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Golubac is a village and municipality in northeastern Serbia, on the right side of the Danube river. It is bordered by Romania to the east, Veliko Gradište to the west and Kučevo to the south.



Sights and Activities

Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress

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Golubac Fortress (Голубачки град), is a medieval town located 4 kilometers downstream of Golubac, with five large towers that were fortified on the banks of the Danube River. Construction on the fortress most likely began in the 14th century and is split into three compounds. Most likely these compounds were built during different stages. This fortress was fought over by many different powers including the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary. Finally in 1867 it fell into Serbian hands. Today it is one of the most popular tourist sights in Serbia and the best views can be seen on a wonderful river boat ride on the Danube. Origin of the name Golubac is from the word Pigeon. There are several legends on how this fortress got its name. One of those is a tale about girl Golubana who was known for her unusual beauty. Turkish pasha was astonished by her beauty and desperately wanted to marry her. Since she repeatedly refused to marry him, he ordered to tie her for a rock in Danube where she was tortured for a long time and then left to birds to be torn.



Keep Connected


Serbia is very well covered with broad band internet. It is widely available in urban areas. Almost every cafe or restaurant has an wi-fi connection which is free for guests. Also there are public hot spots in major cities in some areas which are free of charge as well. There are 3G USB sticks at mobile operators which are easy to use and inexpensive to purchase.


See also: International Telephone Calls

International dial code for Serbia is +381. Emergency phone numbers are 192 (police), 193 (fire department) and 194 (ambulance). There are three mobile operators in Serbia:

1. Telenor - 063, 062
2. Telekom MTS (National telecom) - 064, 065
3. VIP (Vodafone) - 060, 061

Prepaid SIM cards usually cost 200 dinars and there is no need for identification when buying them. In some stores you can buy a simple mobile phone packaged with prepaid SIM card for 2000-3000 dinars.


Serbia has a postal service since 1840 and it was one of 21 countries which founded the Universal Postal Union in 1874 in Bern. Serbia Post is today a public, state owned company with post offices in almost every village. Postal service is pretty good and reliable. In smaller towns work hours of post offices can vary so don't count on long working hours even on non-weekend days. For sending packages you can also use companies like UPS, TNT or DHL.


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