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Gunung Mulu National Park is located in the north of Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. It is also the largest park in Malaysia and there are three mountains in the park, namely Gunung Mulu, Gunung Api and Gunung Benarat. Gunung Mulu boasts the highest peak at 2,376 metres while Gunung Api and Gunung Benarat stand at 1,750 metres and 1,585 metres respectively.

There are at least four caves open to tourists in the national park: Deer Cave, Clearwater cave, Lang's Cave and Wind Cave. It is a must for the adventurous to try out these caves, though there are wooden walkways throughout them. Tourists can view spectacular stalagtites and stalagmites on tours of the caves.

For the fit and adventurous, try trekking up The Pinnacles, with 45-metres tall, razor-sharp limestone spikes on Gunung Api. You must, however, register with the headquarters and be accompanied by a guide. Also try out The Headhunter's Trail and Gunung Mulu Summit Trek, provided you still have the strength after The Pinnacles.

This park is blessed with a rich bio-diversity of plants and animals. Enjoy nature on this piece of beautiful land and admire some of God's creative work on earth. Tourists can view 8 types of forests, 75 species of mammals, 262 species of birds and an estimated 3,500 species of plants. So for nature lovers, Gunung Mulu National Park offers some tremendous enjoyment.



Getting There

It is easier to get to Gunung Mulu National Park by plane. From Kuching International Airport, take a flight to Miri or Limbang. From either of these two places, you will have to take a 19-seater Twin Otter aircraft to Mulu, which takes approximately 45 minutes. One can choose flights provided by Malaysia Airlines (MAS) or the national low-cost carrier, Air Asia.

By Train

It is not accessible by train.

By Car

It would take hours to reach by car. It is better to take a plane ride.

By Bus

Not advisable.

By Boat

Tourists can reach Mulu by boat (via Marudi). Sadly, there are no regular boat services on the final section of the trip. Therefore, longboats must be chartered, which is best done in a group to save cost. Make inquiries with the local tour operators concerning this matter as they are well-versed with the area and situation.




Bird's Nest, a local and expensive food, can be purchased to bring home and tourists can drink the bird's nest drinks prepared by the local canteen operator. However, the price is steep. A small cup of bird's nest drink can cost around RM6-RM20. It depends on the other ingredients in it. Some operators put bird's nests into the soup. This delicacy is said to be good for the skin and it can nourish and replenish minerals. The Chinese will say that it "lubricates" the organs inside the body. So for those who are tired from mountain-climbing or jungle-trekking, why not try this drink/food?




For those who want alcoholic drinks, you should try the local rice wine, also known as "tuak". It is a bit sharp, tangy and for some, it causes "fire" down the throat. So be sure you have some food in the belly before you embark on drinking this wine.





There are accommodations at the national park. They come in the form of chalets, hostels and camping grounds. Please contact Sarawak Tourism Board for further information.


Travellers can try the international Royal Mulu Resort.


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