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Khovd or Hovd, formerly known as Kobdo or Khobdo, is the capital of the Khovd Province of Mongolia.




Avg Max-15.5 °C-10.2 °C0.8 °C11.7 °C19.3 °C24 °C25.1 °C23.7 °C18 °C9.3 °C-2.3 °C-12 °C
Avg Min-28.5 °C-24.6 °C-14 °C-2.8 °C4.9 °C10.7 °C12.6 °C10.4 °C4.3 °C-4.4 °C-15.2 °C-24.3 °C
Rainfall0.9 mm0.7 mm2.6 mm6.4 mm10.1 mm28.6 mm41.2 mm25.2 mm10.8 mm5.3 mm2 mm1.5 mm
Rain Days33345101494334




Keep Connected


There are plenty of Internet cafés and nicer restaurants with wifi in the capital. Outside of Ulan Bator, internet connections or wifi are few and far between. Internet cafés are plentiful in Aimag Centers (Province Capitals) now, with all Aimag Post Offices having one, plus many smaller cafés. There is internet in some Soums (villages), but this is rare, slow, and prone to frequent outages.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The international telephone code of Mongolia is 976.

It is possible to buy phone cards that can be used to call abroad very cheaply from domestic phones, but not all phones can do this. (You can ask for MiCom or MobiCom cards). In the countryside, cell phone carriers cover random villages. Between Mobicom, Unitel, and GMobile, all village or Soum Centers are covered.

If you don't use local SIM cards, be sure to switch off international data roaming, as charges for internet are extremely high. Better use only wifi in those cases if you can.


MongolPost is the national postal company of Mongolia. It has relatively cheap but slow services, although it's fairly reliable nowadays. It takes at least 10 days to several weeks before your letter or postcards arrives. Post offices are generally open from 8:00am until late afternoon or early evening, but keep shorter hours in smaller cities and villages. For packages, although also cheaper with MongolPost, it's better to pay the extra cash and send it by companies like DHL, FedEx, TNT or UPS.


Accommodation in Khovd

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