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How To:Display your Travel Blog on Facebook

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Facebook can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and relatives when you're travelling, and while it's great for many things, blogging isn't really one of them. Luckily, it is easy to automatically have your most recent travel blog entries show up on your Facebook profile every time you update the blog on Travellerspoint. That way friends and family that don't visit Travellerspoint can still leave you comments and read up on your travels, photos and all.




1. After you've logged in to Facebook, click on the Profile tab at the top of the page. This shows you the relatively common page with the input box What's on your mind?.


Click on the Options link right below in the input field. The button will now change to say Settings. Click on that, and you'll get a list of different websites that you can connect to your Facebook profile.


Click on the link that says Blog/RSS and you'll be presented with a new input field:


Enter the domain name of your blog, which in my case is and click the Import button. Facebook will do some talking with your blog on Travellerspoint, and if all goes well you'll be presented with a message similar to this saying that your blog has been imported and how many items were imported.

In my case there was no recent activity as I had already imported it prior to documenting this

Click on the Wall tab towards the top of the page again and you'll see introductions to your blog posts showing up like this:


Now your Facebook friends can click through to read them, share them with others, comment on Facebook or just hit the 'Like' button. Also, from now on, every time you add a post to your Travellerspoint blog, Facebook will also post it to your wall as a Note. It doesn't happen immediately, but should happen within about an hour or so. The title becomes a link to the full Note on Facebook, which looks something like this (I cut off the screenshot under the first photo, but it goes further down the page).


That's how easy it is!


  • The great design of your Travellerspoint blog won't be visible to readers on Facebook unless they click through to Travellerspoint.
  • Because you are uploading your feed, it is limited to the last 10 entries only, although of course all future entries will be included automatically (Facebook checks every now and then for new entries).
  • Facebook blocks the videos and maps from showing on their site, but all photos will show without problems.


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