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Denver is the largest city in Colorado and the capital of the state. It's called the mile-high city, because its elevation is approximately 1,600 metres above sea level. The city itself has about 625,000 inhabitants, but the total metropolitan area is home to 2.6 million people.




  • LoDo/Larimer/Riverfront
  • Cherry Creek
  • Golden Triangle Museum District
  • Uptown
  • Highlands
  • Art District On Santa Fe
  • El Distrito Arteen de Santa Fe
  • Five Points
  • RiNo / River North
  • Capitol Hill / Congress Park
  • East Colfax
  • Old South Gaylord/Washington Park
  • South Broadway
  • South Pearl
  • Stapleton / Northfield
  • Golden
  • Littleton
  • Olde Town Arvada
  • Belmar/Lakewood



Sights and Activities

Denver is a vibrant city with plenty of attractions for visitors, plus a diverse collection of neighborhoods that can be attractions in themselves. Many of Denver's older areas are the perfect density for exploration; you'll find an interesting mix of apartments and homes with flowery front gardens, wide flagstone sidewalks, bright green lawns and big, shady trees. Capitol Hill, Highlands, Baker, Berkeley, Uptown, Sloan's Lake, Cheesman, Washington, City and Congress Parks are just some of the neighborhoods bustling with people and places to see.

Denver has many beautiful parks that are full of colorful gardens, meandering paths, crystal clear lakes, abundant wildlife and recreation opportunities. The city has a rich pioneer history, and there are plenty of museums where you can learn all about it. It's also a very environmentally conscious city, with one of the nation’s first municipal “Green Fleets”, public transit vehicles using hybrid and alternative fuel and a city tree-planting initiative. Hop on a green bus, grab a bike or just walk around to discover Denver.



Events and Festivals

  • Pumpkin Fest - Oct 10-12
  • Denver Arts Week - Nov 7-15
  • Denver International Wine Fest - Nov 20-22
  • Starz Denver film festival - Nov 12-23


  • New Year’s Eve - The US celebrates the outgoing of the old year and incoming of the New Year quite dramatically. Every state boasts its own parties to ring in the New Year, but none is more extravagant than New York’s Time Square, which sees people overflowing into the neighboring restaurants, bars, parks, beaches, and neighborhoods.
  • St Patrick’s Day - March 17 celebrates the US’s large Irish population. Many cities around the country boast boisterous parades and Irish-themed parties, especially New York and Chicago, where the river is dyed green. Be wary of the drunkenness that dominates as this is definitely a party-day.
  • Memorial Day - Memorial Day is an important holiday throughout the United States, but not for crazy festivities. Parades commemorating wartime heroes are often held and the day is also the ‘unofficial’ start of summer. Most visitors follow the crowds to parks and beaches, which are capped off with informal BBQs.
  • Independence Day - Also known as the Fourth of July, Independence Day celebrates the US’s break from the British during the 18th century. Barbecues, street parties, beach trips, and weekend getaways are commonplace to appreciate freedom.
  • Halloween - Halloween is a fun holiday on October 31 for all generations to dress up in costumes and relive their youth. Children walk around the neighborhood trick-or-treating for candy, while adults attend parties. Other seasonal events include haunted houses, pumpkin farms and carving, and corn mazes.
  • Thanksgiving - On the fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving is held in almost every home in the US. Tourists will have a hard time finding anything to do as the country essentially shuts down in observation. A typical Thanksgiving meal consists of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie commemorating the original Pilgrim’s feast at Plymouth Rock.
  • Christmas - On December 25, Christians celebrate Christmas as the pinnacle of their calendar by attending church and opening gifts from Santa Claus. Almost everything shuts down to promote family togetherness. The northern regions hope to experience a “white Christmas,” with trees and festive lights blanketed by snow.


  • Super Bowl Sunday - the world’s most watched sporting event and one of the highest grossing TV days of the year, Superbowl Sunday is a spectacular extravaganza. Held the first Sunday in February, the Superbowl is the final playoff game between the NFL’s top two teams. The venue rotates every year around America, yet the local parties seem to remain. Pubs, bars and restaurants are great places to enjoy the Superbowl or locals throw their own parties with different variations of betting.




Denver lies within the semi-arid, continental climate zone and has four distinct seasons and receives a modest amount of precipitation spread through the year. Average highs range from around 7 °C in December and January to around 31 °C in July and August. Nights average between -8 °C and 15 °C respectively, resulting in relatively big differences between day and night. The absolute records are -34 °C and 41 °C which gives you an impression of what you can expect. The average annual amount of precipitation is just about 400 mm and snow is common from late October to early April and even has been recorded as late as May and early as September.

Avg Max6.2 °C8.1 °C11.2 °C16.6 °C21.6 °C27.4 °C31.2 °C29.9 °C24.9 °C19.1 °C11.4 °C6.9 °C
Avg Min-8.8 °C-6.6 °C-3.4 °C1.4 °C6.4 °C11.3 °C14.8 °C13.8 °C8.7 °C2.4 °C-3.7 °C-8.1 °C
Rainfall12.7 mm14.5 mm32.5 mm43.4 mm61 mm45.5 mm48.5 mm38.4 mm31.5 mm24.9 mm22.1 mm16.3 mm
Rain Days2.



Getting There

By Plane

Denver International Airport (DEN) is located on the northeast side of the city and is one of the largest airports in the world by size, just after the ones in Ryadh and Montreal. It is located in northeastern Denver, 40 kilometres from the downtown area, and is one of the busiest airports in the USA and even in the world.

Around 20-25 airlines serve Denver and international destinations include Mexico City, Montreal, Toronto, London, Cancun, Cozumel and Vancouver. All other destinations are domestic ones, including flights to Alaska, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Dallas.
Most of the domestic flights are operated by Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Skywest Airlines and budget airline Frontier Airlines.

To/from the airport

  • The Regional Transportation District (RTD) operates five bus routes under the frequent airport express bus service called skyRide, as well as one Express bus route and one Limited bus route, between DIA and various locations throughout the Denver-Aurora and Boulder metropolitan areas.
  • Taxis and rental cars (with companies like Hertz, Avis, Thrifty, Enterprise and Alamo/National) are all widely available at the Denver Airport.

By Train

The California Zephyr travels between Denver and Chicago and Denver and Emeryville (San Francisco).

By Car

Denver can easily be reached along the main Interstates 25 (between Wyoming and New Mexico), 70 (between Utah and Kansas) and 76 (to/from Nebraska).

By Bus

Check Greyhound for options. There are several Greyhound buses leaving from Denver International Airport towards downtown Denver and will cost around $8 for a one-way trip.



Getting Around

By Car

  • Numbered streets run east-west in the north half of the metro area, including suburbs. Ellsworth Avenue is the "equatorial" street. Numbered streets increase as you travel north and are generally called avenues. Avenues south of Ellsworth are named.
  • Named streets run north-south. Broadway is the "meridian" street. Ordered alphabetically going up as you travel east or west away from city center. Addresses on named streets correspond to intersecting numbered streets, so "1701 Broadway" is at 17th and Broadway. North-south streets are generally called streets, not avenues.
  • Downtown Streets - The diagonal layout of the downtown area can be tricky, especially for first-time visitors. North of Colfax and west of Broadway, the streets are canted 45 degrees from all other streets in the city. The transition between the two systems is confusing even for locals. Southeast-northwest streets are numbered, while southwest-northeast streets are named. As this was the original grid system of Denver, some vestiges of it exist outside of downtown, creating diagonal cuts in certain parts of the city. Some of those streets include Park Avenue, Speer Boulevard and Morrison Road.

Many international rental companies have a wide selection of rental cars and these include Hertz, Avis, Dollar, Thrifty, Enterprise, Budget and Alamo/National. Most companies will require you are at least 25 years of age, although younger people might be able to rent cars at slightly higher rates and with some insurance differences as well. A national driver's license is usually enough, but an additional international one is recommended. Also note that it usually costs more to include lots of other extra things. For example extra drivers, GPS, the first full tank, SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance), PAI (Personal Accident Insurance, usually covered already at home), road assistance/service plan, and drop-off costs for one-way rentals.
If you want to book a car, it is recommended that you book your car before arriving in the USA. This is almost always (much) cheaper compared to just showing up. Also, try and book with a so-called 'broker', which usually works together with a few or many car rental companies and can offer the best deal. Some examples include Holidayautos, Holidaycars and Sunny Cars. Some of the cheapest deals to book from Europe, includes Drive-USA, which also has a German version.

For more information and tips about renting cars and campers, additional costs, insurance, traffic rules, scenic routes and getting maps and fuel it is advised to check the USA Getting Around section.

By Public Transport

Denver has a great public transportation system, The light rail, RTD which runs from downtown to different destinations and it's very easy to use it. Tickets are reasonable and the trains run every 5 minutes. The bus system is also great. If you are in the downtown area where the 16th street mall is, you get to use the free public transportation.
RTD's six light rail lines stop at 46 stations, including major hot spots like the Theater District, Convention Center, Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Pepsi Center, the 16th Street Mall, and Park Meadows Mall ( One of the best shopping areas in Denver). Hop on board and get where you need to go fast.

By Foot

Downtown Denver is really easy and it's a walkable city. The 16th street mall is a great place to walk around with a lot of restaurants, tourists shops, coffee shops etc. Winter is cold so dress appropriately. Go to the visitors bureau in downtown and get a map to get around the city. Here is the Visitor's Center link to it.

By Bike

Denver is a bike friendly city. Bike paths are everywhere and it is easy to get around. Paths are well designated, paved and wide. There are so many bike enthusiasts in the city. Winter times may be tricky but you still can get around.




Mexican food is abundant and satisfying and takes a local Denver flavor. Green chili is the order of the day: a brown, chunky and spicy sauce made from pork and Pueblo or Hatch green chilies that works well on everything from chorizo and eggs to tamales. Denver is also known for "western" food using ingredients such as angus beef, buffalo, rattlesnake, cutthroat trout and Rocky Mountain oysters. The city also embraces its cultural diversity with a wide range of ethnic restaurants. Southeast Asian restaurants are especially abundant with a multitude of Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in every style and price range. Denver has most types of cuisine as other large cities and has several restaurants recently noted in top food publications. A recently passed bill had outlawed smoking in bars and restaurants statewide. However, some places with outdoor patios still allow smoking there.

  • Bennie Blanco's, 616 E 13th Ave, ☎ +1 303 831-1346. Bennie Blanco's is a classic hole-in-the-wall pizza joint, and in this case the phrase is literal. There's no seating, but big, New York-style slices fresh from the oven can be had for as little as $2.50 a slice.
  • Blue Bonnet, 457 S Broadway, ☎ +1 303 778-0147. A noisy bar featuring southwest/Tex-Mex in Denver with most items under $10. There is patio seating and two separate dining rooms that are a bit quieter than the main bar. Consistently rated a "Best Of" in various local polls.
  • Breakfast King, 300 W Mississippi, ☎ +1 303 733-0795. The Breakfast King is a late night staple of Denver, and one of the best greasy spoons. Open 24 hours and it's also walking distance from the Broadway light rail station.
  • Buenos Aires Pizzeria, 1319 22nd St, ☎ +1 303 296-6710. An Argentinian-style pizza joint with unusual topping choices and plenty of $2 empanada (small savory turnovers) offerings.
  • Cherry Cricket, 2641 E 2nd Ave, ☎ +1 303 322-7666. Once featured on the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food, the Cherry Cricket is known for having a massive variety of toppings to put on your burger, including such oddities as melted peanut butter, fried eggs, and cream cheese.
  • Denver Diner, 740 W Colfax Ave, ☎ +1 303 825-5443. 24 hours daily. In an otherwise deserted stretch of an otherwise hoppin' Colfax, this is pretty much everything you would want of an iconic urban diner—the sort that achieved just the right balance of neon, grime, tattoos, and cheap greasy food, with an ample dose of authenticity. And crucially, it is open around the clock to feed the morning downtown crowd and the late night intoxicated revelers $3.50-9.
  • Illegal Pete's, 1530 16th St #101, ☎ +1 303 623-2169. A local favorite hangout with great, cheap burritos! Its patio is located directly on the 16th St Mall, making it a great place to people watch.
  • Jerusalem, 1890 E Evans Ave, ☎ +1 303 777-8828. Open until 3AM, and within walking distance of the University of Denver, this small but excellent Middle Eastern restaurant offers great no-frills food in a laid-back and hip atmosphere.
  • Far East Center, Federal Blvd (between Alameda and Mississippi). Several southeast Asian restaurants located in this area offer a wide variety of pho, noodle houses, upscale Vietnamese, dim sum and other Asian cuisines. Pho 95, Pho Duy, Super Star Asian and Saigon Bowl are a few of the places to try in this diverse and delicious culinary corridor.
  • Leela European Cafe, 820 15th St, ☎ +1 303 534-2255. Leela's is a combination bar/coffeehouse/cafe which is a favorite among the college crowd. There's good Italian coffee, great music (live on some nights), and great panini sandwiches. Leela's is open 24 hours as well, and free wireless internet is available, so you can be productive (or not) while waiting for your friends to arrive.
  • Pete's Kitchen, 1962 E Colfax Ave, ☎ +1 303 321-3139. This combination Greek restaurant and short-order diner is open 24 hours a day and has a great Greek salad and French toast. It's a favorite of local celebrities as well.
  • Sam's No. 3, 1500 Curtis St, ☎ +1 303 534-1927. Just a block off the 16th Street Mall and across the street from the Denver Center of Performing Arts Complex, this family-owned restaurant has been feeding Denver and its visitors since 1927. Featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives for their Famous Kickin' Pork Green Chili, it's not a spot to be missed.
  • El Taco de Mexico, 714 Santa Fe Dr, ☎ +1 303 623-3926. This small Mexican lunch-counter offers many delicious food choices for the adventurous palate.
  • Taqueria Patzcuaro, 2616 W 32nd Ave, ☎ +1 303 455-4389. This neighborhood favorite has the most amazing tacos and green chili.
  • Two-Fisted Mario's Pizza, 1626 Market St, ☎ +1 303 623-3523. Two-Fisted Mario's has excellent East-coast style pizza on the cheap ($2 a slice, and it's a big slice), and is open until 3AM, so you can grab a pie after drinking microbrews into the wee hours of the morning.
  • Azucar Bakery, 1886 S Broadway, ☎ +1 720-283-3294. 10AM-7PM. Café, dessert restaurant and bakery. Sit-down area with LavAzza coffee, fruit smoothies, pastries, Inca Kola, tarts, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream.
  • D Bar Desserts, 494 E 19th Ave (opening summer 2014), ☎ +1 303 861-4710. Dessert is the main course at d Bar, especially with celebrity chef Keegan Gerhard making the delectable desserts. The menu does includes savory items as well as Allegro Coffee to go with your sweets.
  • Empress Seafood, 2825 W Alameda Ave, ☎ +1 303 922-2822. Empress has long been the queen of dim-sum and affordable yet flavorful seafood selections from all over Asia.
  • Imperial Chinese, 431 S Broadway, ☎ +1 303 698-2800. Simply put, the Imperial is Denver's premier Chinese restaurant and has been for the over 20 years its been in existence. Dinner entrées range from $10-30, with all but the Peking Duck and various specials under $22.
  • Jack n Grill, 2524 Federal Blvd, ☎ +1 303 964-9544. Excellent New Mexico-style food with heaping portions usually soaked in your choice of a green or red chili or for the indecisive, both.
  • New Saigon, 630 S Federal Blvd, ☎ +1 303 936-4954. Denver is home to a sizable Southeast Asian population that shows off its unique culinary talents at this great Vietnamese community institution.
  • Racine's, 650 Sherman St, ☎ +1 303 595-0418. The restaurant for Denver's power brokers and proletarians with its simple yet elegant American menu and casual yet sophisticated decor.
  • Snooze, 2262 Larimer St, ☎ +1 303 297-0700. M-F 6:30AM-2:30PM, Sa Su 7AM-2:30PM. Inventive, trendy (and really good) breakfast is the show-stopper at the east edge of LoDo, and you can expect the place to get extremely crowded on weekends. The thick, rich hot chocolate is definitely worth ordering. $8-20.
  • TAG, 1441 Larimer St, ☎ +1 303 996-9985. Continental food, house-made tonic for drinks.
  • 1515 Restaurant, 1515 Market St, ☎ +1 303 571-0011. Fine dining. Reservations are recommended.
  • The 9th Door, 1808 Blake St, ☎ +1 303 293-2111. Spanish tapas and wine, desserts and atmosphere.
  • Barolo Grill, 3030 E 6th Ave, ☎ +1 303 393-1040. Decadent Italian.
  • Buckhorn Exchange, 1000 Osage St (next to the Lincoln Park light rail stop), ☎ +1 303 534-9505. Lunch: M-F 11AM-2PM; dinner: M-Th 5:30PM-9PM, F-Sa 5PM-10PM, Su 5PM-9PM. Denver's oldest restaurant, from 1893, played host to famous guest after famous guest, arguably starting with one President Teddy Roosevelt in 1905. Without a doubt, this is as touristy as it gets, but it is nonetheless absolutely worth a visit. Famous for its game meat, both prosaic and rare, the buffalo tenderloin is exceptional, but more adventurous palates can go after the rattlesnake dip, alligator tail, ostrich medallions, or even yak steak! (Call ahead to check ostrich and yak availability.) The place is saturated in Old West kitsch, aging wood, and animal heads, and Th-Sa nights Roz Brown stops by to croon old cowboy tunes accompanied by his autoharp. $25-60.
  • Venice Ristorante, 1700 Wynkoop St. Amazing, authentic Italian. Very expensive. Very romantic. Very good. Reservations highly recommended.
  • Vesta Dipping Grill, 1822 Blake St, ☎ +1 303 296-1970. Each menu item at this hip LoDo restaurant comes with your choice of three dipping sauces for a unique and interactive meal.
  • Zengo Restaurant, 1610 Little Raven St, ☎ +1 720 904-0965. Fusion dining in a trendy establishment.




Colorado produces more beer by volume than any other state and Denver ranks first for US cities. In fact, Colorado Governor (and former Denver mayor) John Hickenlooper was a microbrewer before running for office. Notable breweries in Denver and environs include:

  • Coors Brewery.
  • Great Divide Brewing Co., 2201 Arapahoe St, ☎ +1 303-296-9460. Offers 30 minute tours on the hour 3pm-5pm M-F, 2pm-6pm S-S.

Breckenridge Brewery.

  • Wynkoop Brewing Company.
  • Bull & Bush.
  • Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey, 200 S Kalamath St (1/2 block north of Alameda, NE corner), ☎ +1 303-296-7440.
  • New Belgium. Maker of the very popular Fat Tire, is based to the north in Fort Collins.
  • Rock Bottom. A national chain of brewpubs, is based in Louisville (near Boulder).




  • 11th Avenue Hotel and Hostel, 1112 Broadway (at 11th Ave), ☎ +1 303 894-0529. Dorms $20-24, privates $44+.
  • Ramada Denver Midtown, 2601 Zuni St (across I-25 from downtown), ☎ +1 303 433-6677, fax: +1 303 455-1530.
  • Hostel Fish, 1217 20th St, ☎ +1 303 954-0962, e-mail: Upscale hostel that opened in July 2015 in a historic building in downtown Denver that occupies top 2 floors of the building and a restaurant and bar on the ground floor of the historic building. The 2 story hostel has 67 dorm beds and 2 private rooms available with free continental breakfast, free wi-fi, guest lounge, bar and kitchen. $45-48 dorms, $150-200 private rooms.
  • Courtyard Denver Stapleton, 7415 E 41st Ave, ☎ +1 303 333-3303, fax: +1 303 399-7356. Between the airport and downtown Denver. 24-hour market on-site.
  • Crowne Plaza Denver Downtown, 1450 Glenarm Pl, ☎ +1 303 573-1450. Rooms are reasonably spacious and have free broadband internet access and a desk. Breakfast is modestly priced and modest in style. The lobby is typical Holiday Inn. Given the size of the hotel, reception and concierge staff numbers are small but there still seem to be no queues for their services. Stay high in a room on the Glenarm St. side if you want a mountain view. Airport shuttles ($21 to international) serve the hotel.
  • Embassy Suites Denver Southeast, 7525 East Hampden Ave, ☎ +1 303 696-6644. Near Denver Tech, hotel offers complimentary hot cooked-to-order breakfast and nightly Manager's Reception featuring complimentary cocktails and appetizers.
  • Magnolia Hotel Denver, 818 17th St, toll-free: +1-888-915-1110. Downtown Denver hotel featuring guestrooms and suites, a restaurant and bar, and event space for meetings, weddings, and special occasions.
  • Sheraton Denver Downtown, 1550 Court Pl, toll-free: +1-866-716-8134. On the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall in downtown, 3 1/2 blocks from the Denver Convention Center.
  • SpringHill Suites Denver Downtown, 1190 Auraria Parkway, ☎ +1 303 705-7300, toll-free: +1-877-249-9279. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. Across from the Pepsi Center in LoDo.
  • Hyatt Place Denver Cherry Creek, 4150 East Mississippi Ave, ☎ +1 303 782-9300. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon.
  • Hyatt House Denver Tech Center, 9280 E. Costilla Avenue Englewood, ☎ +1 303 706-1945.
  • Hyatt Place Denver Tech Center, 8300 East Crescent Parkway, ☎ +1 303-804-0700.
  • Brown Palace Hotel, 321 17th St, toll-free: +1-800-321-2599. An elegant, historic hotel in downtown Denver, the Brown Palace has catered to congressmen, US presidents, and countless foreign dignitaries.
  • Denver Marriott City Center, 1701 California St, ☎ +1 303 297-1300, toll-free: +1-800-228-9290, fax: +1 303 298-7474. A beautiful hotel in downtown Denver offering panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains and the city skyline.
  • Embassy Suites Downtown, 1420 Stout St. An all-suite, full service hotel.
  • Grand Hyatt Denver, 1750 Welton St (downtown), ☎ +1 303 295-1234, fax: +1 303 292-2472. 512 rooms with city views. Features the Hyatt Grand Bed, free 24 hour fitness facility, indoor pool, room service around the clock, well-lit work stations and high-speed internet access.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Denver Downtown, 1400 Welton St, ☎ +1 303 603-8000. Onsite restaurant, fitness center and complimentary high-speed Internet access.
  • Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center, 650 15th St, ☎ +1 303 436-1234, fax: +1 303 486-4450. 37-story downtown hotel, adjacent to the Colorado Convention Center. 1,100 guest rooms, with views of the mountain and downtown.
  • The Oxford Hotel, 1600 17th St, ☎ +1 303 628-5400. The historic hotel provides a romantic retreat located in the midst of Denver’s lively LoDo district.
  • Westin Denver Downtown, 1672 Lawrence St, ☎ +1 303 572-9100, toll-free: +1-866-716-8137. Four-diamond hotel in downtown Denver.

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Keep Connected


There is a very small internet bar/cafe culture in the USA. Even then most of the internet bars/cafes tend be located in major urban centers. Accessible WiFi networks, however, are common. The most generally useful WiFi spots are in coffee shops, fast-food chains, and bookshops, but also restaurants and hotels more and more have a network to connect on. Some of them might require you to buy something and you might need a password too, especially in hotels.


See also International Telephone Calls

The general emergency phone number is 911. The USA has a great landline phone system that is easy to use. The country code for the U.S. is +1. The rest of the telephone number consists of 10 digits: a 3-digit area code, and a 7-digit number. Any small grocery store or pharmacy has pre paid domestic or international phone cards. These phone cards are very cheap and offer good rates. The once ubiquitous pay phone is now much harder to find. Likely locations include in or near stores and restaurants, and near bus stops. The cellphone network in the states is slowly getting better but is still not as good when compared to other western countries. Cell phones tend to operate using different frequencies (850 MHz and 1900 MHz) from those used elsewhere in the world (2100 MHz). This used to prevent most foreign phones from working in America. Phones must be tri- or quad-band to work in the U.S. Fortunately, technology has meant that most phones should now be able to pick up one of the U.S. networks. Prepaid phones and top-up cards can be purchased at mobile phone boutiques and at many discount, electronics, office supply and convenience stores. A very basic handset with some credit can be had for under $40.


The US Postal Service is a very good and well priced mail system. There are post offices in every small and large town for sending packages internationally or domestically. Although some might keep longer hours, most are open at least between 9:00am and 5:00pm. If wanting to send a letter or postcard it is best just to leave it in a blue mail box with the proper postage. First-class international airmail postcards and letters (up 28.5 grams) cost $1.10. There are also private postal services like FedEx, UPS, TNT and DHL, which might be better value sometimes and are generally very quick and reliable too.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 39.755092
  • Longitude: -104.988123

Accommodation in Denver

We have a comprehensive list of accommodation in Denver searchable right here on Travellerspoint. You can use our map to quickly compare budget, mid-range or top of the range accommodation in Denver and areas nearby.


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