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Flashpacking is a relatively new term in the travel lexicon. Flashpacking has its roots in the backpacking movement, but differs in that flashpackers travel with money to burn. Typically, flashpackers travel with less stuff but more money. They also prefer to take along more high-tech equipment, such as laptops, digital cameras, iPods, or mobile phones.

A key element of flashpacking is the love of independent travel. This is a sensibility obviously carried over from the backpacking movement, which combines the thirst for independent travel with a meager budget.

Some flashpackers also carry their electronic equipment with them as a way to work as they travel. Freelance writers, photographers, bloggers, designers, web developers - all may travel as flashpackers to allow them to work on the road.

Flashpackers will generally seek out more comfortable accommodation than backpackers would, often opting for private rooms (rather than dorms) at hostels or more luxurious hotels, bed and breakfasts or other types of accommodation. For many, having a wifi connection at their accommodation is critical.

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