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Inserting a Travellerspoint map in a zoomed in state within your blog is useful for several reasons. Let's say you are travelling around the world, but as a part of that you spend a few months trekking up and down the east coast of Australia. Because your trip covers a lot of the world when you consider the starting and end points, the default display mode when inserted in a blog entry will be the entire world. However, if you've got a great shot of yourself surfing in Byron Bay, you might well want to show your readers where exactly that was taken, instead of displaying a map of the world.




  • Click on the 'Map' button while writing a new blog entry
  • Select the trip in question from the drop down box
  • Click on the 'Select Map View' button
  • A map will appear with the selected trip outlined on it, something like this


  • Zoom in on this until you have the view you'd like. In this case, I'm going to zoom in on Rarotonga, the capital island of the Cook Islands, like so


  • Click on the 'Insert' button
  • Save blog entry and you're done.


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