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Beautiful Hoi An Beach

Beautiful Hoi An Beach

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Hoi An is a beautiful city located near Da Nang in the central coast area of Vietnam and a great place to spend a few days. The beautiful historical sites in Old Town can attract tourists for hours. Then for the shopper or fashion expert the city is also famous for its many tailors. Remember to haggle, and shop around because the best tailors tend not to advertise.



Sights and Activities

My Son

My Son

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  • Old Town - Hoi An's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to many of its historically important sites. * The Japanese Covered Bridge dates back to 1600 and is one of the most prominent landmarks in the city.
  • Quan Cong Temple, 24 Tran Phu Street.
  • The beach is a pleasant 15-minute bike ride from the city. If you are caucasian you likely be harassed by local merchants trying to sell you nuts and pineapples. The produce is tasty and cheap and it is thoroughly recommend you at least once try having a pineapple. They hold it upside down and hack away at it with a machete until only the stalk remains on the outside, which you use as a handle and continue to eat the ripe soft fruit!
  • The markets are well worth a visit. Down various alleys, pool halls can be spotted where the locals spend their spare time.
  • Tailors are something that Hoi An has grown renowned for. Have yourself measured and pick patterns from catalogues or hand over some existing item of clothing to have it replicated with your chosen materials. Having a silk tie chosen and made takes an hour and will cost US$2. 2 Custom made shirts will be about US$13. The more you buy, the better the deal will be.
  • Harbour
  • My Son is an impressive ancient ruin Cham city that can be seen on day tours from Hoi An. Although not as impressive as Angkor it is still an amazing ruin. It was heavily damaged during the war and the scars can still be seen. Tours can be arranged at any tourist office in town and most hotels. Sunrise Join Tour cost US$8 and depart at 5:00am.
  • Kim Bong Village is just 10 minutes' boat ride from Hoi An. Kim Bong is famous for its carpenters and woodcarving artisans, because they've got lots of practice. Most of Hoi An's architecture was crafted by a resident of Kim Bong - while demand has subsided since those heady days, the craftsmen have never really left. You can take a free bike tour to Kim Bong Village with Hoi An volunteer students to explore this village. You will only pay for local ferry fee (US$1) and bike rental (US$2).
  • Cam Thanh Village. You will be excited by the beauty of many green rice fields, buffaloes, temples, hospitable inhabitants, activities catching fishes and more.



Events and Festivals

Hoi An Full Moon Festival

Hoi An Full Moon Festival is held on every 14th day of the lunar month (Chinese Calendar). The festival starts around 6.00pm when the whole of HoiAn town is lighted with only dainty lanterns and everyone takes a stroll on the old narrow streets absolutely free from the sound of vehicles engine. Visitors can walkabout to wherever they feel like. Check the update full moon date 2012 at www.hoian-tourism.com.

Tết Festival

The most important and busiest festival in Vietnam, everyone returns home to be with their family. For visitors, it is a colorful time, as streets are decorated with lanterns and lights. The celebratory meal consists of four dishes, giò (Vietnamese sausage), ninh (stew), nem (spring rolls), and mọc (meat balls).

Tết Trung Thu

On the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, many celebrate the harvest by worshipping the Moon genie. It is one of the most impressive festivals in Vietnam and is particularly exiting for children, as they get plenty of toys. Square moon cakes are eaten by all, while children light lanterns and participate in a procession. Lion dancers accompanied by gongs and bells roam the streets.

Tet Doan Ngo

Tet Doan Ngo (Killing insects) or Dragon Boat Festival in Chinese is one of the oldest festival of Vietnam, occurred around June or July in Lunisolar Calendar and May in Lunar calendar. This festival is to celebrate a new section of the year and erase all the illnesses and worms in the body by using glutinous rice wine and lotus seed sweetened porridge in northern Vietnam or sticky rice dumplings in the south. Tet Doan Ngo often occurs from the breakfast to the noon, Vietnamese people eat this festival’s specialties before they take the meal whom believed that it’s the most suitable time to cleanse the body. The origin of this festival was started when people were celebrating for having a good crop and then the pest suddenly destroyed all of what they have been worked on, people couldn’t find a way to overcome this disaster so a man called Doi Truan appeared and guide the farmers to started a simple feast which included lime-water dumplings, fruits and doing exercises. The after day people realized that all the insects have been wiped out, Doi Truan reminded people that the pest was dominating at this month and must do what they’ve been guided to keep the crops away from the pest.

Tet Han Thuc

Tet Han Thuc or Cold Food festival at the end of the spring season, commonly in March 3rd (Lunar Calendar) and April or May (Lunisolar calendar), the festival was originated from China’s classic reference which is about the exile time of Duke Wen of Ji when he was so hungry that his royal advisor Jie Zhitui cut a part of his thigh to cook a soup for the duke, after he found out what Jie did, he was so grateful and promise that he’ll repay the favour. By the time Duke Wen regained his throne, Jie Zhitui had resigned and taken care of his mother at home hill, after many failed attempts to repay him, Duke Wen set fire to the hill and hoped that Jie would come out but he and his mother died in the firestorm. Duke Wen felt regret about what he had done so he created Cold Food Festival and named that mountain as Jie to pay tribute his advisor. The main specialties that Vietnamese people eat in this occasion are: floating cakes and glutinous rice dumplings. Vietnamese marked this day as the change from cold weather to hot so the name Cold Food Festival is to celebrate this season-changing time of the year.

Vu Lan or Ghost Festival

This festival is common in Asia countries: China, Japan, Vietnam, etc. The main purpose of Vu lan is to pay the gratitude to parents and helping the homeless, hungry souls. According to Vu Lan Sutra, a Buddha’s discipline named Maudgalyayana had trained many powerful abilities and he had purposed of meeting his mother one last time, he used his power to search and find out that his mother was in underworld and punished for her karma to be a hungry ghost, he brought rice bowl to his mother but she afraid of her food being taken away so she cover her hand to hide it but the bowl suddenly turned into fire. To seek a way to save his mother Maudgalyayana come to Buddha and the Buddha said that he cannot save his mother unless asking for help from the monks in the fifteenth day of July, after doing what Buddha said Maudgalyayana saved his mother. Vietnamese people often go to pray at the pagodas at this month and prepare a feast at home in the daylight to make offerings for the wandering ghosts. Since Vietnamese considered this is unlucky month, most of the activities from trading, building house, going at night are minimized, so the stores often close earlier than usual.




Warm, humid and sunny, approximately 30 °C in September to December. Occasional brief showers occur during the early evening, which are welcome.



Getting There

By Plane

Hoi An does not have a domestic terminal, the nearest airport is in Da Nang (30 kilometres away from Hoi An), which has frequent connections to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and some international flights. There are two that service Vietnam's domestic routes: Vietnam Airlines and Jestar Airline.
From Da Nang you can travel by public bus, private car or taxi to Hoi an. You want to take local bus to Hoi An (US$2 per person). The bus stop is near from the airport and every 30 minutes, there's a bus from Da Nang to Hoi An during the day. It takes you about 1 hour to arrive in Hoi An by bus. Please be sure that you arrive to Da Nang airport in the day time, because after 7:00pm, there's no bus from Da Nang to Hoi An.
A taxi from the airport to Hoi An costs about US$15 thanks to the cartel. Be sure to have a fix price.
If you arrive late, you should arrange an airport transfer in advance if you don't want the taxi haggling hassles. You can book online or contact your hotel and the price is about the same.

By Train

There is no railway station in Hoi An. Most guests going to Hoi by train must stop at Da Nang or Tam Ky Railway Station. Everyday there are many domestic trains from Ha noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Nha Trang etc. From Da Nang you can travel by bus, private car or can take a taxi to Hoi an. Da Nang Railway Station is located at 202 Hai Phong, Tan Chinh Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City.
The Ha Noi - Hue – Da Nang schedule is as followed:

  • SE1 19: 00 07:57 10:31
  • SE3 23:00 10:45 13:12
  • SE5 15:45 06:07 08:56
  • SE7 06:15 19:07 21:41

The Ho Chi Minh- Da Nang- Hue schedule is:

  • SE2 19:00 11:55 14:43
  • SE4 23:00 14:30 17:06
  • SE6 15:45 10:10 13:21
  • SE8 06:30 23:12 02:00

By Bus

There is a public bus #1 from Da Nang's bus station to Hoi An's bus station. The bus makes a loop through Da Nang and passes through downtown Da Nang as well. Your accommodation should be able to point you to the nearest stop. If you come from Da Nang airport, the closest bus stop on the route to Hoi An is at the roundabout where the streets Nguyễn Tri Phương and Điện Biên Phủ meet (a nice 10-15 minute walk; you can walk along the lake). This bus stop is clearly marked with a road sign. The bus stop closest to the train station is in front of 299 Lê Duẩn road (leaving the train station cross the square and walk down Hoàng Hoa Thám road and turn left at the next intersection).

On the return trip, the yellow bus passes within a block of the train station. Let the ticket collector know, and he can show you where to get off.

There are two different bus stations in Hoi An now. But the public buses to Da Nang leave from the Bus station, 67 Nguyễn Tất Thành (about 2 kilometres northwest of the centre on Le Hong Phong). A taxi om from Hoi An bus station to the old town should be around 10-15,000 dong.

There is no shortage of travel agencies and private buses travelling to and from Hoi An to destinations such as Hue, Hanoi, Saigon, Dalat and Nha Trang. Guesthouses can arrange tickets for a surcharge, although they may not release the ticket to you until after you formally check out.

Buses from Buon Ma Thuot or other cities in central Highlands going to Da Nang will drop you off just outside of Hoi An, at a stop along the highway if asked. From there it is a 15-minute motorbike ride to anywhere in town.

By Boat

The old Champa way was to travel by the river system. The rivers of Hoi An cover hundreds of kilometres and offer an interesting and adventurous alternative to travelling by road. Get on a boat and you'll begin to see a whole lot more of Hoi An and the delta. You can charter boats for about USD1/hour.



Getting Around

By Car

Taxis can be found in the middle of Le Loi St, over the river in An Hoi or summoned by phone. When busy, taxis may refuse your fare back to your hotel from town if it is too close, opting for larger fares. Arranging a shuttle from your hotel may be a better option although prices may be higher.

By Foot

Journeys around the city centre are best made on foot. The centre of Hoi An is very small and pedestrian-friendly, so you will be walking around most of the time. Motorbikes are banned from the centre of town during certain times of day (08:00 to 11:00, 13:30 to 16:30), but you should keep an eye out for motorized kamikazes, even in the most narrow alleys. The city government does not allow motorbikes to enter Old Town on the 14th and 15th of each lunar month. On those evenings, a lot of activities, including traditional games such as bai choi, trong quan, and dap nieu are held in all over the town.

By Bike

Bikes are readily available for hire at a very cheap price for a day or half day (typically 4 or 8 hours).

You can ride down to the beach in about 15 minutes. There is a bike park there, where you can pay someone less than a dollar to have your bike guarded whilst you enjoy the beach.




Food in Hoi An is, even by high Vietnamese standards, cheap and tasty. In addition to the usual suspects, there are three dishes that Hoi An is particularly famous for:

  • Cao lầu is a dish of rice noodles which is not quite as slippery as pho and a bit closer in texture to pasta. The secret is the water used to make it, and authentic cao lau uses only water from a special well in the city. The noodles are topped with slices of roast pork, dough fritters, and this being Vietnam, lots of fresh herbs and veggies. Where to eat Cao Lau: Thai Phien St (local shop).
  • White rose (banh bao vac) is a type of shrimp dumpling made from translucent white dough bunched up to look like a rose. Where to eat White Rose: 533 Hai Ba Trung.
  • Wonton dumplings - essentially the same as the Chinese kind, served up in soup or deep-fried.

If you are really adventurous, walk to the Central Market and have a local breakfast. Seating on stools, eating a bowl of cao lau with wooden chopsticks, and sipping the ice cold "white coffee with vinamilk" is an adventure. Beware though, prices will vary immensely, as shopkeepers swarm over you to sell you things, or even shove plates of food before you. Just keep declining politely and return the food you don't fancy. Keep small denominations of dong with you, as you probably won't get change if you give them US dollars. Also, confirm the prices before you eat the food. Prices range from about 7,000-10,000 dong for a bowl of noodles, and 5,000-7,000 dong for a coffee. The baguette is a nice snack, and should not cost more than 10,000 dong.

Bale Well Restaurant, 45-51 D Tran Cao Van (In the small alley), ☏ +84 510 650 6979. 10:00-22:00. Set menu: bánh xèo, pork savoury pancakes; barbecued satay pork loin, wrapped in a lettuce leaf, with side salad. 110,000 đong each.
Binh Minh Restaurant, 197 Ly Thuong Kiet St (next to Vinh Huy Hotel). 07:00-22:00. Western breakfasts, standard Vietnamese specialities, family atmosphere and reasonable prices.
Cafe Bobo, 18 Le Loi. Popular and reasonably-priced. The frappucino-style mocha shakes are great.
Cafe 43, 43 Tran Cao Van. Biere Lerue for 10,000 đong and bia hoi (pronounced doy in the south) fresh beer for 3,000 đong. The food is general traveller fare but tasty. Try the cao lao noodles which is the local speciality. Portions are adequate. The "fresh spring rolls" (steamed) cost around 40,000 đong, but are huge. edit
Lantern Town Restaurant. Hoi An is the home of lanterns and Lantern Town restaurant, housed in an ancient house, combines French colonial architectural influences with traditional Vietnamese style. 20,000 đong.
Đũa Việt, 126 Tran Cao Van St, ☏ +84 90 519 1136, ✉ duaviet_hoian@yahoo.com.vn. Formerly the Laugh Café and now run by one of its former employees, Đũa Việt (meaning Vietnamese Chopsticks) continues to serve the delicious and reasonably priced dishes of its predecessor, including local dishes and a large selection of vegetarian offerings. Try the grilled fish (or other meat) in a banana leaf with fresh turmeric.
Orivy Restaurant, 578/1 Cua Dai (off the road, up a side alley), ✉ info@orivy.com. 10:00-22:00. Wooden building in a romantic garden with big tree and lotus pond, hidden in small and quiet alley. Vietnamese food such as: xeo pancake, spring roll (fresh and fried), Cao Lau, brown rice, great Vietnamese salad and fresh fruit juice. 170,000 đong.
Pho Ha Noi, 448 Cua Dai Rd, ☏ +84 907 269 123. Early/Breakfast. The real deal. Pho and bun. Popular with locals. Try out your Vietnamese as English understood. 20,000 đong.
Restaurant 96. One of the numerous restaurants on the river bank, this restaurant is packed every night of the week. Many of the guests are returning customers, so the food must be good. There are plenty of vegetarian options and excellent spring rolls. The wait for food tends to be longer than normal, but it's worth it. The surliness of the owner does detract from the overall dining experience. 20,000 đong.
Sun Shine, 46 Tran Cao Van St (Diagonally opposite Phuoc An Hotel), ☏ +84 510 391-6902. 07:00-23:00. A homey and cheap restaurant. Serves fresh and home-cooked Vietnamese and Western food. Prices start at 20,000 đong for a bowl of cau lau, and a plate of 6 spring rolls will only set you back 30,000 đong. 3,000 đong for fresh beer and Vietnamese ice tea is free of charge. Proprietor Hoi is offering cooking lessons for 120,000 đong per person, plus the cost of the menu items you wish to prepare. The lesson takes place in the house kitchen behind the restaurant, giving you an insight into Vietnamese City life.
Thanh Phuong, 56 Cong Dong (An Hoi Island, just across bridge). Cheap and cheerful local eats. A steaming seafood hotpot is 109,000 đong, codfish hotpot 89,000 đong.
31 Nguyen Thai Hoc St. Here you can find many small stands which serve good and cheap food quickly. 20,000 đong.
Treats "Same same only different", 322 Ly Thuong Kiet St (just outside of the old town tourist area, a block east of Vinh Huy and Tan Phuong Hotels, and half a block west of Le Loi St (the main north-south tourist street)), ☏ +84 905 409 873. 09:00-21:30. Western breakfast served all day. Clean and quiet. Reasonably fast Wi-Fi. Pizza and Vietnamese specialties, and possibly the best cao lau in the city.
Trung Bac, 87 Tran Phu. 100 years of cao lau and still going strong. A bowl of chewy noodles and lots of veggies costs 15,000 đong.
White Lotus, Phan Bội Châu (walk along the river from Old Town, through the central market, and straight on for about 50 m, after passing Brother's Cafe). New restaurant with Australian owner. Serves good Asian and Western dishes, staff very helpful and obliging to any request. 20,000-60,000 đong. edit
White Rose, 533 Hai Ba Trung. 07:00-early afternoon. The shop that makes most of the "white rose" dumplings served all around town. 40,000 đong per serving, and if you ask nicely they'll let you try to make them yourself.
Cao Lầu 474, 474 Cua Dai, ☏ +84 01215737986. Super friendly. They say "best cao lầu in Hoi An" cheap beer: 800 ml 9,000 đong, pizza 95,000 dong.
Alfrescos, 83 Tran Hung Dao St, ☏ +84 510 3929707. Offers comfort food: Aussie steaks, pasta, pizza, Mexican and ribs. Also deliver. Offer a Tuesday, Friday special deal of two for one pizza for delivery. Shows rugby and Aussie rules football.
Bazar Cafe & Restaurant, 36 Tran Phu (Next to the town market), ☏ +84 510 3911229. 08:00-24:00. New in town, serves the best Vietnamese and Mediterranean barbeque in the garden. Comfortable lounge, cocktails and shisha inside the traditional wooden house.
Bamboo Buddha Restaurant, 13 Nguyen Hoang St An Hoi islet (Across night market), ☏ +84 510 3925000, ✉ info@bb-hoian.com. 15:00-24:00. Set in a colonial building with garden across the night market. French food with foie gras, duck magret, BBQ steaks and some vietnamese food. Nice sangria and cocktais, good wine selection.
Brother's Cafe, 27 - 29 - 31 Phan Boi Chau St, ☏ +84 510 391 4150, fax: +84 510 3923012, ✉ brothercafe@dng.vnn.vn. Tranquil French colonial riverside setting. Big selection of local food, especially seafood.
Dingo Deli, ☏ +84 906 552824. 07:30-19:30. This delicatessen offers an extensive selection of gourmet foods through the restaurant and European grocery store. Attractive ambience, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. A wooden constructed adventure play ground for children to play on overlooks paddocks with buffalo and the Thu Bon River.
Hoi An Cruise Restaurant (Sunset dinner and cooking cruises), 32 Le Loi St (reservation office at the city centre), ☏ +84 510 8505605. Cruise restaurant with a sunset dinner cruise and cooking class.
Mango Rooms, 111 Nguyen Thai Hoc, ☏ +84 510 3910839. Offers Asian fusion food made of fresh local products. As an example is duck breast marinated in five spices served with bitter-chocolate passion fruit spicy garlic butter sauce. The atmosphere is very relaxed with a colourful interior design. Rather expensive. 350,000-550,000 đong.
Morning Glory. Choose from a variety of local dishes, and be sure to experiment, because everything is truly excellent. The staff speak good English, the place is beautifully decorated, and the food will have you coming back for more. And if you really enjoy the food, ask about their cooking classes. While there are cheaper places to eat in Hoi An, this one is by no means expensive, especially considering how good the food is. Most main courses are between 40,000 and 70,000 đong. Dinner and a drink cost about 80,000 đong per person.
Moon Restaurant & Lounge, 321 Nguyen Diuy Hieu (East of the market), ☏ +84 510 2241396. 07:00-22:00. Beautiful old house, laid-back atmosphere and superb Vietnamese food. Main courses 50,000-80,000 đong; drinks 20,000-50,000 đong.
Red Bridge Restaurant & Cooking School, Thon 4, Cam Thanh (about 3 km out of town), ☏ +84 510 933222. 10:00-21:00. Next to the Thu Bon River within 2 acres of tropical gardens. Offers a wide range of Vietnamese Food, in an open air restaurant. Cooking Classes begin around 08:00 at the Hai Scout Cafe for an Italian-style coffee then a tour of the market to shop for fruit & veg. Booking for dinner is essential. They sometimes close early if there are no customers. They offer cocktails as well as the usual beers and a wine list.
River Lounge, 35 Nguyen Phu Chuc (across the bridge on Hoi An Island, it's the first double-storey building on the left), ☏ +84 510 3911700. 08:30-24:00. Run by two Austrian brothers. Western/Vietnamese fusion food. Set menu for 120,000 đong, 3 course meal.
Son Hoi An, 177 Cua Dai (Riverside on the Cua Dai beach road). 09:30-23:30. Very popular stopping point for those cycling back from the beach.
Thanh Restaurant, 76 Bach Dang (City centre, riverside), ☏ +84 510 3861366. Great Vietnamese and Western food. Excellent grilled fished in banana leaf and nice river view.
Vinh Hung 1 Restaurant, 147B Tran Phu St (opposite the Cantonese Assembly Hall, near the Japanese Bridge). Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the first restaurants in Hoi An open to Western visitors. A family-run restaurant offering a stylish blend of classic Vietnamese, traditional Hoi An specialities, and modern dishes using fresh ingredients. It's a fabulous place to relax over a drink and watch the hustle and bustle of life pass by.
Hong An, 343 Cua Dai (On Cua Dai, 15 minutes walk from the centre), ☏ +84 122 5992823. Good vegan Vietnamese food. Small menu, but includes local specialities. USD1 for a bowl of noodles.
Karma Waters, 213 Nguyen Duy Hieu (Hoi An centre, opposite An Phu Hotel), ☏ +84 510 3927632, ✉ sales@karmawaters.com. 10:00-21:00. Vegan (100% vegetarian) Vietnamese, International & Indian food, fruit juices & smoothies. Cooking classes & tours. Located in Centre of Hoi An Old Town. This place is on the expensive side: USD2.50 for a bowl of noodles soup with vegetables. USD1.50 for orange juice. However, the food is good and the staff nice. mid range.




Walking along the river at night, you will find a lot of pubs. Beer is around 30,000 dong. Cocktails are 20,000-50,000 dong. There are some bar foods available, such as fried prawn crackers for around 15,000 dong a plate. Just walk into any pub and have a seat. However, Hoi An is not a real party destination and has a rather limited number of nightlife locations.

BB Lounge, 13 Nguyen Hoang St an Hoi islet (across night market), ☏ +84 510 392 5000, ✉ bb@bb-lounge.com. 18:00-24:00. The new bar, lounge and club in town, located on the third floor above Bamboo Buddha restaurant. Nice selection of cocktails, rum shooters and tapas. Live music and regular DJs, dance floor. Sky balcony, open late. 30,000-120,000 đong for drinks.
Before and Now, 51 Le Loi St. Morning-24:00. The most popular bar in Old Town. Reasonably priced drinks and food. Happy hour specials available in the evening. Offers seating, pool tables and bar stool seating. Usually closes at midnight. USD2-10.
Dive Bar Restaurant, 88 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, ☏ +84 510 391 0782, ✉ info@chamislanddiving.com. 11:00-02:00. Great bar in a traditional house with a back garden, pool table, Wi-Fi. Plays many kinds of music on request, with music once a week. Great choice of cocktails and beers, wine by bottle or by glass. Food: small tapas, Vietnamese salads, pasta, lasagne, hamburgers, seafood, rice salads. 20,000-150,000 đong for drinks and food.
Infinity, Far left Side, An Hoi Islet. until late. The new hot place in Hoi An. Very cheap drinks, lots of outdoor tables. Free shisha for groups of 4 or more. Begins to get crowded by 21:00 and is packed until late. As the popularity of this bar has risen, many other bars and previous late night spots of Hoi An are quickly being ignored as this is now increasingly popular.
Rosie's cafe, 8/6 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. M-Sa 08:00-19:00. A lovely cafe tucked in a peaceful alley of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. Signature drink is cold-brew coffee which is less acid than hot brewing and cold pressed juice. Not only the food and drink, but also the space to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Hoi An old townal. 20,000-70,000 đong.
Why Not Bar, 10B Pham Hong Thai (On the eastern edge of old town). Open until late. Late night bar near old town. Not to be confused with the much different bar/club of the same name in Nha Trang. This very small 3-storey bar advertises free drinks and cheap all-you-can drink specials. Patrons do not come to this bar until at least midnight, when the rest of the town has closed down. Open until late. USD2.




Hotels in Hoi An are fiercely competitive, which means plenty of choice and generally high standards. Budget options are slightly pricier than many other parts of Vietnam, with 6 USD being about the cheapest. Many are clustered around Hai Ba Trung St and "Ba Trieu" (formerly, Nhi Trung St), just north of the Old Town and within easy walking distance, and also along Cua Dai St, off to the east and a bit of a hike away.

Most of Hoi An's high-end hotels are located along the unbroken beach stretching from Da Nang to Hoi An. Closest is Cua Dai Beach 5 kilometres away.

An Hoi Hotel, 69 Nguyen Phuc Chu, ☏ +84 510 3911888, ✉ anhoihotel@yahoo.com. Nice and quiet, very near old town (opposite riverbank). Nicely decorated wide rooms. Free Internet and Wi-Fi. USD15-25, including breakfast.
Dai Long. A 7 minute walk from the heart of the old town. Extremely clean, spacious rooms. Beds come complete with a mosquito net. The staff are incredibly helpful and speak excellent English. Free Internet and Wi-Fi. Doubles ~USD20.
Green Field Hotel, 423 Cua Dai St, ☏ +84 510 863484, fax: +84 510 863136, ✉ greenfield@dng.vnn.vn. Average value hotel with some English-speaking staff and a location that is not central. Satellite TV and decent air conditioning in some rooms. Other rooms have no air-con. Many rooms smell mouldy, so have a look before you check in. Cheaper rooms are below reasonable value. Free computers with Internet in the lobby, free Wi-Fi (patchy in rooms), swimming pool, and free cocktails for one hour in the evenings. They also have dorms available (three single beds in a room) for USD6 per night. Single/double from 430,000 đong; triple from 540,000, plus 15% for 10 Jul - 25 Aug and 20 Dec - 5 Jan. Buffet breakfast 110,000 đong per person.
Ha My TT Hotel, Thon 1, Dien Duong, Dien Ban, Quang Nam, ☏ +84 908 220747 (French), +84 908 112825 (English and Japanese). This ancient French-style beach resort about 6 km from Hoi An centre has been renovated. It has a special atmosphere and its friendly owner, Mr Nguyen Van Hien, will do everything to make you feel comfortable. Don't be put off by its unpainted facade, as the rooms are nice, and the beach is good. USD20-30.
Hoa My, 201 Ly Thuong Kiet St (Corner Hai Ba Trung), ☏ +84 510 916582. Cheap, modern, very clean, but of course a bit outside the old town. There are two more similar hotels next to it. They sell bus tickets at approximately twice the genuine price. from USD12.
Hoang Trinh Hotel, 45 Le Quy Don St (corner Tran Hung Dao St opposite Confucius Temple), ☏ +84 510 3916579, ✉ kshoangtrinhhoian@yahoo.com. Average value hot. Great hotel in good location and scenic setting. Well furnished en suite rooms with cable TV with excellent reception, air-con, ceiling fan, fridge, Wi-Fi and balcony restaurant with an impressive view. Has bicycles for hire for 15,000 đong next door and motorbikes also. The staff are friendly, and they provide complimentary small snacks as well as a welcome dinner. USD22-28.
Hop Yen, 103 Ba Trieu & 694 Hai Ba Tru'ng St (in the "backpacker town" area, 7 min from Old Town), ☏ +84 510 3863153. Check-out: 11:00. Clean rooms, spacious, moody staff with moderate to good English and tour advice. The open bus tickets they sell are not however with the companies they say they are, an inferior company, book elsewhere. Free internet and Wi-Fi before 21:00. doubles ~USD 12 no air-con, +USD2 with air-con, dorms USD5.
Nhi Nhi Hotel, 60 Hung Vuong St (about 10 min walk from the Old Quarter, near the Bridge Pagoda), ☏ +84 510 916718. Check-out: 12:00. Affordable, nice rooms and swimming pool. Near a local market but a bit far from tourist sites. Bargain to get good price. Normally price doesn't include breakfast. Standard/superior room: Single 680,000/795,000 đong, double or twin 800,000-1,020,000 đong. Family room 2,540,000 đong.
Phuoc An Hotel, 31/1 Tran Cao Van St. Check-out: 12:00. A clean, friendly and modern atmosphere. An indoor restaurant on the first floor overlooks the hotel pool. The hotel is a stones throw from the markets and old quarter. Bicycles are offered to guests free, however motorbikes can be rented for USD4 per day from across the road. Good service and complementary all you can eat breakfast each day before 11:00. (This hotel is not connected with the Phuoc An River Hotel on Cua Dai beach road.) USD18-30.
Sunflower Hotel, 397 Cua Dai St (Cua Dai St leads directly to the beach (about 2.5 km away). 4 km to An Bang Beach (turn left out of hotel, turn right on Hai Ba Trung St, go straight)), ☏ +84 510 3939838. Check-out: 12:00. Popular with backpackers. Motorbike and bicycle rental places both sides of the hotel (80,000 đong if renting for a few days, 100,000 đong for one day) (20,000 đong for a bicycle). Rooms are spacious with large beds, air-con, fridge, cable TV, fast Wi-Fi. Some rooms have balconies. Both dorms and private rooms available. Has a clean, medium sized pool and lounge chairs, with an outdoor bar and restaurant located next to the pool. Room rate includes a good buffet breakfast. A 15 minute walk into the city and 15-20 minute bike ride to the beach. USD20.
Tan Phuong, 209 Ly Thuong Kiet, ☏ +84 510 3862531, ✉ tanphuonghoian@yahoo.com.vn. Small fan room for USD6, larger nice rooms for USD8. North side of the city, but easy walking access to the city centre. Also rent bikes/motorbikes. USD10-20.
Thanh Binh 3, 98 Ba Trieu St (Off Hai Ba Trung St), ☏ +84 510 916777. Popular budget hotel done up like a Chinese temple, with a pool and pleasant rooms, all air-con equipped. The mattresses are on the hard side and the breakfast isn't much. Free Wi-Fi throughout and Internet at the lobby. From USD25.

Hoa Cọ Villas, 252 Cua Dai Street, Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, ☏ +84 235 392 3252, ✉ info@hoacovillas.com.vn. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. There are six 5-bedroom-villas. Each villa has a private pool, a large area of living and dining room. It is suitable for big families.
An Huy Hotel, 30 Phan Boi Chau St (City 1 km, taxi 25,000 đong), ☏ +84 510 862116, +84 510 914627, ✉ anhuyhotel@vnn.vn. Fourteen rooms conveniently located near the river and Central Market, away from the din of most streets in the heart of Hoi An. The hotel was converted from a traditional Hoi An shophouse. Not as squeaky clean as a newly-built hotel, but nice, with plenty of historic charm. Good breakfast, such as pancakes with banana fillings. There are 2 computers set up in the lobby to provide Internet access. USD28 for a double room.
Betel Garden Homestay, 161 Tran Nhan Tong St, ☏ +84 510 3924165, ✉ sales@betelgardenhomestay.com. Check-in: 06:00, check-out: 12:00. A bit out of the city centre and a beautifully landscaped garden with several species of areca and betel trees, complete with songbirds and fish in small ponds. Staff are incredibly friendly and try to make you feel at home, including complementary fruit in your room each day and the free bicycles. Their area also offers a nicely laid out secluded pool area, as well as two covered dining areas the 20 guests. The Vuon Trau Family organises a complimentary dinner together with their guests twice a week, offering free beverages (including beer) and excellent food.
Ha An Hotel, 6 Phan Boi Chau Rd, ☏ +84 510 863126. In a quiet area beyond the main markets, this hotel consists of a few buildings built in a semi-French colonial style around a central courtyard. The rooms are airy, light and pleasant with air conditioning, baths, and TV. A basket of fresh fruit is usually provided in the room. There's a collection of books in the reception area that can be borrowed by guests. The price includes an excellent breakfast and free use of bicycles. USD55-104.
Hoai Thanh Hotel, 187 Ly Thuong Kiet St (200 m from the centre of town), ☏ +84 510 861171, fax: +84 510 861135, ✉ info@hoaithanhhotel.com. USD24-75.
Hoi An Indochine Hotel, Cua Dai Rd, ☏ +84 510 923608, fax: +84 510 923578, ✉ infor@hoianindochine.com. 5 min-walk from the beach, by the calm and romantic river and garden. French-style architecture with 61 river view rooms. USD65/night (10 superior rooms), USD75/night (45 deluxe rooms), USD105 (6 suites).
Hoi An Vinh Hung 3 Hotel, 96 Ba Trieu St (5 min walk from Old Town). Check-in: 13:00, check-out: 12:00. A beautiful small hotel with modern marble baths and the added bonus of in-room Wi-Fi. The deluxe rooms even have computers. The room service menu is packed full of local delicacies and the hotel features the only rooftop swimming pool in Hoi An. Breakfast is included in the price. What really makes this hotel are the staff, welcoming, helpful and professional, with excellent English. USD30-48.
Long Life Hotel, 30 Ba Trieu St, ☏ +84 510 3916696, ✉ sales@longlifehotels.com. Comfortable hotel with a nice pool and excellent breakfast. Wi-Fi and computers are available. Friendly staff. Wide range of room prices with the internal rooms having tiny windows the cheapest and the upper floor rooms with a balcony being the most expensive. The attached baths for all the rooms are about the same and include a nice whirlpool bath. USD17-35.
Lotus Hotel, 330 Cua Dai Rd, ☏ +84 510 3923 357, ✉ hoianlotus@dng.vnn.vn. Beautifully designed resort-hotel draws from a range of styles & influences resulting in a perfect blend of Eastern culture & French architecture, immaculately furnished and equipped rooms in a relaxing combination of Vietnamese, Japanese and French styles. Free ADSL/Wi-Fi available throughout. USD36-55.
Orchid Garden Homestay, 382 Cua Dai St, ☏ +84 510 3863720. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. The name Orchid Garden originates from the owner's long held passion for orchids, with more than 30 varieties of orchid in the garden. The homestay has four secluded bungalows built in traditional Vietnamese architecture, surrounded by a variety of tropical trees, and equipped with modern convenient facilities. Each bungalow is named after a type of orchid found around the garden. Orchid Garden also has a traditional sanctuary for worshiping ancestors and for family activities.
Phuoc An River Hotel, 242 Cua Dai Rd. Check-in: 13:00, check-out: 11:00. Roof garden restaurant on the sixth floor provides the best views in Hoi An. Clean rooms, good food, friendly staff and beach road riverside location make the Phuoc An River Hotel unique in Hoi An. Spa, gym, pool, poolside bar, coffee garden. The hotel is a 15-20 min stroll to/from the beach, and within walking distance of the ancient town. Bicycles are free for guests. Good service and good breakfast. USD30-60 per night.
Palm Garden Beach Resort and Spa Hoi An, Lac Long Quan Street, Cua Dai beach, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, ☏ +84 235 392 7927, ✉ info@pgr.com.vn. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. A charming beachfront resort with 216 rooms and bungalows. It is 30 km from Danang International Airport and 5 km to Hoi An Ancient town. from USD 180.
Anantara Hoi An Resort, 1 Pham Hong Thai Street, ☏ +84 510 391 4555, ✉ hoian@anantara.com. 93 rooms and suites in split-level design with daybed porches. 5 dining options. The main resort activities include swimming and boat trips to the Thu Bon River. USD133.
Le Belhamy Hoi An Resort and Spa, Hamlet 1, Dien Duong Village, Dien Ban District (10 min from Hoi An Old Town and 30 min from Da Nang International Airport.), ☏ +84 510 3941888. All rooms are equipped with private pool, balcony, garden, living area, refrigerator, minibar, Wi-Fi and TV with satellite/cable. Restaurant, room service, concierge, swimming pool, pool bar, spa, fitness room/gym. From USD101.
Dong An Beach Hotel, ☏ +84 510 927888, ✉ info@donganbeachhotel.com. Overlooks the Thu Bon River, and less than a 5-min walk to Cua Dai Beach. Around 5 km away from the city. USD80-95.
Furama Beach Resort. Luxury resort on fabled China Beach. About 20 minutes to Hoi An by taxi (5 minutes to Da Nang). Internet rates starting at USD150, walk-up rates from USD200.
Hoi An Glory Hotel & Spa, 358 Cua Dai St, ☏ +84 510 3914444, ✉ gloryhotel-hoian@dng.vnn.vn. With 1 restaurant and 2 bars, Glory Hotel has 94 rooms built in 4 areas with garden, swimming pool and green field views. USD63-93.
Hoi An Pacific Hotel, 167 Cua Dai St (Halfway between beach and town), ☏ +84 510 923777, ✉ info@hoianpacific.com. 1 restaurant and 2 bars, including the "Sky Bar", on the 6th floor of the hotel with terrace view of the area. USD70-120.
Hoi An Vinh Hung Hotel & Resort. USD70-110.
Hotel Royal Hoi An, 39 Dao Duy Tu (in An Hoi area, along Thu Bon River), ☏ +84 510 3950 777, fax: +84 510 3950 888, ✉ reservation@hotelroyalhoian.com. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. A French colonial style boutique hotel with Japanese architecture influence in the quiet area 5 minutes of walk from the Ancient Town of Hoi An. 119 rooms are of MGallery standard by Accor hotels, overlooking Thu Bon river, pool and Hoi An town. There are one outdoor pool, two restaurant, one chic bar, one spa, complimentary bikes and gym. USD127 - 220.
Life Heritage Resort Hoi An, 1 Pham Hong Thai St (East end of street fronting the river), ☏ +84 510 914555, ✉ hoian@life-resorts.com. French colonial style architecture with rooms overlooking the Thu Bon River at the east end of Hoi An, a short walk from the Old Town but just far enough away that a quiet night's sleep is practically assured. Rooms are large, many are bi-level with a sitting area, and have air-con; but restaurant and bar are open to the breezes. Two-day package (off-season) was USD250 for two, with breakfast and dinner for two, and 20% spa discount. Breakfast is buffet style. USD98-268.
The Ocean Villas, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District Non Nuoc Beach (On the beach side opposite the Colin Montgomerie and Greg Norman Da Nang Golf Club links, halfway between Hoi An and Da Nang.). You will need a car and driver for this beach and sport club resort oasis.
River-Beach Resort, 05 Cua Dai St, ☏ +84 510 3927888. 2 min walk from the beach, with views of surrounding paddy fields, river and sea. 120 rooms, ranging from deluxe, superb deluxe rooms to executive, family and presidential suites. Each room has a private balcony or terrace and offers views of the river, pool, garden or countryside. Free Wi-Fi throughout. There is also a fitness centre, beauty salon and spa, bar, baby sitting services and gift shop. USD60 for deluxe room, USD165 for a presidential suite.
Golden Sand Resort & Spa, Thanh Nien Rd - Cua Dai Beach, ☏ +84 510 3927 555. This hotel with a large swimming pool is by the river a short stroll from the market. Evening musical entertainment in the lobby. Internet rates from USD112, beachfront suites USD285.
Victoria Hoi An, Cua Dai Beach, ☏ +84 510 927040. Internet rates from USD125, walk-up rates from USD165, honeymoon suites USD210-300.
Vinh Hung 1 Hotel, 143 Tran Phu St, ☏ +84 510 3861621. Small historic hotel. USD60-100.

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Vietnam's international dialing code is +84. To call to other countries from Vietnam, start with 00, followed by the international number, usually without the first 0. International and domestic phone calls are available in almost every hotel or internet café. International phone charges are high in Vietnam and hotels often add a mark up fee so it is smart to always check the rates before dialling. Public phones require phone cards, which are available at post offices.

Some common and useful phone codes are:

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Vietnam Post is the government owned national postal service of Vietnam. Services are generally fairly reliable, cheap but not overly fast, except express services. Express Mail Service (EMS) ensures that letters and small parcels are delivered within 24-48 hours domestically. International EMS is associated with over 50 countries worldwide, with a delivery time ranging from 2 to 10 days. Regular services are cheaper but much slower. Most post offices keep much longer hours than most other official businesses, usually starting from 6:30am until 9:30pm and also open on Saturday and even Sunday. You can buy stamps here and they also offer other services like money transfers. You can also try other companies to send parcels, for example with DHL, TNT and UPS. There is a post office near the library in the centre of the town.


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  • Latitude: 15.5097
  • Longitude: 108.297501

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