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Brokopondo is the capital of the Brokopondo District in Suriname, located just north of the Afobaka dam on the western shore of the Suriname river.

Demographically, the largest ethnic group of Brokopondo are the Maroons. Other towns in the Brokopondo District include Brownsweg and Kwakoegron. The district has a population of 8,340, and an area of 7,364 square kilometres. It is the site of a large reservoir, the Brokopondo Reservoir near Afobakka (built between 1961 and 1964), which produces hydroelectric power that provides approximately half of the domestic electrical need. Recently, gold has been discovered in the Brokopondo district, and this has led to many new settlers arriving in the district, both from other parts of Suriname and from the rest of the world.

Brokopondo is organised into 6 "resorts" (ressorten): Brownsweg, Centrum, Klaaskreek, Kwakoegron, Marshallkreek and Sarakreek.



Sights and Activities


Brownsberg Nature Park is home to a diverse variety of wildlife. Located on the 500-metre high Mazaroni Plateau, this reserve is a great place to see some of the diverse natural wonders of the country. The area has great views over the Brokopondo Reservoir as well. It's a paradise for birdwatchers (over 200 species) and there are great tails along the area, offering creeks and waterfalls as well.

Ohter sights and activities

  • The district has several waterfalls, including the Irene Falls and Leo Falls.
  • There's a granite monument by sculptor Jo Rens, displaying two men: one standing with a parrot and one sitting and writing. It is meant to symbolize the past and the future.
  • There's a large beach next to the Suriname river near the city centre.



Getting There

By Car

Brokopondo can be reached via the road from Paranam to Afobaka in about 2 hours.




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