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Entebbe is located along the shores of Lake Victoria, not far from the capital Kampala. Entebbe will probably be one of the first places in Uganda you will see as the international airport is located here. Entebbe offers a relaxed stop-over alternative to Kampala if you're flying into or out of Uganda, as the air is clean, the streets are safe to walk, and the old colonial gardens and parks with the lake in the background make for a serene atmosphere. Despite its quaint exterior, you may encounter the President of Uganda or some beautiful wildlife at any turn—if you're not in a rush to the capital, it's worth a stay.



Sights and Activities

Lake Victoria - Victoria Lake looks huge, almost like a sea, and Ugandans (Lugandans) like it very much. It is favourite place for the locals to spend holidays, short excursions or swimming during the weekends. The water, however, isnt advisable for swimming, especially for whites because of mosquitos and other small creatures spreading diseases to which locals are alomost imune.
Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre ((UWEC) Entebbe's Zoo) (downhill into Lugard Ave and then continue downhill until it becomes Johnston Rd. Keep right at the unmapped fork in the road, continue for another 400m and the entrance is then well-signed on your right), ☏ +256 414 320 520, fax: +256 414 320 073, ✉ info@uwec.ug. Daily 08:30-18:30. If you don't have a safari planned, this might be your opportunity to catch a glimpse of Africa's wildlife. It's no Singapore Zoo but, unlike many third world offerings, this is not a depressing place. There are good play facilities for children and the aviaries are especially interesting with weaver birds, shoebills and fish eagles. There's a medium-size collection of wildlife saved from captivity, including lions, rhinos, zebras, crocodiles, giraffes, hyenas, chimpanzee and others. All animals (apart from the snakes and crocodiles) are held in large, natural-like areas that gives a nice semi-authentic feeling. The trees and lianas are magnificent and you can understand why various 'Tarzan-type" movies were filmed here. Admission for foreign adults/children is US$15/10; Uganda resident foreigners USh 20,000/10,000; Ugandans USh 10,000/5,000 and you end up with 1.5-2 hours of fun. Opens daily at 08:30 and you may want to come early before the animals go hiding in the shade from the midday's sun. There is also accommodation inside the centre so you could stay the night in a Banda (en suite circular hut with a thatched roof & fly-screened windows) next door to the (very quiet) giraffes, elands and impala for US$40/60 single/double or stay in some serviced flats next to noisier animals for US$50/70 single/double. There is also dormitory accommodation available for USh 30,000 and camping is even cheaper.
Entebbe Botanical Gardens (National Botanical Gardens), Berkeley Rd. The gardens are not spectacular but birdwatchers and botanist will find it interesting. The gardens host stands of large trees in a park like setting, a supposed filming site of a "Tarzan" movie, a troop of vervet and colobus monkeys, along with many kinds of birds.
The old airport terminal. Nowadays air passengers use a newer terminal, but the old terminal where the Israeli military rescued flight passengers that hijackers held hostage in 1976 is still there. You can reportedly see bullet holes in the wall and there is a commemorative plaque.




Entebbe has a hot and humid tropical climate, with temperatures usually between 25 °C and 28 °C. The hottest months are February and March when temperatures occasionaly hit 33 °C. The cooler period is from May to August when temperatures can drop below 15 °C at night but it rarely gets colder. March to June is the long rainy season, with April and May being the wettest months. A shorter and less wet period occurs from late October to early December.

Avg Max27 °C27.6 °C27.1 °C26.3 °C25.7 °C25.6 °C25.5 °C26 °C26.7 °C26.6 °C26.3 °C26.9 °C
Avg Min18.8 °C19.3 °C19.2 °C19 °C19.1 °C18.6 °C18.1 °C17.9 °C18.2 °C18.5 °C18.4 °C18.5 °C
Rainfall93.5 mm72 mm189.6 mm261 mm274.9 mm116.3 mm78 mm71.9 mm75.7 mm132.9 mm164.8 mm124.9 mm
Rain Days10101621191210911141714



Getting There

By Plane

Entebbe International Airport (EBB) near the capital Kampala serves many international destinations including Nairobi, Mombasa, Khartoum, Kilimanjaro/Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar with Air Uganda. Other airlines serving the country are mainly African airlines serving a number of destinations in East and Central Africa. South Africa Airways flies to Johannesburg, Brussels Airlines to Brussels, British Airways to London and KLM to Amsterdam. Eagle Air has many charter flights to lots of African countries only.
Eagle Air probably has the most domestic flights, flying between Entebbe and most major towns. Several other smaller charter airlines have flights as well, including those to small airstrips in or near national parks.

By Bus

To get to Entebbe from the rest of Uganda will usually involve passing through Kampala. Small minibuses ("taxis" in Ugandan English or Matatus in Swahili) go to Entebbe from Kampala every 30 minutes or so. The fare is USh 3,500 but, for foreigners, sometimes the driver will ask for USh 7,000. The journey takes 45 minutes to 1 hour, much quicker when you avoid Kampala's chaotic rush hours. You can take the minibus in the minibus station near to the Kampala central market, with signs for every destination served. You can get off wherever you want en route, but if you ride to the bitter end, your journey will terminate at the Matatu park in Entebbe.



Getting Around

The fastest and most dangerous method is the boda-boda: motorcycles that you see all over town. You won't be in Entebbe long before being propositioned by a boda rider. If you're not interested, a simple 'no' will get them to leave you alone. You can get most anywhere on the back of one for USh 2000–5000, but make sure to agree on the fare before the ride begins. Men usually ride facing forward while women are expected to ride side saddle; very risky. Females can get away with riding facing the front, but may be accused of riding "like a man," though the locals are fairly understanding of female tourists doing this.

Boda-bodas are extremely dangerous as their riders will do whatever it takes to get you to your destination quickly. Expect to dart in front of and against traffic and even through crowds of pedestrians when necessary. Boda-boda accidents account for most of the hospital visits and traffic fatalities in Entebbe; you have been warned!

Boda-bodas got their name from the bicycle taxis that operated at some of the busy border crossing points. Buses had to discharge their passengers at the exit border control, who then had to walk to the entry border control. The distance across no man's land at some borders can be considerable. Hence the bicycle taxis would cry "boda-boda" (a corruption of the English "border to border") to the weary travellers. These bicycle taxis can still be found in most smaller Ugandan towns; however, in Entebbe, they have been replaced by motorcycles.

As boda-boda collisions are one of the most common medical concerns in Uganda, hiring a taxi from a trusted source (decent hotel, friend, or colleague recommendation) may be wiser.

Matatus are a series of licensed minibus taxis that follow relatively pre-set routes all over town (and many other parts of the country). It might be a bit confusing in the beginning how to use the matatus to efficiently get where you want to go, but it's really not so difficult.

Their routes usually go between the matutu park at the back of the 7Seasons Hotel and Kampala (or, more rarely, some suburb of Entebbe).

Matatus will stand in the park until they are full, something that normally takes less than 15 minutes, but can take over half an hour (or even over one hour late at night or on Sundays). Matatus that leave the area around the park are hence full, which makes it difficult to hop on a matatu at other places in the town centre. Unless you're very lucky, you'll have to go to where the matatus start in order to leave the town centre.

Each matatu has a driver and a conductor who opens the sliding door, takes fares and yells the destination. Don't be frightened if you can't understand what they're saying. Ask one of them for your destination and you'll be told yes or no. When you get in, expect to be squeezed. Each vehicle is licensed to carry 14 people, but they will pack in as many as will fit (and their belongings). If you don't like this, it's a good idea to sit in the back of the vehicle, since usually the squeezing is limited to the first 2 rows or, alternatively, pay double for the whole of the front seat next to the driver. Once the matatu starts moving people can get off at any time. When you reach your destination, tell your conductor "Stage" and they will stop the van.

Whenever a matatu has empty space the driver will go slowly and honk repeatedly. If you want to get on, just make some gesture and it will slow further down and shout out the destination, just shout your destination as response and they will pick you up if it's along the way. There are often also a number of further staging points along the way where the driver will again stop and wait until they can fill the vehicle. This can take a few seconds or several minutes; just be patient. In some cases drivers won't take you if you only go relatively short distances, since that will mean they'll risk losing money if they can't fill your place quickly once you're dropped. You pay the conductor when you exit, although some people give the conductor money while the vehicle is moving so that he can make change ahead of time.

Going with a matatu is generally cheap, safe, slow and nice. Ugandans are often happy to start up a conversation or help you out, and if the conductor tries to overcharge you or make you take an inefficient route, passengers are likely to point that out to you and scold him. People also complain if a driver takes too long to wait for passengers or drives recklessly and will even collectively quit the matatu in protest if a driver drives badly.




4 Points, Kampala Rd (close to the Pearl supermarket). Great Indian food, good atmosphere, cheap beer. Has a bar with a pool table, and expats are welcome. Also does "Chinese" dishes, but not as the nationals of most countries would know them. There's a dance floor and the attached bakery has scrumptious strawberry sorbet imported from Kenya. Attentive and rapid service and candles on the tables after dark. Open to the mosquitoes throughout. Mains USh 18,000-26,000; good roti USh 2,000.
Anna's Corner, 1 Station Rd (Across the street from the war monument), ☏ +256 773 420 569. Daily 09:00-22:00PM. Most of the comfy and romantic seating is outdoors - so watch the weather. There's also an inside coffee shop and they show interesting movies every Friday night and there are Salsa lessons Tuesdays. Full Engkish breakfast USh 17,000, Spanish Omelette USh 10,000, two pancakes (either lemon and sugar, maple syrup or Nutella) USh 8,000. Pizzas and pasta dishes from USh 12,000. Daily specials include a free drink of your choice (water, carbonated or beer). There is also a Ugandan arts and crafts shop with an extensive range adjacent.
Arthur's Café (used to be known as Nicky's Pizza until sold), Kampala Road (Portal Rd) (Beside the mosque). Wood fired, clay oven pizza. Indoor and outdoor seating. Slot machines and a pool table.
Goretti's Pizza, Lake Victoria. Lovely little coconut grove on a golden sand, lakeside beach. Service is very slow, so plan on having a few drinks. Beautiful scenery. Don't go around dusk unless you don't mind being eaten while you eat. Medium sizes from USh 17,000, large USh 22,000.
Phaze 3. Great deck overlooking the lake. Large enclosed restaurant with an extensive assortment of western and Indian foods. Arguably Entebbe's best food. Try the daily pot pie. Great coffee. Only cash & Visa cards accepted.
Thammaphon Thai Restaurant, 2a Manyago Rd, ☏ +256 784 455 999. Tu-Su 10:00-22:00. Looks like a bit of a dump but the food is authentically good.




Turkeys Pub, Kampala Rd (almost opposite the Water & Sewage Corporation). 8AM-2AM or when last customer staggers home. Heineken & Guinness served and has a half sized billiard table. Also serves typical British pub grub.
Red Rooster Sports Bar. Formerly known as the Oasis. Popular with UN staff and has both three pool tables and a watchtower in one corner with armed guard.




Partly because of the increasing number of UN and NGO visitors passing through, there is a lot of accommodation available, particularly in the mid-range section. Much of it is distinctly over-priced and some have got shabby and dilapidated rather quickly when (often absent) owners either lost interest or failed to generate the profits they expected. Mattresses and bedding are usually clean, but rooms are rarely fastidiously cleaned even when some outrageous prices are charged.

Entebbe Backpackers, 33/35 Church Rd (700 m from the Entebbe/Kampala road), ☏ +256 414 320 432, ✉ stay@entebbebackpackers.com. Free Wi-Fi. Large clean garden, and has its own standby generator for use during the frequent power outages. Less than 6 km from the Entebbe airport. Private rooms USh 25,000-80,000; dorm beds USh 18,000, camping USh 10,000 (own tent) USh 15,000 (their tent) without breakfast.
Entebbe Gateway Inn, Entebbe Airport Rd, ☏ +256 414 691 701, ✉ gatewayedward@yahoo.com. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 10:00. This must be one of the very few lodgings where the rooms are much nicer than the rather dilapidated entrance and reception. They're tiled, clean and all en suite but only have mosquito nets over the beds as opposed to across the windows. Satellite TV in the room and Wi-Fi in the reception area is included in the tariff. Rather noisy and insecure since it's behind the Pearl Supermarket. Double US$35, single US$25.
Green Valley Guest House & Backpackers, 15 Mugula Rd, ☏ +256 414 321 212, ✉ info@greenvalleyentebbe.com. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 10:00. Large and well-kept walled gardens in a quiet residential part of town make this a peaceful and secure budget option. En suite: single US$40, double/twin US$50, family US$70; shared ablutions: single US$20, double US$25; dorm: 4 bedded US$12 pp, 6 bedded US$8 pp; camping: US$5-8 pp. Free Wi-Fi & satellite TV.
Shade Guest House, 2 Kiwafu Close (Opposite the exit of the bus and taxi park), ☏ +256 414 321 715. Gruby, dilapidated, single storey courtyard reminiscent of a tiny stableyard just opposite the Matatu (minibus) station so noisy and dusty. Rooms are small, depressing and fly-blown with shared ablutions that are not quite as bad as the general ambience might lead you to expect. No security whatever, but Entebbe is a relatively honest place so this might not worry you as much as if it were in Kampala. Perhaps the most unusual feature is their pricing structure: a room for two people with 2 twin (beds costs USh 25,000 while one double bed costs USh 27,000. The more hygienically sensitive may prefer to camp in one of the more leafy suburban establishments for a few thousand shillings less.
Skyway Hotel, 7 Mugula Rd, ☏ +256 700 951 315, ✉ info@skywayhotel.co.ug. Check-out: 10:00 is strictly enforced. You'll probably think you're at the wrong place when you arrive and see the red tiled roof, immaculately shaved lawn and smartly clipped box hedge. Once you go inside, it's clear that this place doesn't see too many big-spenders. The reinforced concrete construction with internal courtyard keeps the public areas cool but make sure there is a fan in your rather dilapidated but not too unsanitary room. Like most tourist offerings in Entebbe, there's a 24/7 armed guard and a high wall. There is a standby generator. Two channels of centrally-selected satellite TV are available in most of the rooms and almost all have an en suite shower, wash hand basin and WC. Make sure you ask for a mosquito net since most of the room windows are not screened. Intermittent Wi-Fi via Orange cellular ISP and a meagre breakfast is included in their tariff. The 8 bunk dormitory on the first floor is a light and airy room with windows (without net screening) opening on to a mature shade tree. The large bathroom for this dorm actually has a hip bath and hot water and each bunk has individual mosquito nets. Popular with those few UN staff that have to pay for their own accommodation. Main business is budget safaris. Room tip: Room 7 on the second floor is larger and quieter than most, is fairly effectively mosquito screened and has views from 2 windows in two walls set at right angles. Camping US$4/5 Dorm $17. Single USh 67,000, double USh 85,000, dorm USh 37,000, camping USh 10,000-13,000.
Thames Hotel, 17 Mile Entebbe Road (Off Mpala Trading Centre), ☏ +256 702 358 534, ✉ info@thameshotelentebbe.com. Free Wi-Fi, free airport transfer, free breakfast. US$50, double room at $75, twin room at $85.
Zebra Backpackers Hostel, Bishop Dunstan Nsubuga Road. Check-in: noon, check-out: 10:30. Six-bed dorm. Single/double rooms with shared bathroom. Has a garden. US$6/8/14.
City Park Motel (Oceanic House), Portal Road plot 14 (next to Bus Park close to Victoria Mall), ☏ +256703200374, ✉ rogmuyingo@yahoo.com. Check-in: any time, check-out: flexible. 12-bed room guest wing, clean rooms with a satelite TV, all rooms have private shower and toilet. US$36. b]7Seasons Hotel[/b], ☏ +256 312 516 907, ✉ reservation@hotelsevenseasons.com. Check-out: 11:00. 4-storey ferro-concrete hotel has 37 Queen-bedded rooms, 5 twin-bedded rooms & 1 family room being renovated. All rooms have individual air-conditioning and well screened sliding windows. Soft top, orthopaedic mattresses are particularly good quality and comfortable. Queen-bedded rooms have hip baths, wash hand basins and WC; the twin-bedded rooms are slightly larger and the bath is swapped out for a modern shower cubicle. Free Wi-Fi & satellite TV with 4 channels available including CCTV4 and Al Jazeera. Single US$80, double US$100, twin US$120 en suite including breakfast & airport transfer. Visa & MasterCard accepted.
Bethany House, 30A Lugard Ave, ☏ +256 772 438 182, ✉ bethanyhouseuganda@gmail.com. Founded as a retreat centre and hygienic, tranquil base for visiting Roman Catholic clergy and missionaries in 2007, Theresa keeps everything spotless and homely. Rooms are in villas separate from the main house at the bottom of the well-kept garden and have a double bed and a single bed, both with mosquito nets, although all the windows are also properly screened. Shower room has a flush WC and is en suite. The ceilings are high and have a fan. There is also a tiny food preparation area with running water and a sink but no fridge or cooking facilities in one corner of the room. If you e-mail, a reliable meet and greet service can be arranged from the airport for US$10. The library in the main house has an interesting selection, not all of them ecclesiastical, but there is no internet; Theresa usually answer emails promptly. Single US$40, double US$60.
Newhaven Guest House, Plot 16, Gowers Rd (now re-named to Julia Sebutinde Road), ☏ +256 772 586 710, ✉ info@newhavenuganda.com. Check-in: noon, check-out: 11:00. Ten Queen-bedded rooms in the family compound of retired local civil servants means that you are assured of all the local insider tips. Peace of mind comes from knowing that you are looked after by the family's personal household. Bedrooms and shower rooms are tiled and comfortably furnished; mosquito netting is unusually comprehensive. There is a relaxing garden with mango, orange, paw-paw, guava, avocado and tangerine trees and the pineapple served at your breakfast will probably have only had to travel 20 m. The view from both the main house and the front garden over the lush suburban gardens of Bugonga as the sun sets over Lake Victoria makes a fine coda to your day. Free Wi-Fi. Credit cards not accepted. Airport meet and greet service is US$10. Double US$50, single US$40 en suite including breakfast.
Rosemary Courts, 101 Circular Road, ☏ +256 414 321 400, ✉ rosemarycourts14@gmail.com. Check-in: noon, check-out: 10:30. Opened in Jan 2014 with 6 tastefully and comprehensively furnished double rooms and 2 family rooms each with modern fitted kitchen and air-con. 25m swimming pool with an attractive, rainbow opalescent tiled bottom will open in Jul 2014. Authentic and hygienic fruit juices and smoothies in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Kampala trained chef specializes in Italian cuisine and there is a restaurant. Free Wi-Fi (provided by a cellular link, so rather intermittent like most of Uganda). Lush garden has mature shade trees and relatively quick beverage and cake service for Uganda. Fully tiled and luxuriously equipped en suite doubles with bath from US$89 (single occupancy US$79) including à la carte cooked breakfast, with kitchenette US$119.
Sunset Entebbe, 25 Church Road, Bugonga, ☏ +256 414 323 502, ✉ Enquiries@Sunsetentebbe.com. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 10:00. Relatively clean single-storey buildings in a tranquil setting with 5 rooms in the main building and another 4 in outbuildings, some with their own patio. All rooms have en suite showers, wash hand basins & WCs but maintenance is haphazard and most shower room windows are unscreened allowing mosquitoes to enter via the ill fitting adjoining door to the bedroom. A meagre breakfast and intermittent Wi-Fi is included in their tariffs. Centrally controlled satellite TV with two channels available at any one time from a larger selection. Airport transfer on arrival or leaving free of charge one way. Otherwise, it's arranged for US$10 per room. If you stay more than one night, airport transfer's free both ways. Negotiate rates for longer stays. Single from US$40, double/twin US$50, triple US$80.
Boma Guesthouse, Julia Ssebutinde Rd (In May 2014, road was still signed as "Gower Rd"), ☏ +256 772 467 929, ✉ boma@infocom.co.ug. Check-in: 14:00 or earlier depending on occupancy, check-out: 11:00. Colonial homestead set in extensive and lush gardens with abundant bird life, this boutique hotel has attentive, friendly and helpful staff looking after its 16 rooms. There is a large and comfortable guest lounge and an adjoining games room with guest computers and scanner. Printing a boarding pass is free, other printing & photocopying for USh 500 per page. All bedrooms & ablutions are effectively fly-screened and have digital safe, TV with 7 individually controlled satellite channels incl Al Jazeera, BBC World News, CNN, Fox & M-NET movie channels, desk & chair and an outside patio well equipped with electrical outlets. Rooms 1 & 2 have hip baths. There is both a standby generator & lavish provision of lead acid, battery-backed inverters. Each accommodation building has solar powered water heating with a good head of water. Extraction fans are wind powered and mineral water is available from water coolers and jugs in each bedroom. Bird tables and baths are well maintained. The children's sandpit has shade umbrella, swings, slides, toys, toy-car & a pirate castle for climbing. All interior areas, bedrooms, restaurants and the pool area are smoke-free. Reliable and fast Wi-Fi provisioned by Infocom UG. There is an intimate restaurant adjacent to the sparkling, small pool where breakfast, lunch from noon & dinner is served. Room service is 24/7. Pan-fried tilapia was USh 28,000 (May 2014) and served with some of the nicest boiled potatoes in Uganda (as might be expected from an Irish-owned establishment), three different vegetables and fragrant, rosemary bread. Lemon meringue pie with home-made ice cream was USh X15,000. There is a separate patio restaurant adjacent to the reception area for non-house guests to be entertained and served. En suite single USD120, double/twin US$140, triple US$180 (one budget room with pvt shower room & WC opposite US$90/110 single/double) incl VAT and cooked full English breakfast pool use & airport transfers. €, GBP, UGX, USD (bills later than 2005) cash only.
Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel (middle of Lugard Avenue), ☏ +256 414 311 400, ✉ imperialhotels@hoteleq.com. Check-out: 10:00. A large hotel with 229 rooms on land allegedly originally grabbed from the Botanical Gardens by someone with political clout; perhaps appropriately, spectacularly ugly and menacing looking marabou storks up to 5 feet tall and with wingspans of more than 10 feet across now regularly prowl the car park. Mainly used for conferences and functions and there are many large meeting rooms dotted around the grounds. Can get rather depressing when no meetings are in progress as it is very quiet and the service is somewhat lacking. The "beach" is very small and swimming is forbidden but, in compensation, there is an enormous swimming pool. Bill Clinton stayed here, and you can stay in his suite for a nightly rate of US$600 according to the web site. Ordinary rooms are of a good three-star standard but you may need to call maintenance once or twice. Around US$110. Prices quoted on the website range from US$120 to $170 (without 18% VAT) but the room quality certainly does not justify such prices.
Imperial Resort Beach Hotel. You'll either loathe or love this massive and architecturally distinctive building very different in scale and style to the other buildings in Entebbe. The wavey frontage and electric blue cladding leave few people neutral. Inside, there is a large atrium with glass fronted lifts at each end. Like most of Uganda, service is slow, and rather hit and miss. Its 181 rooms spread over four floors are large and furnished in an Arab potentate style with good views over Lake Victoria and the extensive grounds but have poorly functioning, central air-conditioning. If you open the windows that have no screens to cool off, the lakeside location means your room will then quickly become an entomologist's delight after dark. Business people will appreciate the Ziba conference centre with its 1000 seat capacity equipped with six hi-tech screens descending from every corner of the ceiling, with a follow-on camera and a cordless digital sound system remotely controlled. There's a simultaneous translation system. In addition to the Ziba are nine other conference halls. There's also an amphitheatre. However, first impressions of the loose guard rail in the lift and dribbling shower in the changing rooms rather set the tone. Try your haggling skills and you may end up with a bargain in this often empty hotel.

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Keep Connected


Internet cafes can be readily found in Kampala and Jinja. In most larger towns you'll find internet cafes running off of either VSATs or mobile phones. The Internet connection bandwidth is very low and can be frustrating for those who are used to a high speed internet connection.


See also International Telephone Calls

Mobile phone network coverage is available in most parts of the country (over 80%), but geography can cause trouble in the mountainous regions. SIM cards are cheaply available everywhere in 'starter packs' but need to be registered before use. They make a good deal though, as prices for international data roaming are extremely high.

Mobile broadband (3G, HSDPA, HSPA, HSPA+) is available in several places. Airtel has mobile broadband available in larger places along Jinja Road. An example of price for mobile broadband on a phone through Airtel is UGX25,000 for 1GB traffic in one week.In the more rural areas, a slower (EDGE) connection might be available. Orange also offer mobile broadband. Other networks include MTN (the biggest in Uganda), Warid Telecom and Uganda Telecom.


Posta Uganda offers reasonable services. Prices are not high, though it might not be the fastest company. Expect postcards and letters to take at least 7-10 days to Europe, longer to North America and Australia. Post offices are generally open from around 8:00-9:00am until late afternoon. If you want to send parcels overseas, it would be better to use companies like TNT, UPS, FedEx or DHL, as they are competitively priced and also much faster.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 0.052784
  • Longitude: 32.465

Accommodation in Entebbe

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