Doboj is a picturesque city in a northeastern part of Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in the central section of Republika Srpska. The oldest written source that mentions the name Doboj originates from 1415. One oral-folk legend said that name of town come from two Serbian words: dolina (valley) and boj/vojevati (battle). Based of amendment XL on Constitution of Republika Srpska, National assembly of Republika Srpska, with the support of Council of Nations Bosnia and Herzegovina, adopted decree about the proclamation of the City of Doboj and officially from 19th July 2012 Doboj is City.



Sights and Activities

  • Doboj fortress is now one of the main touristic attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Enhanced by the Bosnian aristocracy Kotromanic (13th century)and the Ottomans when they arrived in Doboj in the 16th century. Much of it is still intact and the view from the fortress's hilltop position is worth the climb.
  • One of the attractive spots nearby is Mount Ozren, the mountain right next to Doboj.
  • There are a few 13th-century monasteries, St. Nichola’s Monastery near Petrovo being the most interesting among them.
  • Goransko Lake - beautiful place 7 kilometers from Doboj with a good touristic offer: camping place, swimming, grill places, benches, natural creak, parking, restaurant, children playground...
  • Preslica - part of Ozren mount. Restoran, good natural resources, beaches and tables, a stage for performances.



Getting There

By Plane

The closest airports are Tuzla, Sarajevo and Banja Luka. Doboj is about 3 hours far from Sarajevo, 4,5 hours from Zagreb and about 5-7 hours from Belgrade by regular public transportation. Tuzla airport is closest and only 2 hours far from town.

By Train

Doboj is reachable from all available sides of railways system of the country: Sarajevo from the South, Banja Luka (and Prijedor) from the West-North, and Tuzla from East.

By Car

The town is on the route of the future E-75 highway and a separate highway toward western Banja Luka and it is open in 2018.

By Bus

It has regular bus lines to West Europe and rest of Balkans.



Getting Around

Getting around Doboj isn't a big problem, since it's a small city. There are local buses that have routes in Doboj and small towns in the municipality. Taxis can be seen around Doboj occasionally.



Keep Connected


Most cities and major towns have at least one internet café. Wifi is becoming more and more popular as well, especially in cities like Sarajevo and Mostar. Don't rely on it though, as, outside the main tourist areas, there might be few options.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The country calling code to Bosnia and Herzegovina is 387. To make an international call from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the code is 00.

There are three mobile phone networks in Bosnia and Herzegovina: HT ERONET (Mostar), GSMBiH (Sarajevo) and m:tel (Republika Srpska, Banja Luka). You can buy a prepaid SIM card from any network at any kiosk for 10 KM or less. Be careful with roaming charges on your smartphone, as mobile internet when abroad is still extremely expensive.


Pošte Srpske offers postal services in Republika Srpska. Prices and services are very reasonable and reliable. Post offices are generally open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm during weekdays and also on Saturday mornings in bigger places such as Doboj.


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