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In Hévíz, medicinal spa tourism goes back over 200 years. The town is famous for its manicured parks, safety, hospitality and year-round cultural activities. One of the biggest attractions is the Hévíz lake, claimed to be the world’s biggest biologically active natural medicinal lake, thanks to its rich mineral content which many believe helps in the treatment and curing of rheumatic and locomotive problems.

The temperature of the lake surface reaches 37-38 °C and it does not go below 24-26 °C even in winter, which makes it suitable for bathing all the year round. Its temperature is the result of the cold and warm springs’ water gushing from the depth of the earth, which get mixed in the spring cave at a rate of 410 litres of water per second. Due to this abundance, the whole amount of water in the lake gets replenished every three days.



Sights and Activities

  • Thermal lake
  • Schulhoff promenade
  • Biological rarity around the lake
  • Egregy winecellars (part of the city)

Museums, galleries

  • Hévíz Museal Collection
  • Hévíz Gallery and City Library
  • Aquamarin Arts and Crafts Gallery
  • Magyar Csárda Gallery


  • Holy spirit roman-catholic church
  • Church of the Arpadian age
  • Protestant (Lutheran) church
  • Jesus's heart church in Egregy


  • Nymphae fountain
  • The bust of Lajos Kossuth
  • Coloumn in memory of initiation Hévíz to a city
  • Stephanus Rex
  • The bust of Imre Nagy
  • The portrait statue of Gyula Illyés
  • Statue park (close to the Spa)
  • Phanteon of the city
  • The bust of count György Festetics
  • St. Andreas cross
  • Monument of the Hungarian national society
  • Monument for the war of independent and revolution in 1848/19 and 1956
  • Monument for the I. and II. World War
  • The bust of St. Stephan

Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is the biggest lake in Central Europe and one of the major tourist destinations in the country, just 15 minutes from Heviz. It can be very crowded in July and August, especially in and around Siofok, which draws lots of younger people from the west of Europe, so it is best to visit in Spring or early Autumn. The lake has shallow waters and you can walk for tens of meters before you can't stand anymore. The advantage is that the water is relatively warm, even already in Spring. The surroundings are hilly and there are some great places to explore. The western shores are less developed and populated. You also can go on a Chesna flights above the lake, which is great fun as well.

Other sights and activities in the region

  • Cserszegtomaj - Margit look out tower
  • Fenékpuszta - roman rouins of Valcum
  • Keszthely - Festetics palace, many museums, Balaton
  • Keszthely hills - Festetics look out tower, Berzsenyi look out tower, hiking
  • Kis-Balaton - Kányavári island, national park
  • Zalaszántó - Sztupa (buddhist sanctum)
  • Sümeg - castle



Events and Festivals

  • Lotus Retro Concours D' Elegance in April
  • Mayday and Town day in May
  • Pentecost Festival in May
  • Jazz Festival of Hévíz in June
  • Healthy Lifestyle Festival in June
  • Water Lily Festival in July
  • Live music and laser-show in August
  • National Wine Festival in August
  • Grape Harvest in September
  • Christmas Fair in December
  • Farewell to the year at the lake-bath in December
  • City New Year's celebration in December



Getting There

By Plane

By plane you can travel first to Budapest Ferihegy Airport. From Budapest you can take a direct transfer, or you can get to Hévíz with public transfer.

Alternatively, Balaton Airport is served by Lufthansa, Germania flights from Germany. The airport itself is located at the western end of Lake Balaton close to the city of Keszthely.

By Train

From Budapest, you must take form the "Keleti" or "Déli" station with the destination Keszthely, because Hévíz does not have a train station. From Keszthely you can get there with the bus. You can find the schedule at the Elvira website. You can find many international lines too.

By Car

From Budapest, the quickest way to reach the town is using the M7. Follow the motorway to Balatonszentgyörgy and from there drive through Keszthely to reach Hévíz in 20 minutes.

If you are coming form Vienna, you must first cross the border at Sopron/Klingenbach. Then take the main road 84.

By Bus

Buses from Budapest depart from the station called "Népliget". From here you can also directly or with changes to Hévíz. From Vienna you can get here by bus as well. There are some companies offering regular transfers to the city.



Getting Around

By Car

You can reach every town and village in the country by car. Lake Balaton ("the Hungarian sea") is just 20 minutes away.

By Public Transport

Buses and taxis service the town and there is also a little train called "Dotto", which runs regularly from March through to October.

On Foot

It's easy to get around on foot, as many places of interest are within walking distance.

By Bike

The bike route around Lake Balaton leads to Hévíz.




  • Annabella Restaurant
  • Kocsi Csárda
  • Gyöngyvirág Restaurant Café
  • "Gizi néni" Csárdája
  • Ezüstfenyő Restaurant
  • Korona Pension and Restaurant
  • La Montanara Pizzeria and Restaurant
  • Magyar Csárda Restaurant
  • Papa's & Mama's Restaurant and Café
  • Rózsakert Bar & Restaurant & Confectionery
  • St. Hubertus Guesthouse and Pension
  • Vén Márkus Bar and Restaurant
  • Liget Restaurant Pizzeria
  • Hungária Restaurant




  • Galéria Café
  • Sissy Café
  • Millenium Café
  • Macchiato Caffe Lounge
  • Gyöngyvirág Restaurant and Café
  • Helikon Café
  • Eduscho Café
  • Dáma-Café





These are members of the Landlording Association, as retrieved from the Tourist Information Office in Hévíz.

  • AAL guesthouse
  • Apartman Balazs
  • Ács Family
  • Ádi-Ida House
  • Ági Apartments
  • Andrea Apartment
  • Anikó Apartment
  • Anett's Villa
  • Anna Guesthouse
  • Antal House
  • Apart Hévíz House
  • Apartment Family Fisli
  • Apartment Gyapay
  • Apartment Jutka
  • Apartment Németh
  • Balazs Vendeghaz
  • Bálint Istvánné
  • Barbara Apartment
  • Barbara House
  • Bötös Villa
  • Csárdás-Hegyi Pension
  • Corner Apartment
  • Erika Apartments
  • Éva House
  • Éva-Dorottya Apartmenthouse
  • Family Szabó
  • Fecske Fészek
  • Fügefa House
  • Gabrielle Guesthouse
  • Gelencsér Pension
  • Gerencsér Villa
  • Guszti Villa
  • Három a kislány Guesthouse
  • Házisárkány Guesthouse
  • Hürkecz Guesthouse
  • Ilona House
  • Ilona Villa
  • Joker Villa
  • Kaktusz Villa
  • Kiss Guesthouse
  • Kiss11 Apartement
  • Klára Villa
  • Korona Pension
  • Kovács Family
  • Kővirág Apartment
  • Kurucz Apartmenhouse
  • Mária Apartment
  • Marietta Apartment
  • Magdi Pansion
  • The Family Fekete's Guesthouses
  • Oleander Apartmenhouse
  • Orel Apartments
  • Panorama Villa
  • Rudolf Villa
  • Stephan Apartment
  • Tim-Pa Apartmenhouse
  • Varga Villa
  • Villa Blanka
  • Villa Grazia
  • William's House Guesthouse


  • Hotel Aqumarin**/***
  • Hotel Napsugár***
  • Hotel Palace*** superior
  • Hotel Sante***
  • Hunguest Hotel Helios*** superior
  • Hunguest Hotel Panoráma***
  • Castrum Camping**** and Pansion**
  • Attila House
  • Fortuna Villa
  • Prestige House****
  • Vajda Pension


  • Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa*****
  • Danubius Health Spa Resort Aqua**** - all inclusive
  • Danubius Health Spa Reosrt Hévíz**** superior
  • Hotel Európa fit**** superior
  • Hotel Spa Hévíz****
  • NaturMed Hotel Carbona**** superior
  • CE Hotel fit****

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Keep Connected


Broadband Internet access is now widespread in Hungary. It's quite usual to find free Internet access (wifi) in shopping centers, many cafes and pubs. You'll have wifi access even in small towns. Look for the "wifi" signs, you may have to ask for the access password, however, if you consume, it will be freely given. Places like McDonald's and Starbucks have free wifi as well. Internet cafes, though still present, are decreasing in numbers because of increasing wifi excess.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The general emergency number is 112. To call internationally, dial 00, wait for the tone and then dial the country code, town/city code and the rest of the number.

The phone code for Hungary is 36, with Budapest numbers starting with 06 1. Depending on the operator, mobile phone numbers start either with 06 20 (Pannon), 06 30 (T-Mobile) or 06 70 (Vodafone). Free numbers start with 06 80, but there is also a 'half price' number starting with 06 40. It is cheapest to place calls in the evening, weekends or on public holidays.

Public phones are readily available in bigger cities and are coin operated or require T-Com phone cards. Phone cards can be purchased at the usual outlets; kiosks, post offices and petrol stations among others.

There are also numerous cheap phone cards to call internationally and are available at assorted outlets. These includes T-Com, EZ Phone, Bellafone and plenty of others offering various discount rates. It's smart to check the current rate to the destination you plan to call the most and compare this with other cards. Also compare the cost for establishing a connection as this can make a big difference in the real 'per minute' cost.

Travellers that are planning to stay in Hungary for longer periods might want to consider buying a prepaid SIM-card either before departure or upon arrival. This is especially useful for friends from overseas who might be calling you and to make and receive local calls more conveniently. The three mobile operators in Hungary are Vodafone, Pannon and T-Mobile, and each have their own prepaid service.


Magyar Post is the national postal service of Hungary. Their English version only seems to concentrate on stamps though, but you will find helpfull English speaking staff in most of the main post offices throughout the country. Opening hours of post offices depend on whether it’s the main office or if it’s a branch. Main post offices operate mostly from 8:00am until 8:00pm Monday to Friday and usually also on Saturday; some keep shorter hours on Sunday. Branch post offices open at the same time but close much earlier, usually between 4:00pm and 6:00pm and are open on Saturday morning only. The smallest settlements and villages are served by the MobilPosta service. You can buy post your letter and parcels here and buy stamps, although you can buy these at kiosks as well. Hungarian postal services are generally reliable, relatively cheap (especially domestic services) and fast, with most of the postcards and/or letters being delivered within a week to other European countries, 10 days to several weeks outside of the continent. Anything of value is best to be send by registered post. For parcels, you might also use international companies like TNT, FedEx, UPS or DHL.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 46.79234
  • Longitude: 17.18497

Accommodation in Heviz

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