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Egilsstaðir is the unofficial capital of East Iceland. Its population is 2,332. It lies on the banks of the Lagarfljót river.



Sights and Activities

East Iceland archive museum, Laufskógur 1, ☏ +354 4711417. Mondays to Tuesdays: 12-16. Archive of films and documents relevant to the history of East-Iceland.
Hengifoss (Directions: turn into Route 1 over the Lagarfljót bridge. Once you have crossed the bridge turn left into Route 931. Park the car at an the end of the lagoon and walk up the mountain towards the waterfall.). is the second highest waterfall in Iceland. It is 128 meters high.
Egilsstaðir swimming pool, ☏ +354 470077. Summer: Mondays to Tuesdays from 6:30 to 20:30, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 17. Winter: Mondays to Fridays 6:30 to 20:30, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 17. 25-meter long swimming pool, two hot tubs and an water slide. 600 kr for adults, 250 kr for children..




The weather in Egilsstaðir is unpredictable. Temperatures are moderate: they don't go very high in the summer, nor do they go much below zero during winter. January is the coldest month.



Getting There

By Plane

One airport serves the Egilstaðir area and most of East Iceland. Egilsstaðir Airport (Icelandic: Egilsstaðaflugvöllur, EGS IATA). Located between Egilsstaðir and an neighboring town named Fellabær. One airline has scheduled flights to and from Egilsstaðir airport: Air Iceland operates domestic flights to Reykjavík

By Car

Two main roads serve as entry points into Egilsstaðir:

The ring road (Road 1) enters the town from north and south.
Seyðisfjarðarvegur (Road 93) enters the town from the east, linking it to Seyðisfjörður and the Smyril line ferry.

By Bus

The local bus from Seyðisfjörður stops downtown and at the airport. Seyðisfjörður in turn is served by the weekly ferry from Hirtshals (Denmark) via the Faroes.



Getting Around

By Car

As a tourist you should be able to manage without an car if you are only staying in the city. Driving is recommended though for travel outside of the town. Car rental services can be found at Egilsstaðir airport. If you indend only to go between the towns of East-Iceland, renting a car is not necessary as the area does have a bus system.

By Public Transport

Most of East Iceland has a joint public bus system. Single rides within the town cost 350 kr and 10 tickets can be bought for 3150 kr. Children below the age of 16 are charged 175 kr for a single ride trip within the town. The bus system is divided into 23 areas where one single ride fare or one ticket is charged for each area. The longest trip is between Borgarfjörður, north of Egilsstaðir, and Höfn.

By Foot

Walking in Egilsstaðir is recommended as the town is small. The longest walking path in the town is 3.2 kilometers long.

By Bike

It is easy to bike in Egilsstaðir if you can handle a few hills and strong headwinds. You could even go over the Lagarfljót bridge and visit the neighboring town Fellabær as these towns are situated quite close to each other.

Skógar rent a bike, Dynskógar 4, ☏ +354 4711230.




Bónus, Miðvangur 13. Low-cost supermarket chain.
Nettó, Kaupvangur 6. Low-cost supermarket chain
Café Nielsen, Tjarnarbraut 1, ☏ +354 4712626. Mondays to Fridays from 11:30 to 13:30 only during the summer.. Up to 2500 kr for a main course.




Guesthouse 707, Hamragerði 3, ☏ +354 8471733.
Lyngás guesthouse, ☏ +354 4711310.
Egilsstaðir campsite, Kaupvangur 17, ☏ +354 4700750. 1200 ISK per adult.
Icelandair Hotel Hérað, Miðvangur 1-7, ☏ +35 4444000.



Keep Connected


Most of Iceland is well connected. Most homes have ADSL connections which work well most of the time. There is however a firewall which can cause connections problems especially at busy times. Most hotels, guesthouses, hostels, cafés etc. have a working Wi-Fi network. Generally it's free of charge, but sometimes there might be a small fee or limited amount of time. There are a couple of public computers at the University of Iceland and the National Library that you can use for free and without the need to log in.


See also International Telephone Calls

The international telephone code is 354. National numbers in Iceland are seven digits long and generally written in the form xxx xxxx or xxx-xxxx.
There are no area codes in this closed numbering plan and the international call prefix is 00. Numbers of mobile phones tend to begin with either 6xx xxxx, 7xx xxxx or 8xx xxxx, while land line numbers start with 5xx xxxx (in Reykjavík) or 4xx xxxx (the country side). The Icelandic emergency number is 112 for all services.

Internally, phone calls in Iceland are very reasonable priced and most providers offer friends and family discounts or free calls/messaging to same network phones. International calling cards are available in most convenience stores which can significantly reduce the cost of international calls.

There are three main companies who supply personal internet connections: siminn Vodafone and Talk. It is very important to get full details of the charges and excess charges as it is very easy to run up a huge bill without being aware of it, especially on a mobile connection. You can buy a local SIM card, if you have an unlocked mobile phone. The major internet companies can supply 3G mobile internet on a monthly basis. If you are travelling be sure to check the coverage because the mobile connection is not as wide as the mobile phone connection.


Iceland's Postal Service (tel. 580-1200) is reliable and efficient. General post office hours in Reykjavík are 9:00am to 6:00pm weekdays, but post offices close earlier elsewhere. Mailboxes are bright red and marked Pósturinn. Stamps are sold at many locations, including Nóatún supermarkets; N1, Olís, and Shell gas stations; and some bookstores. Mail typically takes 3 to 5 business days to reach Europe or the United States. If you are importing goods through the post, it takes a while to sort out the customs and tax based on the value of the item, so be sure to have receipts readily available. For sending packages you can also use international courier companies like TNT, UPS, FedEx or DHL, since they are fast, reliable and generally competitively priced as well.


Egilsstadir Travel Helpers

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