to the Cape Verde Islands. The archipelago contains 10 different islands, in total, of which Boa Vista is the third largest.

The island of Boa Vista is located the closest to the African continent, as it’s the easternmost island of all. The distance between Boa Vista and Senegal is only 450 kilometres.

Boa Vista, which has its capital, Sal Rei, located on the northwestern part of the island, is mainly known for the numerous presence of turtles, traditional music and ultramarathon. People also associate Boa Vista with its endless beautiful beaches and sand hills. Boa Vista has an established value in the touristic sector because of the airport in Rabil and the numerous accommodation options that the island offers for its tourists.




Boa Vista is the third largest island after Santo Antao and Santiago, with an area of 620 square kilometres. It is situated south of Sal and north of the Island of Maio. The island is overall flat, but also has numerous mountains like Santo António (Saint Anthony), Rocha Estância, Monte Negro (Black Mountain), Monte Caçador, Pico Forcado and Monte Vigia and Monte Estância as the highest point of the island.

Besides mountains, Boa Vista is also famous for its large, wonderful beaches like Atalanta, Cabral, Chave, Ervatão, Gatas, Santa Mónica and Varandinha.

The island of Boa Vista is one out of the five Cape Verde Islands, which has surrounding islets like Ilhéu de Sal Rei (west), Ilhéu de Curral Velho (south), Ilhéu do Baluarte (east).



Getting There

By Plane

The island receives flights from quite a few places, some of them only seasonal. Permanent destinations include Milan, Rome, Verona, Praia, Sal, Lisbon, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brussels, Basel, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Amsterdam.



Getting Around

The red pick-ups are the official taxi’s but everyone can offer a taxi service. You can pay with both escudos and euros.


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