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St Petersburg is a great place to combine cultural and gourmet experiences. The city is not only a heaven for culturally focused travellers, but also for food-minded. Like every big city with a huge flow of tourists, the Russia’s northern capital offers a great range of restaurants from luxurious to humble ones. Nevertheless, each of them tries to stand out of its competitors and offer a unique experience to its guests.

Eating out for a local cuisine is one of the most popular Things to Do in St. Petersburg. “When in Russia, eat like the Russians do. When in St. Petersburg, eat like the Petersburgers do.” That means you should not only try Borscht, Blinis, Pelmeni, Beef Stroganoff and Herring under a Fur Coat, but also make it as a part of your cultural experience, i.e. learn some cultural insights about the place where you eat. Almost every building in the big historical center of St. Petersburg has a unique story. It can tell a lot about the people lived in during the different periods of time. Pretty often the concept of the restaurant matches the “background” of the house.




Normally, a 5-10% tip is appreciated in restaurants. In premium class restaurants at least 10% is expected. Tips are not expected in self-service restaurants or coffeshops, but at the same time, visitors can always drop some coins for barista when ordering a cup of coffee.




No restaurants are allowed to accept foreign currencies, only rubles. However, almost all the restaurants, cafes and bars accept credit and debit cards. Nowadays, this method of payment is getting more popular in Russian restaurants than cash. Even small bakeries accept cards.



Browse by Area

The best restaurants and cafes are located in the city centre. The main areas are Admiralteysky, Tsentralny and Petrogradsky districts. There are also other good places to eat away from the central part of the city, but the most sights are located in the center and don't forget that we are going to feel the cultural spirit!

Admiralteysky district

Stroganoff Steak House (Konnogvardeyski bul’var 4) - the largest steak house in Russia and one of the largest in Europe. Located in the historical building where the stables of the Horse Guards were located before the Revolution, Stroganoff Steak House offers a wide range of first-class steaks incl. Petersburger Steak as well as traditional Russian cuisine. The staff speaks perfectly English. They have menus in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese.

Menu: The menu consists of a wide range of cold and warm appetizers as well as of special appetizers for vodka. Also it includes traditional Russian and American soups. The choice of steaks can amaze even the most avid meat-lover. True gourmets have a chance to try real steaks from marbled Wagyu beef from Japan – the only place on Earth where this type of beef can be delivered from.
In spite of the meat orientation of this restaurant, even vegetarian will feel comfortable here – especially those who like truffles.

Special Events: Every Sunday Stroganoff Steak House is delighted to welcome the city’s guests to its Russian Folk Show. While trying a specially prepared menu-set, the guests can experience a performance of Russian instrumental music, songs and dancing. It is one of a few shows in St. Petersburg which is moderated by an English speaking MC. It’s a great chance to combine gourmet and cultural experiences and learn more about the culture and cuisine of the Northern Russia's Capital.

Sights nearby: St. Isaac's Cathedral, The Bronze Horseman, Admiralty Building.
Price:Beef Stroganoff – 990 RUB, Petersburger Steak – 690 RUB/100g, Stroganoff Burger – 690 RUB.
Opening Hours: daily 08:00 – 00:00.
Phone: +7 812 314 55 14.

Russian Vodka Room no.1 (Konnogvardeyski bul’var 6) – a unique restaurant located under one the same roof with the Russian Vodka Museum offering its guests a unique experience to know more about the history of Russian beverages and food. Russian Vodka Room no. 1 serves a traditional Russian cuisine of the 19th century incl. original Russian salads, fish, meat, blinis, pelmeni cooked by original old Russian receipts.

Menu: The restaurant offers a huge choice of traditional Russian cold and warm appetizers and a special caviar menu for pancakes. The choice of soups includes original Russian soups (Borscht, Shchi, Ukha, Solyanka). Main course is presented by a wide range of meat fish dishes. Pay attention that side dishes should be ordered separately. The desert menu include only housemade desserts which were quite popular in good old times of the Russian Empire.

Special Events: Twice a month a gypsy band performance is being held at Russian Vodka Room no.1 – guitar, electro violin and a charming voice of the soloist as well as dances, songs, national costumes and incendiary tap dance.

Sights nearby: Nikolaevsky Palace, Yusupov Palace, New Holland Island.
Price: Borscht – 430 RUB, Pozahrsky Cutlet – 560 RUB, Blinis – 360 RUB for a dozen. Opening Hours: daily 12:00 – 00:00.
Phone: +7 812 570 64 20.

Teatro Café (ulitsa Glinki 2) – a classical Russian restaurant located in a “musical“ quarter of St. Petersburg near Mariinsky Theater. Teatro Café offers traditional Russian and European dishes. Those who would like to end up their perfect evening after a concert in Marrinsky Theater can get a 10% discount with a ticket frofrom the theater.

Sights nearby: Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg Conservatory Museum, Art Museum of St. Petersburg.
Price: Chicken Caesar Salad – 530 RUB, Beef Cheeks – 710 RUB.
Opening Hours: daily 12:00 – 23:55.
Phone: +7 812 900 44 88.

Tsentralny district

Mindal Cafe (Chernyshevskogo prospekt 5) – a quite place with one of the best Georgian cuisine in the city. Located in a historical central district it suits to families, couples and those who would like to know more how the Georgian cuisine is connected with a Petersburg culture.

Sights nearby: Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, Tavrichesky Palace.
Price: Chicken Satsivi – 430 RUB, Kharcho soup – 410 RUB, Lamb shashlik – 580 RUB.
Opening Hours: daily 12:00 – 06:00.
Phone: +7 812 929 15 92.

Cafe Cherdak (Ligovsky prospekt 17) – a restaurant in a loft style which is getting quite trendy in modern St. Petersburg. Being also a part of the culture, city lofts are always the places for art life, exhibitions and cultural events.

Sights nearby: Vosstaniya Square, Nevsky prospekt.
Price: Fish soup – 295 RUB, Housemade cutlets – 295 RUB, Pork ribs – 475 RUB.
Opening Hours: daily 12:00 – 23:30.
Phone: +7 812 272 55 64.

Ukrop Cafe (Marata street 23) – a vegetarian restaurant in the center of St. Petersburg. Eco-design and bio-products – this is what the modern city lacks nowadays. Ukrop Cafe offers different types of breakfast, lunch and dinner sets as well as intereseting author’s dishes. Check out how a vegetarian cultury meets conservative St. Petersburg style.

Sights nearby: Nevsky prospekt, Arctic & Antarctic Museum.
Price: breakfast set – 390 RUB, lunch-set - 370 RUB.
Opening Hours: daily 09:00 – 23:00.
Phone: +7 812 946 30 36.

Petrogradsky district

Parusa na Kryshe (Lev Tolstoy street 9) – an exclusive panoramic restaurant in the oldest part of St. Petersburg. Located on the 10th floor of the tallest building of the district, Parusa na Kryshe offers an amazing view on the historical city center. The restaurant is famous for its author’s cocktails.

Sights nearby: Botanic Garden, Lev Tolstoy square.
Price: warm beef salad – 590 RUB, Syberian pelmeni – 550 RUB.
Opening Hours: daily 12:00 – 00:00.
Phone: +7 812 991 10 90.

Makaronniki – (prospekt Dobrobolyubova 16) – an Italian restaurant located on the roof near the good old St. Petersburg stadium Petrovsky. Italian culture had a great impact on development of St. Petersburg architecture. That’s why an Italian cuisine is quite popular in the city and the local chiefs know how to create outstanding dishes out of it.

Sights nearby: Petrovsky stadium, Spit of Vasilievsky Island.
Price: Beef carpaccio – 450 RUB, Prosciutto Funghi Pizza – 480 RUB.
Opening Hours: daily 12:00 – 23:00.
Phone: +7 812 677 60 88.

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