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The Carnet de Passage en Douane (CPD) is a customs document which identifies and covers the temporary admission of the vehicle into a country. It allows visitors to temporarily import vehicles for a limited period of time without having to pay customs duties and excise taxes, with the condition that the vehicle will be taken out of the country before the expiry of the CPD. The sale of a motor vehicle in a country into which it has been temporarily imported by means of a CPD is strictly forbidden. Failure to remove the vehicle from the country upon the expiry of the CPD may result in hefty penalties by the authority.

The CPD generally contains the following information about the vehicle:

  • make
  • model
  • colour
  • engine capacity
  • seating capacity
  • registration number
  • engine number
  • chassis number
  • owner
  • value

CPD can be obtained from the national automobile association or club. Generally, on top of the CPD fee, the following types of security are accepted for the CPD.

  • Cash Deposit
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Insurance Policy

A CPD is required for travel in the following regions.

  • Africa
  • Australia/New Zealand
  • Far East
  • Middle East
  • Recommended in South America


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